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Jeff Probst Defends Choices For ‘Survivor: Game Changers,’ Why They Fit Role

The new season of Survivor: Game Changers will be a season of past contestants coming back. A lot of fans do not agree with who they chose to join the show and don’t think they are game changers. Jeff Probst is now speaking out about their decisions and why he thinks some of the people are game changers, even if the fans don’t see it. EW shared what Jeff had to say about it all.

Caleb Reynolds of Big Brother is one person that Jeff Probst talked about in this interview. Jeff knows that Caleb didn’t even get to go to one tribal council, but that didn’t keep them from thinking he would be a game changer if he was given the chance. Here is what he had to say.

“Caleb? That one baffles me. How would you ever not say he’s a game changer? He was willing to risk dying to win. That’s a game changer. So if you’re going to live in a tunnel, like I know a lot of people who are tweeting me right now saying ‘You are a douche,’ well, then yeah, you’re right and I’m wrong again. But if you just take off the blinders that are holding you back in life, and they are, you could be so much more — I think you’ll see that all of these people have their own story.”

If you watched Caleb on Big Brother then you will understand what Jeff Probst is talking about and how he can be a game changer next season. Probst explained that being a game changer is about making bold moves. It should make for a very interesting season. If you watch the video above, Jeff Probst talks about a lot of people on this season. Here is what Probst had to say.

“This is about people who might have made a big bold move like Tony that says ‘Hey, everybody it was me,’ people who make really subtle moves like a Varner or maybe a Sandra, people who made moves that worked, or people who made moves that were a disaster. But it’s like Ciera Eastin said: ‘You’ve got to make moves in this game.’ And part of this is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy now. They are making moves and I think you’re going to see moves made in this game.”

Parade shared that Cirie Fields has plans to win the game this season no matter what it takes to do it. This is her fourth time playing the game, so it isn’t like she doesn’t know what she is doing by now. She did share that she is a city girl and it has been two years since she played the game. She is the first woman to ever play the game four times. Cirie shared her thoughts on preparing.

“My preparation is more physical than mental. I’m there, always. I do this at work, really. I manage a bunch of people in the operating room, and operating room people are the most high strung weirdos that walk this earth. I’m juggling personalities continuously, from the chiefs to the orderlies. That part isn’t really a struggle for me. It’s the other stuff. Like, you know… the worms.”

Do you agree with the choices that they made for Survivor: Game Changers and what Jeff Probst had to say? Who do you think can win this season of the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Survivor: Game Changers when it premieres on March 8. This season is going to be a wild one that you do not want to miss.

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