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Texas Secession Petition Mocked By Austin Chronicle: We’ll Send A Prius Down To Pick You Guys Up!

Texas secession petition growing quickly, may require response

Commentary | The Texas secession movement has been one of the larger news stories in this post-election news cycle, with the Lone Star State drawing controversy following an online petition signed by Texans wishing to secede from the Union.

The Texas secession movement is perhaps the most vocal product of the Crybaby Caucus, but, due to an overabundance of patience on the part of the White House, the Obama administration could be forced to acknowledge this idiocy.

The Texas secession movement may be perpetuated by those with little depth of understanding for history and what was the most dire, divisive and heartbreaking time in our history — when in a house divided, brother stood against brother in a war that had no foreign casualty. And in its wake, three percent of America’s population lay dead, legions more wounded, bankrupted and destroyed by a segment of the population committed to arresting the inevitable progression of human rights and decency in the United States.

Sound familiar? Of course, through a historical lens the war still deemed the “War of Northern Aggression” to our embarrassment in 2012 looks to most a shameful blip in America’s shining past, a relic of a time where some of us were willing to fight to the death for the right to subjugate others and deny basic rights to a portion of the population.

But perhaps not to the 70,000 plus historically-impaired signees of the Texas secession petition, notably not all from Texas. And Texas is not alone in its secession designs — 22 states have been the subject of similar petitions in the election’s fallout — but the movement has somehow stuck to Texas more effectively than in other jurisdictions.

Not all in the Lone Star State have embraced the ridiculous suggestion America divide over the fact that a Democrat was able to secure a higher number of votes in a free and open election in what can only be described as the will of the majority of American voters, however, both electorally and in the popular vote.

The Austin Chronicle is one notable Texan dissenter, with an op-ed in the liberal outpost’s paper mocking the Texas secession petition written by Richard Whittaker. In it, he opines:

“[The Texas secession petition is] obviously embarrassing stuff for establishment Republicans, who only like playing footsie with the crazies when there’s an election drawing near. GOP consultant Matt Mackowiak recently Tweeted (and then seemingly deleted)‏, ‘Please stop the Texas secession updates. Not helpful, newsworthy, clever or meaningful.’ (To which Dem strategist Jason Stanford acidly replied, ‘What I thought about Birthers.'”

Whittaker adds:

“PS OH in the newsroom: One staff wag suggested that the end result of this petition drive would be the Not Really United States of **** Off in the South and the United States of Democracy and Reason everywhere else.”

While the Texas secession petition would ideally be dismissed as the ramblings of those online who also believe that fossils are a liberal lie planted in the Earth to undermine Jesus and that Obamacare is an irrevocable step toward Communism, mainstream politicians have expressed support.

In a now deleted Facebook diatribe, Peter Morrison, Hardin County Republican Party treasurer, blasted the “maggots” who cast a vote for Obama and fumed:

“We must contest every single inch of ground and delay the baby-murdering, tax-raising socialists at every opportunity. But in due time, the maggots will have eaten every morsel of flesh off of the rotting corpse of the Republic, and therein lies our opportunity.”

texas secession rick perry

Morrison added:

“Why should Vermont and Texas live under the same government? Let each go her own way in peace, sign a free trade agreement among the states and we can avoid this gut-wrenching spectacle every four years.”

Here we shall note that Texas receives back $1.51 of every dollar paid in back from the government, versus $1.09 for those commies in Vermont.

Realistically, the Texas secession petition will obviously go nowhere. Far from a pre-war South, Texans are far too comfortable with their SUVs and Walmart trips and cushy McMansions to mount anything resembling an armed insurrection, and it’s silly to consider this anything other than an idle internet threat.

But the Texas secession petition does reveal a sad, childish, and ultimately unpatriotic rejection of the ideals for which this country is supposed to stand: There should be no glory in partisan gridlock and inflammatory, divisive rhetoric, and any American who professes to love this country should recommit to working together to heal it, not break it.

Yes, the First Amendment to our guiding document of governance allows disgruntled Texans to speak their piece, but we would all be far better served to admit we’re Americans first, and hyperbole and hatred serve no one in moving this great nation forward.

Texas, get a grip.

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118 Responses to “Texas Secession Petition Mocked By Austin Chronicle: We’ll Send A Prius Down To Pick You Guys Up!”

