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‘Cash Me Outside’ Song, Music Video, Potential Lawsuit, How Bow Dah?

A “Cash Me Outside” song video feature has further helped 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli become a star. After an appearance on Dr. Phil in late 2016, the troubled teen became an internet sensation and her “tough talk” became one of the most popular phrases of the new year.

It all started when Bregoli appeared on the talk show with her mother in September. When the audience started laughing at her, she decided to clap back at them.

“All these hoes laughin’ like there’s something funny. Cash me outside, how bow dah?” Bregoli said on the show.

Translation? She wanted the people laughing at her to meet her outside to fight. However, the way that she expressed herself made her “15 minutes of fame” last a heck of a lot longer than anyone could have predicted.

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For example, the “Cash Me Outside” song is making headlines this week, according to TMZ. Danielle Bregoli starred in a music video with the backtrack of Kodak Black’s “Everything 1k” and people can’t stop talking about it! Although everything is calling Kodak Black’s new song “Cash Me Outside,” the track actually doesn’t include any of Bregoli’s vocals. She is simply in the music video — which isn’t even official.

Get this. Apparently, Danielle Bregoli wanted to advertise her clothing line (yes, she already has one of those), so she made a music video for free — on her own — and posted it online.

You can check out the video below, but please note that some of the language used may not be safe for work.

Currently known as the “Cash Me Outside” song, “Everything 1k” has been gaining popularity — at least on YouTube. The video has been viewed well over 11 million times since it was posted (February 9).

“A rep for [Kodak Black said that] someone from Danielle Bregoli’s camp reached out to ask if Kodak would repost her homage to ‘Everything 1k’ on his Instagram, and Kodak agreed. But the rep says Kodak got pissed when he noticed Danielle’s team had labeled her clip the official music video. He’s cool with her keeping her video online as long as she drops the ‘official’ title. Danielle’s camp says this was just a miscommunication, but also pointed out her ‘unofficial’ vid already has more than 3 million YouTube views.”

It sounds like the “unofficial” “Cash Me Outside” song is doing nothing but good things for Kodak Black as far as publicity goes. And while Danielle Bregoli struts her stuff, lip syncs the words, and shows off some of her original merch, something else was brewing behind the scenes.

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According to another TMZ report, Danielle Bregoli is on the verge of being sued. The report indicates that Bregoli may be in big trouble after apparently ripping off the Champion logo on her sweatshirts.

“Danielle Bregoli and her mom got an angry letter Friday from Hanesbrands Inc. — which owns Champion sportswear — because it’s pissed about a ‘Cashmeousside’ logo she’s slapped on a bunch of gear. In the letter, Hanes accuses the Bregolis of using the identical stylized ‘C’ it uses for its Champion logo. The company says it needs to protect its ‘extensive consumer goodwill and reputation.'”

Danielle Bregoli was given one week from the date on the letter to remove the “C” from all of her products. But that may not be super easy to do.

Remember that aforementioned “Cash Me Outside” song? Bregoli is wearing the sweatshirt with the “C” logo in the music video. Several times. That could mean that she will be forced to take down the video. But we’re betting that she could make another one and it will be just as popular.

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