Aria Nina Pictures: Instagram Star In Cheating Scandal With YouTuber Shay Carl

Aria Nina Pictures: Instagram Star In Cheating Scandal With YouTuber Shay Carl

Aria Nina has been known mostly for her large Instagram following, but now the self-professed “cam girl” is gaining fame for another reason — her sexting scandal with married YouTube star Shay Carl Butler that has sent millions of people looking up information and pictures of the young social media star.

The Shay Carl scandal erupted on Sunday, when Aria Nina went online to share her story and some of the sexual messages he had allegedly sent her. Nina also included Shay’s wife, Colette Butler, in one of the posts, the International Business Times reported.

In one of the tamer posts, Aria Nina asked Shay Carl to send some kind of proof of his identity, and he responded with what appears to be a selfie taken in front of a car.

The allegations sent many people searching for pictures of Aria Nina, and they found a Twitter account and Instagram page filled with racy images.

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Aria Nina detailed the allegations on YouTuber Keemstar’s show Drama Alert, saying that Shay Carl initiated the conversation and that it turned from overtly sexual to rude when she asked about his family.

“I said, ‘Oh, your son Daxton is so cute. Like, I want your baby. Can I have him? He’s adorable.’ He’s like, ‘You’re disgusting. Don’t ever talk about my family.’ He was just completely rude,” she said (via International Business Times). “I felt like all he did was express his sexual feelings to me and I was just some dump of sex emotions.”

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Shay Carl later confirmed the legitimacy of the sexual text messages to Aria Nina and went on to post a statement on Twitter saying he was seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. The notice came as a shock to many fans, as Shay Carl Butler and his family are devout Mormons, a religious sect where alcohol is forbidden.

The exact timeline of Shay Carl’s alleged cheating with Aria Nina wasn’t spelled out in reports, but the scandal comes just a few months after the famous vlogging family announced that they would be leaving YouTube. The family announced in a video last September that they were setting a date for when they would leave the outlet.

“I want to make it a personal goal to not post anything to YouTube for a year,” Shay Carl said. “I want to kind of internalize and re-calibrate and just process this crazy journey that all of this YouTube adventure has been for us.”

At the time, Shay Carl said he wanted to give his five children a chance to grow up a bit away from the spotlight.

“I love my kids, but they see me at my best when the camera is on,” he said.

The announcement struck hard for many fans, some of whom have watched the family grow and expand for close to a decade.

“Ive been watching since Colette was preggo with Brock,” one person wrote. “It will be sad to see you go, but I totally get it! You guys need a break. People think vlogging is easy but it isnt so I am glad you guys are taking a break or maybe even leaving it for good. You guys deserve family time WITHOUT a camera.”

Shay Carl helped to turn the family’s popular vlog into a virtual empire of YouTube content. He was a co-founder of Maker Studios, which Business Insider described as a “hybrid of a production studio, ad network, and talent management company.” Disney purchased the company in 2014 for a reported $500 million.

It’s not clear how the alleged cheating scandal with Aria Nina will affect the fans, or if Shay Carl will hasten his exit from YouTube.

More pictures of Aria Nina can be seen here.

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