  1. Ron Wines

    I'm not sure why everyone plays race into this, I don't think its about slavery this time. I also don't think any one believes this petition will be granted, but rather hopes it sends a wake up call to the government about allowing states to self regulate more with less government oversight

  2. Glenn Sanders

    they sure let history and truth die on this web. In the 1800's there wasn't any war started because of slavery. freedom of the slaves was an after thought of the war. you can spin it anyway and try and convince folks that your history is the true history but that doesn't make it so. If this petition for sucession continues and over 30 states join in, will it be to free the slaves or will it simply be because of waste by a government. I say the later.

  3. Glenn Sanders

    The government we have today is not what our founding fathers wanted. However, they did forsee this take over and the original constitution covered what to do when a governing body oppresses it's people.

  4. Glenn Sanders

    oh good with the lack of response, this means no one is reading this article.

  5. Nicholas Carter

    IT was not the governor's idea. And this petition is stupid to most. But I think its an outcry from angry US citizens who did not want Obama. With the Tax's Obama is creating, its going against the whole "No Taxation without Representation" thing.

  6. Amber Workman Foxworth

    To the writer / journalist / whoever you are that wrote this blog: I believe Texans are crying out for secession BECAUSE of American history and what our founding fathers / military have done for this great nation. BECAUSE people in the House (the president in better terms) are AGAINST this great nation! Texas will be gladly stand alone to keep the USA alive in it's own, rather large, territory of this great state!

  7. David Cousins

    Kim LaCapria is one very IMMATURE, nasty, hateful person…. regardless of one's view of the petition… (which in a free society they should have the right to sign or not sign)….This very IMMATURE GIRL adds things for her leftist, intolerant diatribe that are Irrelevent…like claiming people think fossils were stuck in the ground to "undermine Jesus"…I know of no one who has ever said that..when it comes to evolution, there are people who don't believe it because the SCIENCE does not support it…And as for obamacare leading to "communism", obamacare is about destroying over time the private system by raising the mini-meds over 7 years until business can no longer afford it.
    But those last two issues have nothing to do with the other main part of the story–so why did the little IMMATURE GIRL stick it in their?
    Also, the spoiled BRAT Kim L. can go ahead and pay for my obamacare (and why do I have to buy my own insurance -yet we are spending $2.7 Trillion on obamacare? What a waste)….and thanks for the Jimmy Carter unemployment, Loss of our triple A rating, war on religion (Govt. big enough to dictate the doctrines to a church is big enough to one day make you join a church). You IMMATURE, Intolerant, spoiled brat…since your god got only 50% of the vote-let the other half of America vent if they want to….Stop being intolerant.

  8. Preston Tucker

    Texas has it's own port, water, oil and gas, farms and cattle… we border South America which is rich in resources… what do we need from the blue states? It may be time for the Great State of Texas to secede! GOD Bless the Republic of TEXAS!

  9. Preston Tucker

    If you want to know what the Liberal Media thinks about you??? yes you… Read this article, "Texas Secession Petition Mocked By the Austin Chronicle". I promise, it will piss you off.

  10. Corey Nufer

    Go ahead and leave, have fun losing all of that funding to help keep your homeless people alive and your churches tax-free. Don't forget that you get mostly federal money to help keep the Sinaloas and the Zetas at bay. Is it really worth opening yourselves up to multiple kidnappings and beheadings every single day. I, for one, would love to see what happens and what people would say once the real nuts in Texas have free reign. I'm guessing roving armed militias, Aryan groups setting up base, race riots, race killings, and the purging of anyone with a non-GOP viewpoint. Bunch of freaking neanderthals.

  11. Corey Nufer

    You do realize that by voting for senators and what not, you are voting for your representation. Of course, having the ability to comprehend the English language would help you considerably… (TAXES and IT'S, not Tax's and its)

  12. Corey Nufer

    Please, secede, I can't wait to see how you deal with the cartels, the homeless, and so on, and so on… You do realize that by rebuking the protection that comes with being a member of the United States of America, you will be throwing away the safety of your children and the rest of your family, right? Meh, I'm sure you'll be alright, it shouldn't be that bad to get home from work and realize that your entire family was beheaded by some Zetas.

  13. Corey Nufer

    I'm not oppressed, I don't know what you did to be oppressed, but it seems your right to freedom of expression is perfectly intact. I love how people like you just make broadly generalized claims, yet cannot back those statements up with facts.

  14. Stephen McCallister

    Its not about who is in office. ITs about what they are doing while they are in office.
    When the Government violates the Constitution, it is the duty of the People to rise up against the Government to bring the Government into compliance with the Constitution.
    If the governor isn't supporting what his people want then he needs to get out of the way.

