'Outlander' Season 3 Photos Leaked! Plus, Jamie And Claire's 'Broken' Marriage [Featured Image by Starz]

‘Outlander’ Season 3 Photos Leaked! Plus, Jamie And Claire’s ‘Broken’ Marriage

New photos from the set of Outlander’s third season have officially leaked! While production is still underway, the photos feature some intimate shots of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and a glimpse of the ships she and Jamie (Sam Heughan) will board this season.

International Business Times reports that two of the images feature Claire in Boston with her husband, Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies). Season 3 is based on the third book in Diana Gabaldon’s hit series, titled Voyager. The story picks up after the events last season and follows Jamie and Claire living separate lives centuries apart.

The leaked photos seem to be from the South African set that is meant to represent Jamaica and the Caribbean, which is where Jamie and Claire sail to in order to find their nephew, Ian. Readers of the books know the plot, but for those who have not read the books, get ready for quite the adventure on the high seas. And remember, Jamie Fraser gets really seasick.

Previously leaked photos reveal a little more behind Claire’s decision to raise her and Jamie’s daughter, Brianna, with Frank. According to International Business Times, Balfe recently opened up about Claire returning to her old life and the status of her marriage.

“Claire decides to focus on her career and tries to slot Frank in. That leads to disappointment and resentment. It’s a broken marriage,” the actress explained.

In addition to raising a daughter, Claire is pursuing a medical degree. Not only does this give her a lot to focus on in the coming season, but it also means the show can explore more of Claire’s marriage than was included in the books.

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“They’ve expanded that end of the story a little bit, but they’ve done it well, very consistently,” Gabaldon recently revealed.

At the same time, Inquisitr has previously reported that Claire is also coming to terms with living without Jamie, whom she thought died at the Battle of Culloden, although it was revealed in the Season 2 finale, that he infact lived through the battle. Apart from dealing with her broken marriage, Claire is also tasked with building a new life.

“At this point in Claire’s life, Jamie’s dead. She’s trying to build a life after him, but once you’ve experienced a love so all-consuming, nothing can live up to it,” Balfe explained.

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Despite her best efforts, Claire will face a lot of challenges this season on Outlander, most of which center on her marriage with Frank.

“We start the season, I think everyone’s seen from the trailer so it’s not a spoiler, that Claire goes back to Frank,” Balfe added. “And it’s very tough for her, because this is a man who really didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You know, he was her first love, he was a good husband to her, but because of circumstances, she fell in love with someone else in a much deeper and much truer way than she ever did with Frank. So when she goes back, she’s a woman in the depths of grief, and also here’s a man who’s kind of pleading and full of hope and full of love and expects them to maybe get back to where they were. And that will never happen for Claire, so she feels love for him but also feels she has to keep him at an arm’s length.”

Jamie and Claire will eventually reunite and travel to exotic locales, including Jamaica and the Caribbean. Some of the leaked photos, like the ones above, include shots of the ships they’re using in production, which are actually vessels used in the series, Black Sails. Principal filming for the locations is set to take place in South Africa, though time and places have not been announced.

That being said, production has officially concluded in Scotland, which means the cast and crew is now headed to South Africa to wrap things up. In the meantime, Carter Matt announced that Balfe just enjoyed an appearance at the British Academy Film Awards over the weekend. No word yet on when Balfe will leave the country for South Africa.

Producers have not announced when Outlander will return to Starz, though Season 3 is expected to premiere sometime this summer.

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