Nicki Minaj is hitting back at Meek Mill

Nicki Minaj Claps Back At Meek Mill After ‘B****’ Diss

Nicki Minaj is reportedly hitting back at ex-boyfriend Meek Mill after he slammed her as a “b****” during a recent concert.

According to reports, Nicki was understandably none too pleased after she heard that Meek went on an epic rant against her during a recent show in Philadelphia and has allegedly been telling friends that she wishes she’d dumped the rapper years ago, calling him an “immature little boy.”

Sources close to Minaj are claiming that Nicki has supposedly told Drake that she wishes she’d taken his advice and cut ties with Mill long before she announced their breakup on Twitter this past January.

“Nicki hates to admit this, but Drake was right. Meek really is a tired, immature little boy,” a source told Hollywood Life how Minaj allegedly feels about her ex after he slammed her live on stage as a “b****” while confirming he’s single during a show on February 11.

Nicki Minaj Claps Back At Meek Mill After He Calls Her A 'B****'
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“Nicki’s kicking her own a** right now for not listening to Drake when he told her to take out the trash years ago. She would have saved herself a lot,” the insider continued following Minaj and Mill’s breakup. “But [Nicki] learned from this. All she did was take care of Meek in every way, including his rap career.”

Minaj also seemingly clapped back at Meek on Twitter following his diss, posting a number of cryptic tweets to Twitter after Meek went off on his ex during a recent show.

“Regret in your tears,” Nicki wrote in one tweet after Mill’s scathing rant hit the headlines before Minaj then appeared to throw more shade at her ex by adding, “Swear I love my life.”

Minaj then appeared to potentially allude to the cheating rumors that swirled around her and Meek’s romance while they were still dating, posting another cryptic tweet that could have alluded to infidelity.

Nicki Minaj is hitting back at Meek Mill
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“When u wouldn’t believe it even if I told u….,” Nicki Minaj wrote alongside a shocked face and a heart emoji, though neither she nor Meek Mill has ever officially confirmed reports claiming Meek may have cheated during their two-year relationship.

Nicki’s apparent response comes after Meek went on a pretty scathing rant against his ex during a concert in Philadelphia on February 11, in which he blasted the rapper as a “b****” when discussing their breakup.

After confirming to the crowd that he’s now single after Minaj tweeted out about their breakup last month, Mill then went on to tell the audience at his “Meek Mill and Friends” show, “I’m back down on my own again, f*** these b*****s,” seemingly referring to Nicki.

According to DanceHallHipHop, Nicki understandably wasn’t too thrilled when she heard about Mill’s concert diss and allegedly told friends that the way the rapper has handled himself in the wake of their breakup has proven to her that there can never be a reunion between the two.

Nicki Minaj is clapping back at ex-boyfriend Meek Mill
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“That just reinforced her stance that there is no chance of a reunion or rekindling at the moment,” a Minaj source said following the diss.

Meek’s concert rant came after a whole lot of drama between Minaj and Mill following their breakup, as the rapper even took to social media to seriously blast Nicki with a scathing diss after she was spotted in the studio with his longtime feud partner, Drake.

After both Nicki and Drake posted shots of themselves in the studio with Lil Wayne to Instagram earlier this month, Capital Xtra reported that Meek blasted the duo on Snapchat, allegedly telling Drake in a particularly scathing post that Drake could “keep” Minaj before then seemingly leaking his private Snapchat name to the world.

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