  15. Joseph Danko

    Let Texas go but first they pay off the the bailout the U.S. paid plus interest when they begged to enter the Union because they were way in debt and had not two nickels to rub together back in 1845. That could be a $100B or more by now. Plus, the only reason they were accepted into the Union is because they agreed to come in as a slave state. Slavery was the whole reason they rebelled against Santa Anna in the first place after Mexico outlawed it along with most of the rest of the civilized world back then. Next the U.S pulls all its military bases which will cause the economic collapse of San Antonio at least. Then they will have to start getting ready for the Mexicans coming to take back THEIR state of Texas. Talk about a lack of critical thinking!

  16. Corey Nufer

    These people said it, science straight up supports evolution, why do you think that descendants of the survivors of the black plague have a gene that makes them resistant to HIV? Also, Barack Obama was voted in by MORE THAN HALF of the US, look at the numbers, popular vote and electoral votes, kind of ridiculous to argue.

    One more thing, if you people love our country so much, why is it that you can b%tch about everything, yet when people that don't think like you make our opinions known, we are being intolerant? It is just like a selfish, greedy, GOP talking head to blame everyone else for anything, then spout off about personal responsibility.

    Ok, seriously, last thing, you say there is a war on religion, but you are lying. It's a war on zealous evangelical christians that are trying to hijack our country by passing religiously biased legislation that regulates the private lives of citizens whether they believe your brand of bullcrap or not. I would much rather sit for twelve hours on a plane next to a turban wearing, Allah praying, Muhammad loving Muslim than some self righteous piece of vacuous human excrement spouting off about how America is a "christian" country. Here's the f%$%ing deal, This is NOT a christian country, it is just a country, I do not believe in your god and you have no right to make me believe in your god, your bible, or any of your pseudo-moralistic crap.

  17. Matthew Kennedy

    Corey Nufer You do realize you failed horribly in that statement. i HAVE sEEn pEoPlE wiTH wORSe eNGLISH speakING abilIties MakE MORE sEnSe THAN u. What a loon to think that because someone was typing fast and didn't take the time to include an ' or short handed another word means they do not know what they are talking about. Judgemental pricks like you deserve a good ol' fashioned Texas sized ass whoopin'.

  18. Corey Nufer

    Good luck with the Zetas and the Sinaloas, oh yeah, and the Aryan brotherhood, the GOP inquisitorial squad, and the evangelical church.

  19. Joseph Danko

    What are you going to do about paying back the bailout the U.S. paid to assume all the Texas debt back in 1845? You sure will miss all those military bases when the Mexicans come take back THEIR state of Texas. What a bunch of arrogant dummies.

  20. Matthew Kennedy

    Corey Nufer The evidence and facts are all over the news and media everyday you idiot. Fact check, they did allow us to be prepared in case we were ever subjected to losing rights and facing dictatorship and totalitarianism.

  21. Corey Nufer

    Gee, states don't have the ability to self regulate? Somebody should tell Colorado and Washington. If you can't see the fact that seceding will remove every last bit of safety and stability in the region, then you are just as blind as the talking heads on Fox News. Maybe not slavery, but don't kid yourself into thinking there won't be areas in full control of the Aryan brotherhood.

  22. Preston Tucker

    Corey Nufer – I wouldn't expect you to understand or have the balls to stand up for anything… It's not about Obama… it's about the 51% of non-productive takers that has a desire for entitlements. Texas does not need the protection of the US Government… That's how the government sucks you in to thinking you can't survive without their social programs, protection and policies… good luck to you… I do hope that you don't live in Texas or if you do… you are moving to somewhere Blue in the very near future.

  23. Corey Nufer

    Sentences start with capital letters, do not end sentences with a preposition, the word is "SECESSION" as noted in the title of the article, and you would say the "latter" not the later. If you are an example of the people behind this idiotic attempt at extremism then this will not be succeeding any time soon.

  24. Matthew Kennedy

    You forget, one lovely rule that would change on OUR border protection is shooting first and asking questions later. We would get to govern our own borders and not have to stand for what Federal law has to say about it. Those individuals would be less of a problem. Bang bang mofo.

  25. Matthew Kennedy

    Corey Nufer You are being intolerant right there in your own statement. You just proved our point you hypocrite. 'by passing religiously biased legislation that regulates the private lives of citizens whether they believe your brand of bullcrap or not' Intolerant prick.

