katie price fans mocked her

Katie Price Fans Mocked Her For Not Cleaning “Merry Xmas” Sign On Window

A picture of four adults glued to their phones instead of socializing with each other would be considered a “normal” photo. This was the recent snapshot of Katie Price posted on her Instagram account. However, the allegedly normal shot got more comments than it should have because of the words “Happy Xmas” scrawled on Katie’s large bay windows. For this grave offense, Katie Price was mocked, and some fans offered to come over and clean her windows.

Fans mocked her for not cleaning her windows

As much as we want the festive season to last, all things come to an end. And if you don’t avoid decorating mistakes, you might be called out on social media. It’s not really a problem for normal folks unless you’re as famous as Katie Price, who was ridiculed in public for a minor error.

The mother-of-five shared a pic of her husband Kieran Hyler with their neighbors sitting on the couch glued to their phones. Instead of seeing the funny side of all four adults being on their phones simultaneously, the fans were surprised to see that no one bothered to remove the “Happy Xmas” message from the windows about seven weeks after Christmas. Clearly, it got everyone’s attention.

So this is my evening with @officialkieranhayler @jomantell @mantelljulian all on their phones ????

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The millionaire mom who has an estimated net worth of 45 million Euros became the center of mockery as fans called her out for not cleaning her mansion’s large windows. “All that money…but can’t clean her windows,” mocked one user.

“You really need to clean your windows, that’s been there ages now…I’d sack the cleaner,” a second one observed while another wrote, “What about the merry xmas on your window it’s nearly March are you saving that for xmas?”

One follower advised, “You need some curtains, but first clean your windows,” while another posted, “Can I please come and clean your windows?! It’s really bugging me.”

Not only the windows but also the heater

These people have eagle eyes as they were also quick to notice the fan heater at the bottom right of the photo. This raised eyebrows as Katie should just go for a built-in “central heating” system rather than a plug-in heater.

“All your money and you use a blow heater quack quack. I take it he is cold with the heater next to him, no central heating,” one comment read. Another fan admired the model and said, “It’s about time you washed the happy Xmas off the window! And I’m so sorry but the best bit is the fan heater with all your money a better heating system in your house surely is better lol but thanks as again made me smile at how normal [you are].”

Katie was reminded of her last will

Aside from the windows and heaters, Katie Price was also reminded of her last will during a panel discussion with Loose Women. It was all about parents making plans for their children’s welfare if they were to pass away. The glamour model revealed she hasn’t changed her previous will which means her entire estate and wealth would go to her ex-husband Peter Andre instead of current spouse Kieran if she were to die.

The @loosewomen panel today ????

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Katie and Peter share two children together and her eldest son with retired soccer player Dwight Yorke. She and Kieran also share two kids together making one “blended family” in the Price household.

Me and hubby @officialkieranhayler looked hot in @nooseandmonkey ????

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A wave of realization hit Katie and she revealed, “Talking of wills…I haven’t even changed my will thinking about it…I’ve had a wake-up call I’m going to change my will.”

We do hope the gorgeous blonde mom will have it all fixed up.

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