Jinger Duggar Reveals She Broke One Tradition Before Marrying Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger Duggar Reveals She Broke One Tradition Before Marrying Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger Duggar has virtually taken over this season of Counting On. Fans have watched as she prepared to marry Jeremy Vuolo. All of the wedding planning was shown, along with special moments in their relationship the occurred as they were getting ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Fans saw the wedding special back in November, and it appears that TLC will be showing it again to complete the sequence of Season 3. Duggar and Vuolo have been living together in Texas, and it looks like things are going well.

Rumors have circulated about Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo breaking courting rules. It was clear the two had a lot of chemistry. Duggar and Vuolo would hug and touch, though they didn’t move past that point. There was no kissing and certainly no premarital sex for the couple. There was once thing Jinger did admit to doing before the couple officially tied the knot, and it was rather surprising to hear. According to People, Jinger Duggar revealed that she drank out of her “Mr. & Mrs.” coffee cups with Jeremy Vuolo before they were officially husband and wife. Fans thought this was rather cute, especially since she was so excited to let the world know.

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The love story between Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo seems to have Counting On fans glued to their seats. It was shocking when she announced she was in a courtship because for a long time she was viewed as a tomboy who wasn’t interested in anything girly. She did photography, played with the boys, and just seemed to enjoy everything. Jinger was hit with the love bug hard with Jeremy, and things seemed to move pretty fast. There were some critics talking about the length of time it took to get engaged and married, but it was much longer than what was actually shown on Counting On.

Fans want to find out whether or not Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child yet. There have been plenty of speculations, but no official announcement. A lot of pressure has been put on Jinger because of a comment her brother-in-law made during an episode of Counting On that aired last fall. He said that he had expected his sister-in-law to be pregnant before the end of the year. This was before the wedding date being announced, and fans have been pressing for news since the moment the couple walked down the aisle. Jill and Jessa Duggar both fell pregnant with their first children almost immediately, setting the bar high for the third sister to get married.

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As the wedding special approaches, fans are wondering whether or not an update will be given on how things are going in Texas for Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. She has reportedly been making friends and seems to fit in there with the other wives of Jeremy’s friends. It is a difficult adjustment for the Duggar family to have Jinger so far, especially for Jessa. The two have been close all of their lives, and now, they are hundreds of miles apart. It is unclear whether or not the Vuolos will be filming for Counting On regularly or if they will take a break from the spotlight as they enjoy their first year as newlyweds.

All all-new episode of Counting On will air tonight with Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo meeting with their wedding planner. This is also where she will reveal her secret about breaking a marriage tradition before they were officially husband and wife. Jinger Duggar is incredibly happy with Jeremy Vuolo, and it looks like these months of planning the wedding were some of her most memorable.

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