  26. Matthew Kennedy

    Some of the 'TOP COMMENTERS' here are complete imbeciles. This is how you represent your site and news and media? What a joke. You would write an article picking fun about Texas asking to be excused from the table when they clearly are literally the only state that could do so successfully. You clearly have Democratic relations shoved right up your arse.

  27. Michael Largent

    This article is just about what I would expect from a New York based Left leaning, Obama supporting liberal.Somehow she twisted the Secession petition to include slavery.I have seen nowhere someone in Texas calling to bring the institution of slavery back.That is not what all of this about.It is about a group of people that are sick and tired of having people a 1000 miles away telling us how we should live.And all of you folks out there that want to keep sucking the goverment welfare tit remember that Texas DID NOT accept the Obama stimulus funds.I have lived in many different parts of this country and met people from all over the US while serving in the US ARMY and the most common response I have heard is that most of these people can't stand or hate Texas.What is it with y'all? Are you jealous because you are not from Texas.Texas has a lot going for it.Job growth, Agriculture, Ports, No state income tax, Real Values and more.Also as an Independent country Texas would easily fall in the top 5 of oil producing nations and probably in the top 3 in Natural gas.I am a native Texan and also a combat veteran from the US ARMY.It really scares me in todays society to see the direction that the federal goverment is going and their need to try to regulate our lives and tell us what to do.People complain about the money and budgets that President Bush had while he was in office.He never once had a budget over a TRILLION dollars which the current does have and continously asks for more.Just ask yourself if the country is better off today than it was 4 years ago.NOPE.Of course if you are recieving a goverment check every month to stay at home naturally you didn't want Obama to go…So all you haters and folks that don't like Texas or Texans your free not to come down here.We don't want y'all anyway.And to all the Texas transplants that don't like it here you can always leave we ain't stopping you.GOD BLESS TEXAS.

  28. Wayne Baxter

    This whole thing is a giant moronfest. In order for a state to be even seriously considered as a secessionist state they have to pass a resolution in their assembly, that has to be ratified by their populous (the people their working for).

    This isn't the confederate south where most of the populous was illiterate and just went along with what the rich white folk said.

  29. David Dorrell

    Texas Is One The States That Has The Highest Number Of Food Stamp & Welfare Recipients !!!! People That Work For Minimum Wage = More People On Food Stamps !! Just Like In Texas !!
    Texas Needs The Federal Government To Help Balance Their Budget !! ^^ ALL FACTS ^^^^^^^!!!!!!!

  30. Billy Ingram

    All our funding??????? Where the fuck u getting that Texas gets less federal funding than any other state especially after Obama closed the NASA program here and not to mention off shore oil drilling

  31. Greg Kishel

    I spent the first 8 years of this millennium biting shoe leather waiting for Bush to get out of office and not once did I utter cessation because this is MY country. The patriotic thing for me to do was and is, to stick up for MY country and to use my vote to effect change, which is the way it was meant to be. If Texas feels brutalized by its better looking brothers then go off and cry. Don't come back until you grow up.

  32. Bryan Smith

    Your commentary is a perfect example of inflammatory and divisive rhetoric. However unrealistic a succession would be would be, there is obviously a portion of the country very unhappy with the current government. You do not make things better by mocking people with a different point of view.

  33. David Dorrell

    FACT: Texas Is On The List Of High Food Stamps & Welfare! How Can They Continue To Pay It Without The Fed. You People That Want This Are IDIOTS!

  34. Sasha Jaafari

    What exactly have they violated that goes against the will of the people or the laws of the land? Can you pinpoint an exact example of where the constitution of America is not being adhered to? Note that the craziest laws were enacted under Bush – PATRIOT ACT, The enactment of the TSA and all the wire-tapping laws and a lot of these have constitutional issues. I think you'll also find that you ignorant rednecks are just that.

  35. Brian Biernat

    Restore the Constitution and legal, moral, constitutional government in DC, reset/rescind all of the usurpations and abuses of the past 100 years emanating from the criminals and traitors in DC, end the illegal, immoral and unconstitutional federal reserve scam, end the wholly unAmerican illegal, immoral and unconstitutional perpetual Orwellian wars and maybe….just maybe I might evaluate whether the Union has earned my support…it will never earn my consent as I do not and will not ever freely relinquish my Natural Rights and Individual Sovereignty to any form of government. Our government's role was solely to protect those rights…never, ever, ever impinge upon them. The DC traitors lost that privilege with their first most egregious usurpation…the 14th amendment. It's been a fast road to hell since then.

