Trump Tower Chicago Mooned By Crowd In Trump Protest

Mass Mooning At Chicago Trump Tower – Protesters Drop Drawers For What?

The pastime of bashing Donald Trump took a turn for the weird over the weekend when hundreds of people lined the streets in front of Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago. This group had one very important mission in mind. They were there to expose themselves to a building bearing the name of the president of the United States in what is being called a mass mooning or “Rumps for Trump.”

The crowd sounded off with the backwards count of “three-two-one” before they had a blastoff of drawers dropping. This group of people took the action of pulling down their pants very serious while positioning their rear ends toward the Trump building. Men and women alike mooned the building as if it were a living thing and able to blush at their actions.

So what were they attempting to accomplish with this mass mooning? This group of protesters were demanding Trump release his tax return. This mass mooning took on a motto of “Operation: Kiss Our A**es, Show Your Taxes,” reports the Chicago Patch. There were no reports of Donald Trump scurrying to get his tax returns out to the public after this mass mooning took place.

According to the Chicago Tribune, it was a Chicago comedy group that orchestrated this mass mooning at the Trump building. The group calls themselves the SH#Show and they are Facebook based. The mass mooning for Trump was set to go off at the stroke of 4 p.m. and Fox News reports the crowd “was rowdy and enthusiastic” as the hour grew near.

If this sounds like nothing more than a lot of indecent exposure, you would be wrong, according to a judge in Maryland and another one in California. Judges from both these states have ruled that dropping your drawers in the form of a protest is protected under the First Amendment. Check out the crowd in the tweet below.

The event was advertised via social media and it apparently worked at getting the word out. As you can see in the video above, that was not a small group that showed up. Who knew that this many people could be enticed out of their homes on a cold Sunday afternoon to expose their butts together for a common cause?

But did they actually know why they were expected to drop their draws? In the past, there have been a few incidents of Trump protesters not knowing what they were protesting when approached by the media. Many could only give a one-word reason for being there “Trump.” Check out the video below of a previous Trump protest for some evidence that many protesters are just along for the ride.

Just think about it, these people are at a protest, but they have no idea why they are protesting. It looks as though mob mentality has taken hold when it comes to Donald Trump. Is it just the cool thing to do these days, bash Trump? Hollywood is certainly making it look glamorous, as seen as recent as last night’s Grammy Awards.

The famous awards ceremonies are becoming a podium for bashing Trump and his politics. This is making Trump bashing the trend of the day. Hollywood celebrities had a field day at the Grammys last night, pulling Trump into their performances.

Believe it or not, the one person who stood out with their Trump statement was Joy Villa, in her pro-Trump evening gown. Despite the elaborate attempts to get their Trump bashing across, it was Villa who stole the show.

Fox and Friends live on Monday morning reports her music has “exploded in popularity” since making her stand. While many applaud her stand for Trump, much like anyone who comes out and openly supports the president, Villa is now getting backlash from her peers.

If there is a moral to all these stories that would be – you can flash your butt at the Trump building, you can bash Trump at the Grammy’s, but when one lone performer shows up in a Trump gown – she is the one who shines in the public eye.

[Featured Image by Charles Rex Arbogast/AP Images]