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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Sonny Discover Ava And Nelle’s Secrets?

Sonny Corinthos is done with being played on ABC’s General Hospital, which means that he will be getting the upper hand on two sneaky women. Both Ava Jerome and Nelle Hayes have secrets that they have kept for months that involve the people who Sonny loves the most. However, the mobster is finally onto both of them and is now out to figure out what their game really is.

Now that Sonny is no longer a suspect in the car bombing that killed his son Morgan, he is free to do his own investigation. While he is pretty sure that Ava Jerome was not the one who planted the car bomb, he now knows that she is still hiding something that has to do with Morgan, as Soaps She Knows had reported, and he is going to find out what that is. Once he does discover that Ava had been switching Morgan’s bipolar meds right before he died, her life will definitely be in jeopardy.

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Of course, her half-sister, Olivia Jerome, may get to her first. On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Ava was still at the PCPD waiting to get out of there. She is now a suspect in Morgan’s murder after hearing Julian say that he is living in fear of his sister. No one yet knows that he was talking about his other sis, Liv, and she is making sure that all eyes are on Ava instead of her.

Sonny could be the one who discovers that Ava is not guilty of the murder, but he could soon find out the secret that she has been hiding all this time. If she hadn’t switched up his pills as she did, Morgan may not have acted erratically and may not have stolen the car that eventually took his life. The only person who knows what Ava did is Lucy Coe, and she has been keeping Ava’s dirty little secret ever since General Hospital viewers watched her as she found the bottle of pills in the trash can after Ava tossed them. If that is also discovered that she didn’t go straight to Sonny and Carly with the information, Lucy may be in trouble as well.

Not only is Sonny Corinthos knee deep in finding out what the mother of his youngest child is up to, but there is also Nelle Hayes that he has to deal with. Up until now, he believed that he had slept with Nelle one night when he was drunk. However, he may be finally getting a clue that she is manipulating him. Nelle had planted a bra for Carly to find but luckily, Sonny found it instead at the end of Monday’s General Hospital, and things are about to hit the fan.

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Nelle’s past and true identity is still a mystery on General Hospital, but she is out to get revenge on Carly for some reason that has yet to be revealed. Now that Sonny is getting a clue that she set this whole thing up to look like they slept together, he will be hot on her trail to find out what her game is.

General Hospital spoilers coming from Soap Central says that Nelle will test her boundaries. She has figured out, thanks to Michael Corinthos, that Felicia Jones has been trying to get close to her only to pull some information about her personal life so she can take it back to Bobbie Spencer. The two women are playing Nelle, but now it looks like Nelle has gained the upper hand.

With the bra in hand, Sonny is expected to confront Nelle on how it got there and why she put it in his bedroom. Of course, he could just keep the fact that he found it to himself for now just to make her squirm a bit and to give him some time to turn the tables on her.

He seems to have his hands full with both Ava Jerome and Nelle Hayes. Ava had played with his son’s mental health, and now Nelle is trying to crush his relationship with his wife. Being the mobster that he is, they are both playing a dangerous game that they may be sorry for in the end.

What do you think Sonny will do with Ava and Nelle once he finds out their secrets? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see his reaction when it all goes down.

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