  36. David Cousins

    Apparently Kim L. is unable to give a thoughtful rebuttle….'cause she is an arrogant, immature child who can't handle opposition…And Corey just made a fool of himself by showing his bitter, atheisitic true colors…

  37. Jack Williford

    Wow, dictatorship. A little extreme don't you think? What rights are they trying to take away? If you ask me the moral agenda of the GOP seems a little more oppressive, but I still wouldn't go as far as calling that an end all for American freedom. You have a right to your opinion, you also have a right to leave the country.

  38. Jack Williford

    No hate on Texas, just stupid concept of going away from the union. Election doesn't go your way and you freak out and want to run. We have become a country of self hating citizens and blame the government for dismal times. What happened to Patriotism? Look at our last two Presidents and how critical everyone has been toward them. I remember the days when we loved and backed our president no matter what. So Sad. I voted for Obama, but to be honest I would have been fine with Mitt too, and would have backed him if he was elected. People have spoken.

  39. Jack Williford

    Alright Stephen, please point out what Constitutional rights are being violated by the government. Then you even want to go against your own governor. Maybe you should let the educated people of your state make those decisions, while you revisit some knowledge on American Government that you obviously missed in school, assuming that you even went.

  40. Stephen McCallister

    Why should one state pay for the bail out when that one state is not the one responsible for the debit or giving away the money to the private banks that the federal reserve will not identify to congress as far as who they are.
    You must really think that the entire economy revolves around the military when it doesnt. I live in San Antonio and if the bases were to leave the town would keep on moving. Not counting the military there are over a million people in the city.
    Mexico take back their state? That is the biggest joke their ever is. Texas conquered most of mexico. Almost all the way down to mexico city. They withdrew to the rio grande in 1819 and on May 14th 1836 both mexico and texas signed the tready of Velasco.

  41. Stephen McCallister

    If you wish to have a debate with some one about something that is fine. When you start to use personal insults in your arguement it only validates that your arguement has no valid points or you are unable to articulate them. Either way present your evidence to validate your arguement or do not engage in a debate where you do not have your evidence.
    For the guy in Australia… Since this is not your country nor your state your allowed the one free pass for your comments and allow me to retort …. The patriot act, the TSA, wiretaping, NDAA, free speech zones, attempts at gun grabs, executive orders, indefinate detention, no due process are all against the constitution. They consitutional issues that you speak of are just simply the fact they are against the constitution. It doesnt matter who is in the white house or congress. What matters is what they are doing. Since they are passing laws that are against the constitution they need to be repealed and removed for that very fact.
    Yes I will go against my governor, president, or any other elected official or any other idiot that wishes to subvert the constitution. Why because they were elected by the people to represent the people.
    Lets not even get started into the regualtions that have been impossed by the current administration that has cost Texas (not to mention the entire us) millions of jobs not even to mention how many companies are currently laying off thousands of employees because of the requirement of obama care..
    Then lets talk about how the obama slogans, and images are exactly the same as those used by communists leaders in the past and yes even hitler…
    Yes the country is divided in two. Half want the socialist nanny state to provide everything for them while they sit on their backside and the other half that is tired of paying for it all.

    Those who give up their freedoms for security deserve and get neither… ben franklin

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. (from the declairation of independence)

    We are not a democratic country we are a republic… remember your pledge of allegiance????

    Just to let you know. I swore an oath like every other service member … to defend the consitution from all enemys FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

  42. Kim LaCapria

    Respectfully, there is a reason "secession" is a political taboo, and that is because our nation was so horrifically wounded and bleeding after the first time that we took steps to make sure it would never happen again. It's an ugly concept and those who wish to invoke it because they didn't get their way.

    My critique of this "movement" is not the inflammatory and divisive rhetoric, the fact it is being invoked for a minor political disappointment is. People should be ashamed.

  43. Susan Annala

    Texas can hold its own. We dont need the rest of you. We did it for years we should have never agreed to joining the union! Long live Texas

  44. Deana Ray Payne

    First off Louisiana was the first state to start a petition to sucede from the union. Now all 50 states have these similar petitions. Texas, is not the only state that has people in it who want to change the way things are done in the government. I think that the petitions are more symbolic than real threats. All the petitions say they would like the ability to PEACEFULLY be allowed to secede from the union. When did AMERICANS become so complacient that they no longer wish to demand that the Constitution be honored and up-held? THis has nothing to do with Obama winning the election, nor my side winning, or being a sore loser. This has to do with hard working Americans not accepting the direction that this country is headed in. That was the whole reason that we are not still saying God save the Queen. I think that it is horrible for one side to degrade the other simply because they do not like their ideas. I think that ALL AMERICANS owe it to the founding fathers to become active in their government. I only ask one thing, do you think that John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin would approve of the way the country is being run now, by either side?

