YouTube user gets B of A to respond with calls for “debtor’s revolt”

YouTube user Rockerchic4God, also known as Arlene from True Blood Ann Minch, couldn’t get any Bank of America employees pay attention to her when she had problems with her account.

So she turned to YouTube. After being laid off, Ann had her interest rate jacked up from 12.99% to 30%. Bank of America refused to negotiate the rate that she said would have been more reasonable if offered from a loan shark. Accusing the bank of “raping and pillaging” American public and destroying the middle class, Minch calls for a debtor’s revolt. Ann gives the CEO of Bank of America two choices: restore her interest rate or make her a payoff offer she can’t refuse.

The strategy worked. The video, now at nearly 350K views, got the attention of Bank of America’s senior VP of “existing credit card accounts”- as well as media outlets like Fox and Friends. The man, Jeff Crawford, allowed her to say her piece and allowed her to “negotiate some sort of agreement.” Crawford said that he blamed the high interest rates on two late payments, although one was in response to the rate hike. He tried to get her to agree to 16.99%, but Minch angrily pointed out that the Fed is giving the banks a 0% interest rate, so 12.99% is more than enough for her to be paying.

Minch reports that as of the second video, her interest rate is showing online as 23.99%. She also notes that Crawford didn’t even request that she stop her media assault. Minch says in her follow-up video that she will continue in her efforts, starting a website called Debtor’s Revolt to help people who are currently being overburdened by skyrocketing interest rates.

Watch Ann’s videos, below: