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Kendall Jenner’s 17th Birthday Marks A Big Year For The Model

Kendall Jenners' 17th Birthday Marks A Big Year For The Model

Kendall Jenner’s 17th birthday brought a big celebration and a possible romance for the Kardashian family teenager as she was spotted holding hands with Jaden Smith at a party in her honor.

As E! Online reported, Kendall Jenner’s 17th birthday was a lavish affair, with a backyard pool being converted into an ice rink. That was the setting for Jenner and Jaden Smith to share a moment, holding hands as they skated on the makeshift rink.

It’s not clear if there is something going on between Kendall Jenner and the 14-year-old Smith or if they were just helping each other maintain balance on the slick surface. But with the ice rink out and snow in the air, it set the stage for a romantic atmosphere, Kendall’s sister noted.

“We had it snowing in Calabasas tonight. #WinterWonderland,” sister Khloé Kardashian Odom tweeted.

That wasn’t all the Kendall Jenner’s 17th birthday had in store. The 17-year-old model is spending time in Australia while doing a photo shoot for teen vogue, and stopped off with mom Kris Jenner for a private helicopter ride, Heat Celebrity News reported.

Kendall Jenner’s 17th birthday marks quite a milestone, The Huffington Post noted. Like her older Kardashian sisters, Kendall has her hand in a number of entrepreneurial endeavors, including work as a contributor to Seventeen magazine and writing a science fiction novel for teens. She’s also taking the modeling world by storm, jetting around the world to walk runways and gracing a number of magazine covers.

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10 Responses to “Kendall Jenner’s 17th Birthday Marks A Big Year For The Model”

  1. Jeremy Parks

    If a non celebrity 14 year old boy and 17 year old girl hooked up, there would be rioting int he streets and burning at the stakes.

  2. Anonymous

    That is strange a 14 yr old boy and 17 going on 30 yr old girl! Still Wierd! 17yr old Jenner is seeing $ signs, Typical!

  3. Theresa Herrmann

    And my youngest son turns 21 next month! He's dating a 19 year old. It may snow where he lives. And this why I give a frog's fat a** about what this family does for an overindulged teenager!

  4. Harvey Lain

    Mama Kris is now turning Kendall into a mudshark too? Bruce needs to take his daughters and run far, far away from that hag.

  5. Pamela Vallejo

    i think the Jenner and kardashians have enough money they dont need to worry about will smith's money

  6. Gloria Ann Jenkins

    Let's hope Kendall, becomes known for something other, than…..a sex tape, and being one of the "K" clan. (marrying someone for a few weeks, marrying a pro athlete, having two children out of wedlock…and the list goes on…

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