  45. Stephen Morriss

    Not ashamed. Angry and extremely concerned that our political system has been over taken by a political organization that preys on the weak (the poor and uneducated) for power. The demographics of the election speak for themselves. Suggest you read George's farewell address.

  46. Charles Barrow

    Yes, I am an ignorant redneck sasha with a college degree and recorded 143 IQ. If that is a redneck then I am proud to call myself one. the people of texas did not vote for obama look at the tally so if we decide as a state to remove ourself from a broken union then that is our choice. and before you start talking intolerance my girlfriend voted for obama. I used to have a lot of respect for aussies but if you are the example I pray that you are a very very small minority.

  47. Mitchell Duerfeldt

    I can't believe how many of you right-wing nut-jobs there are out there in TV land. Its all most scary enough to make one worry about going out of the city. With all your inter-breading and the fear of becoming a part of lamp shade, one has to be careful about planning retreats now.
    But hey. I'v got an's about all of you nut jobs sign your petitions and seek secession. Make sure you put your address's down and include the location of your pick-up trucks and we'll just relocate you in an environment you'll feel more comfortable….like North Korea..or better yet Somalia..and then let you worry about your own nation building. And hey, with your absence, there will be more space for real Americans. And think of all the job openings there will be.
    The rest of the US will not give up Texas. Its ours. Us real Americans, won't give it up. Its not yours, it is all of ours. Its apart of America. There is no place for a different country with-in the boundary of ours. Besides, who wants a country that close, and called Bean Town or Red-Neck Vile.
    The fact is, most of u right-wing nut jobs, as a rule are below average intellect. The closest you've ever come to reading anything is the back of a beer bottle. Your idols are Shawn Handonme and Rush Limpwad, and if they don't say it, its not so. Your idea of a good time is killing something. Your idea of higher learning is memorizing the preamble of the KKK. Your idea of being up to date with the rest of the world is Fox News. You believe the rich should have all the money and pay no taxes. Your heros are large corporate CEOs that ship our jobs to China. You only vote for guys that are white and Republican regardless of platform cause you just don't know any better. You don't believe in global warming or the development of alternative power resources. You'll fight to protect the unborn, yet you fill rather warm and tingely by executing others for crimes, even if their guilt is questionable. You guys are actually proud that Texas has exectuted more people than any other state.
    All of you are a sad lot. None of you have ever taken the time to look at your-selves and questioned what you believe. You are not Americans. You are some kind of a twisted perversion of the old south, the good old boys club. You justify your thinking by not thinking and you change actual history to serve what ever misconception you want to believe. The reality is, all of you just have not been able to accept the reality you can't hang coloreds for fun any more, and now one them has been elected for President a second term.
    Signed the Liberal from Texas.

  48. Matt Haney

    HALF of the people have spoken, Jack. Two wolves and a lamb shouldn't be able to vote on what is to be for dinner between the three of them.

  49. Matt Haney

    I think you socialists are actually scared to death that the other half of our nation may actually tell your gun toting tax collectors to go get bent. You are SO AFRAID that your socialist will may not be imparted on the rest of us that you resort to using words like "idiocy", quoting inaccurate statistics, and bring issues into everything that are completely irrelevant. So, we get $1.51 back for every federal dollar we pay out? Really? I want a source for that hogwash, and want to know if that includes the income tax all Texans pay into the federal deficit machine.

  50. James Johnson

    Matt the problem is that regardless of political affiliation everyone comes up with crazy numbers with no way to verify them efficiently. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, they all do it. Simply put tracking trillions of dollars with the crazy stupid accounting methods used these days is going to be inaccurate.

  51. Christopher Barrow

    I dont see it as a stupid concept, if it helps Washington realize they must restrain themselves. After all it was Washington, Jefferson and the countries founding fathers that spoke first of breaking away. If they had not where would we be now? The point has to be made, the people are unhappy and unfortunately the people have been silent for to long. The government has grown to large and is far to power hungry for there own good and for the good of the people. The US will never let Texas leave peacefully because it is to rich to let go, but our voice should be heard as well. Why should we prop up the failed systems of other states when we dont get a say in what happens within our own boarders.

  52. Christopher Barrow

    Which is why we should scrap the system and possibly balance the budget so we no longer require stupid account methods. Which by the way would get a company shut down and the CEO thrown in prison.

