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‘Petition To Secede’ Trend Sparks Counter-Petitions To Deport Those Calling For Secession

A “petition to secede” seen for Texas and nearly two dozen other states on the White House’s site for crowdsourcing feedback (We The People at has become a strange footnote to an unusually divisive election — and you can add petitions to deport those wishing to secede to the list of petitions to secede trending right now.

Coverage of the petition to secede for Texas and other states on The Inquisitr has revealed in the comments a still intensely divided America, our readers expressing solidarity or decrying a lack of patriotism in seemingly equal measures.

And correspondingly, the petition to secede pages have been gaining a growing number of signatures. As we pointed out earlier, those numbering 25,000 or more signers require an official Obama administration response.

The “petition to secede” movement seems to be growing as the trend becomes viral, and a quick glance at recent petitions reveals the three most recently created:

GOP official writes newsletter defending Texas secession