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Stephen Colbert To Get Wax Likeness At Madame Tussauds

Colbert to get likeness at famous wax museum

In what is nearly certain to end up on a The Colbert Report segment for “Who’s Honoring Me Now?” or “Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger,” Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Washington, D.C. has announced it will be adding the likeness of Comedy Central “truthcaster” Stephen Colbert.

According to UPI, Madame Tussauds Washington D.C. has announced it has created a likeness of Colbert. The statue will be on display in the museum’s Media Room, where it is currently configuring a replica of The Colbert Report set, where guests will be able to take photos with the wax Colbert.

“It’s ironic that the last seven days began with one of the most significant days in United States politics and today we are capping it off by announcing a wax figure of one of the nation’s most renowned political satirists,” Dan Rogoski, general manager for Madame Tussauds D.C., said in a statement. “Stephen Colbert was an ideal choice to immortalize in wax and we know our guests and especially his fans, will enjoy stepping onto the show’s set and interacting with his figure.”

MSN Entertainment reports that Stephen Colbert, who plays a satirical version of himself as a cable news host in the style of Bill O’Reilly and others, sat through more than 250 measurements and photographs for the creation of his wax likeness.

The Colbert Report is a political satire show on Comedy Central that spun off from The Daily Show, hosted by John Stewart. The Colbert Report was won various awards including Emmys and even a pair of Peabody Awards.

Madame Tussauds is a London-based wax museum with branches in various major cities.

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4 Responses to “Stephen Colbert To Get Wax Likeness At Madame Tussauds”

  1. Nicole Darryle Keewatin

    This is so exciting! and if I could do this one day, I could really go to Washington and look at this exhibit to see "him" but It will take me half a year to afford this trip, but just for two minutes to see this , and I really don’t mind, I want to look at it this just one time, and for starters, I’m definitely going to restart a diet and exercise program for myself right now, I weigh about 170 pounds but I would really want to be a 110 pounds instead before I go to Washington and one thing I want to make clear to everyone is and it’s just me because I get or feel really excited when I see things, is that I wouldn't touch anything on the “Colbert” statue, I really wouldn’t because it would be too intense but “ Yes, , oh Yes,,, Yes,, Yes,, Yes,,! The Colbert likeness "It would be soooo,, way beautiful,, it would be like someone really know what god looked like and made him or something ,, don’t you think,, and to look at it just once because I could get away with that, staring madly into it’s eyes, with out offending anybody, because personaly think, if you stare at people to long in front them, it’s not nice, so I don’t ever do that, (please don’t get me wrong but when I actually like people, I don’t even think of really saying anything because that be so out of place of me and especially with someone like “Stephen Colbert”, and I always think even on the internet for his blogs and tweets and face book posts, because I think, it’s his writing team pasting up what he’s doing, and millions of people pay attention to him all the time anyway. And I’m so really sure, that I’ve got a pretty sharp low profile presently on my face book pages, and all the silly little notes and letters I write, there’s no way anybody would look at them, but,, just think everyone, on November 16th a wax statue of Stephen Colbert will be in Washington DC,,, Unveiled to "his" fans everywhere, and.. “IT WILL REALLY Be THERE! OMG…”Tee…Hee."

  2. Anonymous

    Stephen Colbert totally deserves a wax statue of him made. His satirical humor has changed the view news coverage, for the better if you as me! I make a point to never miss his show everyday, even though I’m usually caught up in my office at DISH when it airs. I just rely on the recordings to be there when I get home. It’s definitely a tough job to ask of my DVR, since The Colbert Report airs almost every day, but my DISH Hopper has more than enough memory space to house each daily episode for me. I’m glad to see that his popularity continues to rise to the point where a statue is being made in honor of him. Kudos, Mr. Colbert! :)

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