  53. Christopher Barrow

    As such, it is a perfect tool to make people sit up and realize that there are issues that need to be address. Especially if so many people are calling for such a taboo action to take place. Respectfully, it's working after all, we're talking about it are we not?

  54. Christopher Barrow

    Why do you insist upon bringing race into the issue? Your response to everything is: Beware, there are gangs out there and you'll die because someone will shoot you in the street. Seceding would not remove the safety from the region of Texas, unlike other gun hating states we actually do have a tradition of taking care of ourselves. There are no extraordinary men, just normal men in extraordinary times.

  55. James Johnson

    I fully agree Christopher, especially on the point about scrapping accounting methods. Money comes in, money goes out, we don't need more than that.

  56. Larry Trickett

    This country belongs to the people NOT a Government. Please explain to me how a Government has the right to selectively use the Constitution. How they can ignore the responsibilitie to its people and that beto our benefit. How can any Politician advocate the creation of a New World Order without commiting treason? These politicians take oaths to uphold our Constitution ntil the get in office the turn their backs on it. How can any American proudly boast they have freedom after the pasage of the Patriot Act, NAFTA, GATT, NDAA 2011, NDAA 2012, Homeland Security, TSA, the Health Care Act and on and on. Our childrens schoos have become battle grounds for every freak in America trying to pervert the minds of our children. How can anyone call this freedom! They have driven our people into poverty and taken away 23 million jobs. They borrow billions from China, give it to foreign countries and strattle the American people with the debt. WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND NOT WANT TO SECEEDE? If we the people do not sever our ties with the Federal they will drag us into the abyss. We will be thrown back into the dark ages! Obama is right about one thing when he said "Americans are stupid." They are….

  57. Deana Ray Payne

    First off Louisiana was the first state to start a petition to secede from the union. Now all 50 states have these similar petitions. Texas, is not the only state that has people in it who want to change the way things are done in the government. I think that the petitions are more symbolic than real threats. All the petitions say they would like the ability to PEACEFULLY be allowed to secede from the union. When did AMERICANS become so complacent that they no longer wish to demand that the Constitution be honored and up-held? THis has nothing to do with Obama winning the election, nor my side winning, or being a sore loser. This has to do with hard working Americans not accepting the direction that this country is headed in. That was the whole reason that we are not still saying God save the Queen. I think that it is horrible for one side to degrade the other simply because they do not like their ideas. I think that ALL AMERICANS owe it to the founding fathers to become active in their government. I only ask one thing, do you think that John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin would approve of the way the country is being run now, by either side.

  58. Jack Williford

    Creating your own country is no cup of tea, and to be honest Texas does not have the capacity to do it, not that any other state can really do it either. The success of the US is in part to the contribution of the resources amongst all the states, where manufacturing, service, production, and raw material sectors are specialized in different regions across the nation.

    The Republic of Texas only lasted for ten years(1836-1846), and the same will happen if they try to succeed again. Especially in this day in age.

  59. Jack Williford

    I like how you list your credentials to validate your point. Just because one state did not vote for the president does not give them the right to remove them selves from the nation. Did you see the "blue" states try to bail when Bush was elected or re-elected. Come up with some real legit reasons to complain, and maybe people will listen. Or you can you can leave the country, not Texas…you.

  60. Jack Williford

    Texas is a proud state and an important part of the U.S. I feel ashamed for those who want to cut and run. I myself was a proud Texan, but now it seems several people have lost their patriotic ways.

  61. Sasha Jaafari

    "Not my country"? The native Americans would like a word with you

  62. Sasha Jaafari

    Matthew Kennedy wants to head his own Nazi Party and kick everyone out of the Native American lands coz they don't agree with him

  63. Jack Williford

    Actually more than half of the people have spoken Matt. But hey I know it's not perfect, but is the way we do it here in America. Like you quote though.

