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‘General Hospital’ Couples Will Be Sizzling On Valentine’s Day [Spoilers]

There will be plenty of love in the afternoon on General Hospital coming up this week as some of the hottest couples on the ABC soap are expected to heat things up. There is even a marriage proposal for one of them. Which couples will be sizzling up the TV screen on this Valentine’s week?

A brand new preview video has been posted on Twitter which gives out just a hint of things to come for some of Port Charles’ lovebirds on Valentine’s Day. There is definitely love in the air as the week goes on, but not all will be doting on each other. General Hospital does promise some hot romances with some type of twist. What will that be?

Franco and Elizabeth seem to be a favorite twosome these days and Friz fans are loving it. This will be their first Valentine’s Day together as a couple, but it looks like their special day may just get a little crowded. It was hinted just a few weeks ago that there will be a love triangle that will involve these two, plus one handsome doctor that is expected to bring a little complication to their already complicated romance.

Liz has been friends with Griffin Munro since he came to town and it almost seemed like they would be the ones who would be bringing on the heat. However, the General Hospital writers chose to experiment Elizabeth with Franco Baldwin instead and their chemistry took off quickly. Griffin seemed to take a backseat, but now it looks like he and Liz may become closer than ever, especially if Franco ‘s dark side will be rearing its ugly head once again.

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Sonny and Carly Corinthos know all too well what a complicated relationship looks like, but they are going quite strong for the moment. The preview shows that they will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with lots of romance, but they may need to beware of Nelle Hayes who always seems to know just how to spoil things for them. Does she have something else planned for them?

Kiki and Dillon fans have waited a long time for these two to be together and it looks like their wait is finally over. The General Hospital clip reveals that these two will be spending this special day together. Has Kiki finally let go of her guilt when it comes to Morgan?

Dillon’s older brother, Ned, also has a little something up his sleeve, and it includes a ring. The preview shows him getting down on one knee to propose to Olivia Falconeri. She had freaked out a few days ago when she realized that this may be what Ned was planning. Will she end up turning him down? They seem to be great together, but Ned has been down the marriage road a few times before and that could scare Olivia off.

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Newlyweds Nathan and Maxie will be enjoying their first Valentine’s Day together as man and wife, as well as Valentin and Nina Cassadine. While Nathan is completely in love with Maxie, Valentin may not feel the same way about Nina. His affections could be for someone else and some General Hospital speculations say that he is just using Nina for his own benefit to further his agenda. Nina could end up with a broken heart eventually and it may not be pretty.

There are other couples in Port Charles that are not shown in the clip, but they may still be romancing it up, or not. One new pair, Finn and Hayden, may have some turmoil instead of romance on Valentine’s Day. According to spoilers by Soaps She Knows, Finn’s addiction will become worse and his behavior is expected to mess things up with Hayden. Will she finally get a clue that he is in trouble and needs help?

Which sizzling couple are you most looking forward to seeing on General Hospital this week?

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