Blake Shelton may just have confirmed Adam Levine's rumored feud with Miley Cyrus on 'The Voice'

Did Adam Levine & Blake Shelton Confirm Their ‘The Voice’ Feud With Miley Cyrus?

Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus were bombarded with feud rumors during their time together on Season 11 of The Voice, but did Blake Shelton just finally confirm the feud speculation in a new interview?

Though the feud rumors hit the headlines multiple times during Cyrus’s stint as a coach on The Voice last year, Adam, Blake and Miley stayed mainly silent as fans speculated there could have been drama behind-the-scenes, though Shelton may just have let slip that Cyrus wasn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite person to work with while speaking about girlfriend Gwen Stefani re-joining the coaching panel with Levine and Alicia Keys.

Speaking out to E! News ahead of the premiere of The Voice Season 12 on February 27, Shelton couldn’t seem to stop gushing over Stefani replacing Cyrus on the NBC show, admitting that the current coaching lineup, made up of himself, Adam, Gwen and Alicia, is superior to any of the coaching panels that have preceded the upcoming round of shows.

“No matter how much grief we give each other on television, there’s a lot of love between the four of us,” Blake revealed of the current coaching lineup for The Voice following the Cyrus feud accusations. “This combination of coaches is not like any other. There’s a bond here that is unexplainable.”

Did Miley Cyrus & Adam Levine really feud on 'The Voice'?
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Though Shelton didn’t explicitly mention Miley’s name during the interview, fans were quick to speculate that Blake may have been throwing out a subtle diss to Cyrus after it was announced that she would be sitting out Season 12 of The Voice to make way for Gwen as rumors swirl that he and Adam could potentially quit to avoid appearing on the show with Miley again.

Notably, this isn’t the first time Shelton appeared to hint at a feud and potentially throw a little shade at Miley following Stefani’s The Voice return as Blake seemingly revealed in an interview with CMT Hot 20 Countdown last month that he didn’t exactly have the best time on the show last season while Cyrus was around amid the Levine feud rumors.

When asked by host Cody Alan what he was most looking forward to about returning to The Voice for what will be his 12th consecutive season alongside Levine, Blake admitted that seeing Miley out and Gwen back in was actually one of the biggest draws to continue on with the show.

“What I’m most excited about that Gwen is going to be back this season,” Blake admitted, just months after it was announced that Miley would not be appearing on Season 12 of The Voice and would instead return for Season 13, though it’s not yet clear if Levine and Shelton will join her.

Blake Shelton gushes over Gwen Stefani replacing Miley Cyrus
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Blake Shelton seemingly then hinted that he may have been becoming disillusioned with The Voice during Miley Cyrus’s time as a coach, but claimed that having Stefani – who he’s been dating for around 18 months – return, was a big reason why he decided to head back to the show alongside Adam Levine.

“Just when you think, you know, 12 seasons in it kind of is what it is, it’s not anymore with her,” Blake said of Gwen, adding that Stefani returning with Levine and Keys makes the show “exciting” again and “brings a new level of competition” to the NBC series.

Though Blake did not mention Miley by name in either interview, the feud rumors first swirled around The Voice for months last year, alleging at the time that Cyrus supposedly wasn’t exactly getting along with her fellow coaches and Adam in particular.

Radar Online even claimed last year that the supposed The Voice feud between Adam and Miley was so bad that Levine was allegedly ready to quit the show if Cyrus returned for Season 12.

Was Adam Levine's 'The Voice' feud with Miley Cyrus just confirmed?
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“[Adam was] just really glad that Miley is gone and Gwen is coming back,” an insider alleged of Levine and Cyrus’s apparent feud back in November. “Adam really cannot stand Miley because he thinks that she is the most obnoxious person ever.”

Us Weekly also alleged to a possible The Voice feud last year, claiming at the time that Cyrus and Levine were not getting along during filming, sparking a slew of feud rumors after Blake referred to Miley as an “a**hole.”

According to a The Voice source, Adam and Miley “totally butted heads” on the set and allegedly “found each other annoying,” supposedly leaving Levine less than happy.

“Adam would get agitated when Miley would interrupt him,” the site’s The Voice insider claimed at the time of the alleged feud between Adam and the “Can’t Be Tamed” singer, adding that Cyrus “enjoyed getting under [Adam’s] skin” while sitting alongside Levine, Shelton and Keys on the show.

Do you think Blake Shelton was alluding to Miley Cyrus’s alleged The Voice feud with Adam Levine when discussing his, Adam, Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani’s “bond?”

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