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Whoopi Goldberg Celebrates 57th Birthday, Lands Guest Spot On ‘666 Park Avenue’

whoopi goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is heading to 666 Park Avenue.

The 57-year-old actress (today’s her birthday) will have a guest spot in an upcoming episode of the new NBC drama. According to TV Guide, Goldberg will play appear on 666 Park Avenue on December 2.

Executive producer David Wilcox, said that the writers wrote the part of Maris Elder specifically for the Oscar winner. Wilcox said:

“(Whoopi will play) a mysterious resident of the Drake who helps Jane unlock the secret of the building’s true evil origins … Whoopi’s an incredible actor, so when we heard that she was a horror fan, we wrote the role for her.”

TV Guide reports that the episode will also feature some time travel. Goldberg’s character will reportedly hypnotize Jane (Rachael Taylor) and send her back to the 1920s. It’s unclear if Whoopi will appear on the show for more than one episode.

Goldberg, who celebrates her 57th birthday today, has done quite a few guest spots this year. She’s appeared in The Middle, Suburgatory, Glee, and now she’ll guest star on 666 Park Avenue. Goldberg currently stars on the talk show The View but the comedian will get back to movies soon with Black Dog, Red Dog.

Goldberg is one of the few people who has successfully become an EGOT (a person who has won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony). Goldberg won an Oscar in 1991 for the movie Ghost, an Emmy for The View, a Grammy in 1985 for a comedy album and a Tony Award for the Broadway musical Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Goldberg also has a Grammy award for The Color Purple.

Are you a fan of Whoopi Goldberg.

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29 Responses to “Whoopi Goldberg Celebrates 57th Birthday, Lands Guest Spot On ‘666 Park Avenue’”

  1. Debbie Garland Doolittle

    episode of 666, perfect for her….can;t stand that woman……..

  2. Tim John

    Great job in this short of an article you made 3 major mistakes including what network the show 666 Park Avenue is actually on? Do you get paid for this work?

  3. Jack Sandler

    If she's going to appear on a NBC show – why even do an article? Nobody will see it- as it'd probably get a.09 rating. Be that it's actually ABC and the article has no credibility whatsoever, who even cares?

  4. Cecile Y. Jones

    Happy Birthday Whoopie, Have a great day today. I am a fan & I enjoy watching The View almost everyday that I can. I also enjoy your acting skills & as a comedian. God bless.

  5. DC Phillips

    But, of course. Who isn't? Jack, you're an idiot, in addition to being poorly informed. Whoopi Goldberg is an extraordinary performer, friend to many in the industry, philanthropist, sought after hostess, raconteur, and in human interaction, she is the spice that makes everything better. Happy birthday, and at least 57 more, Whoop.

  6. Alexandra Merkel

    Wow Whoopie, happy birthday! Since the first time I saw your comedy acts to the movies you have made I have been a great fan of your work. Our political view don't mesh, but whose do? I think you are incredible, strong and very funny even when you are not trying to be. You stand up for what you believe where others would just sit there and keep their peace, that is a wonderful trait in a person. I admire you for that as well. Would love to be at your birthday party. Keep your faith and humor.

  7. Anonymous

    arYes I am a fan of Woppie's. I followed her since she came on the seen. We are the same age. I loved her comic shows pretending the white girl syndrom as well as her acting abilities. Woopie is such an individual, which is something to relate to. I watch her through the years and wanted to immulate her performaces, however, I didn't have enough nerve, and my high yellownish color I felt inferior and not accepted. You go Woppie, and happy birthday girl. You are a true example of living and learning as a true sister in america. You are a true American Woman.

  8. Susan Pitts

    How could a 'credible report' be SO WRONG on SO many facts? DUH, they can't, unless the people writing are complete morons. Hey…maybe I found me a job! LOL!

  9. Dee Bowers

    This is a belated Happy Birthday, but none the less Happy Birthday! hope you had a great day, this comes with health, happiness, and a life of fun and riches. You are super on the View. Sincerely Dorothea Bowers from California.

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