Jenelle Evans Engaged: Another 'Teen Mom 2' Wedding On The Way

Jenelle Evans Engaged: Another ‘Teen Mom 2’ Wedding On The Way

Jenelle Evans is having a great year so far. While it may only be February, a lot has happened in her life. Evans welcomed her third child and only baby girl into the world last month. This was a huge deal as there was a lot of criticism about her relationship with David Eason. When the announcement came they were expecting and the child was a girl, everyone immediately jumped on her for having another baby with another man. Everything appears to be going well for the couple, and they have decided to take a huge step forward over the weekend.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle Evans is engaged to David Eason. There have not been many details surrounding the proposal, but she has shared a few pictures on Instagram. Evans and Eason have been dating since 2015, and he moved in with her shortly after they met on the Tinder app. Many believed that he was her rebound after things with her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, ended badly. As it turns out, this is going to be her forever and Evans seems happier than she has been in recent years.

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This is not the first time Jenelle Evans has been engaged. There is some debate about how many actual times it has happened, but it was more than a few. She was supposed to marry her first boyfriend, Andrew, who is also the father of her son, Jace. Following that, Evans was supposed to marry boyfriend Gary Head. That was a horrible mess and she was lucky to get away from him as he reportedly abused her. During all of this, Evans was using drugs and making poor decisions. There were at least two more engagements and then Nathan Griffith. She had Kaiser with him and the two got engaged and planned to get married. Some fans believed it would last, but it didn’t.

Speculation now is that Jenelle Evans and David Eason will allow MTV to film their wedding for Teen Mom 2 and to have them foot the bill. If that is the case, she will not be the first one in the franchise to have taken advantage of having her wedding paid for and filmed for the world to see. Maci Bookout, Catelyn Lowell, and Kailyn Lowry all had their weddings filmed. Since this will not be Evans’ first marriage, the hecklers are out in full force. They have been calling her out for reportedly buying her own ring and covering the entire purchase of the land and house. It isn’t clear how these things were paid for and if she did use only her money, Evans seems fine with the way everything has happened.

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While there is a lot of criticism still, Jenelle Evans has had some positive responses over her joyous news. David Eason seems like he has been good for the once-troubled Teen Mom 2 star. She may still be partying, but she has been able to hang on to Kaiser and raise him with very little involvement or help from Nathan Griffith. She had decided to try and be amicable with him, but things have not worked out well with that. Evans and Eason spend their time caring for Kaiser and now, his new little sister, Ensley.

No specifics about the engagement have been released by Jenelle Evans or David Eason. She seems to be incredibly happy, but not very surprised. Eason reportedly talked about it with her beforehand, so she half-expected it to happen. The two have been building a life together and this was the final piece of the puzzle for Jenelle Evans and her happily ever after.

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