Katy Perry on red carpet

Katy Perry Trashs Britney Spears For Not Taking Care Of Mental Health

Last night, Katy Perry trashed Britney Spears without thinking first. Hollywood Life shared what happened when Katy was talking to Ryan Seacrest. During a live broadcast on the red carpet of the Grammys, Katy stopped to talk to Ryan Seacrest. He mentioned that she took a bit of a break from music, and Katy responded to it by totally dissing Britney Spears.

She replied to Ryan saying, “Yeah, that’s called taking care of your mental health.” Ryan asked how that went for her, Katy told him, “Fantastic! And I haven’t shaved my head yet.” Of course, this was a diss at Britney for the time that she shaved her head, but Katy didn’t mention her by name. She was by herself on the red carpet and was smart enough not to say anything else about Britney.

E! Online shared about Katy Perry’s choice to take a break from music for her mental health. This is not the way that Britney handled things when she had her breakdown. She does now have a new album coming, which will be her fifth studio album. Katy said, “I’m so proud of it. I think it’s definitely a new era for me. I call it an era of purposeful pop.” She went on to share saying, “All of my songs have always had layers to them, never one-dimensional. I think I used to be the queen of innuendo and I woke up a little bit more, educated myself a little bit more. Obviously I don’t know all the answers, and maybe I’m a little bit more the queen of subtext.”

Last night, Britney was with Clive Davis and having a good time. So far, she hasn’t responded to the comments that Katy Perry made, and she probably never will. It will be interesting to see if she decides to share her thoughts.

Back in 2007, Britney Spears had a breakdown, and she totally shaved her head. As USA Today shared, this will be talked about on this week’s new Lifetime movie that is all about Britney Spears. The Lifetime biopic on Britney Spears shows in the trailer that there will be a head-shaving moment, so they are going to touch on this time in Britney’s life. The preview shows the ups and downs of Britney’s career, including the moment that she shaved her head, and she talks about how everything is a “blur” to her “until you hit rock bottom.” This movie is going to show a lot of things fans may not know about Britney, but considering that she wasn’t involved in the movie, it will be hard to know how much is real or where they got all of their facts.

One thing to know about the Britney Spears’ movie is that Spears’ rep Jeff Raymond said that the singer “will not be contributing in any way, shape or form.” Australian actress Natasha Bassett will be playing Britney Spears but said that she wouldn’t be using her vocals. A lot of Britney’s fans are not happy about the movie considering that Britney didn’t help with it, but that probably won’t be keeping people from watching it.

Are you shocked by what Katy Perry had to say about Britney Spears on the red carpet? Do you think that the Britney movie is going to be great? Don’t miss watching it when it premieres on Lifetime on Saturday night. The new movie is called Britney Ever After.

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