  64. Anonymous

    I don't have enough time in the day to note all of the reasons this "commentrary" is juvenile and misinformed. But I'll throw out a few. First, no one is suggesting another Civil War. Those of us in Texas who are in favor of this proposal simply recognize that the divide has grown too great and it makes no sense to continue down the current path. Indeed, why would anyone on either side of this debate want to continue down this path where nothing gets done and we're all at each other's throats on a daily basis? Those of you all in the rest of the country want to keep going with big government, a welfare state, and unsustainable borrowing? Fine — but don't drag us down with you. Second, please do some homework before you declare that the idea of Texas secession "will go nowhere." There is a very real chance that Texas could use the leverage from its guaranteed right to break into five separate states — not to mention the fact that we sit on top of more than 1/3 of the nation's crude oil and natural gas reserves — to negotiate at least some level of autonomy from the rest of the country. Third, it is downright comical to suggest that anyone who would talk of secession has "little depth of understanding for history." If I'm not mistaken, Texas began as its own independent nation — when it seceded from Mexico. If angry Internet editorials existed back in 1836, I imagine Santa Anna's might have sounded a lot like yours. Fourth, although no one down here is looking for a fight, if you honestly believe that Texans are "too comfortable… to mount anything resembling an armed insurrection," then by all means come down and check it out for yourself.

  65. Rick Cantu

    come on jack, don't you know your history, what do you think happened when England was trying to do the same thing to the colonies, the same thing is happening today, its ok to think recession because this country was founded on the principles that England was trying to control the people, its happening again that's y they say history is bound to repeat itself.

  66. Greg Kishel

    speaking of propping up….. for every tax dollar that Texas puts into the kitty, they get $1.51 back. If Texas wants to leave WE will protect OUR borders…..and there ain't no coming back!…

  67. Anonymous

    So since you believe that all these laws passed during the Bush years were against the constitution, why didn't you try to secede then? Bush was such a terrible president that his endorsement was not sought, nor was he requested to accompany anyone on the campaign trail, let alone speak at the GOP convention. What if angry liberals had decided to secede when Bush was elected president? We certainly could have used the same rhetoric that you're using now. Bush received the minority of the popular vote in 2000 and needed the Supreme court to rule on the legality of his being elected (we reluctantly accepted that- guess we should have seceeded huh?), Bush lied about WMDs (so he's a liar), Bush pushed for greater power to be given to the government, wiretaps etc (so he's all for limiting freedom when he deems it necessary), and Bush also believes in "giving gifts ", namely tax cuts to the wealthy. Seems to me that if the rest of the country followed the logic of the secessionists, we'd have seceeded 8yrs ago!

  68. Lisa Held

    I like you, Stephen, you make more sense than over half the people here. I appreciate your clear and decisive insight.

  69. Jack Williford

    Hunt98, I applaud your approach on the topic even though I don't agree with it. All I have to say to that is I know republicans push for small government…but in fact that is propaganda. The government will always have a heavy hand in our lives no matter what party is in house. Hey small government is what I want too, but I don't believe it exists. On a lighter note, if you are familiar with several other countries' governments, our government is about as loose as they come. Well formed argument, best one for pro indy texas.

  70. Anonymous

    One reason the South started The War, was that it had blocked out any dissenting views in the 30 years before, and assumed that the North would not fight, and if it did, would not fight well. (The Battle Hymn of the Republic has a line, "As He died to make men holy, let us DIE to make men free.").

    If you get all your news from Fox, you may have the same, closed-world mindset, but it is not "reality-based".

    Another reason the South lost The War was that, by mid-1864, the Confederacy raised only 5% of its revenue from taxes, and the Union raised 21% of its revenue from taxes. (Sound familiar?) The rich planters who started The War, were not willing to pay for it.

  71. Crabtree Nick

    Texas greatness? All it's first-class universities like U of T get research & development funds from Washington, DC, which is part of the engine of the state's economy. Low-paid, hated Mexicans enable middle-class properity by doing jobs that would require much higher wages if white people wanted to them (and which would raise food, hotel, retail, and restaurant prices, by the way). Pell grants, student loans, Social Security disability, food stamps and a multitude of federal pension, health care, and welfare programs keep money continually flowing into Texas from other US taxpayers, but nasty insincere libertarian and far right-wingers won't shut up about how Texans supposedly support the rest of America on it's back. Within 50 years, and independent Texas would be the third most prosperous state in Mexico.

  72. Rich Hamilton

    You do know the rest of the nation considers Texas to be a joke. A bunch of cowboy wannabes who have no respect for minorities. You even elected on openly bigoted man, Rick Perry, as your governor. LOL I mean DAMN!

    Please leave, we will not miss you.

  73. Steve Janusz

    no stimulus money, huh michael? Please read: NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry likes to tell Washington to stop meddling in state affairs. He vocally opposed the Obama administration's 2009 stimulus program to spur the economy and assist cash-strapped states.

    Perry also likes to trumpet that his state balanced its budget in 2009, while keeping billions in its rainy day fund.

    169818Email Print But he couldn't have done that without a lot of help from … guess where? Washington.

    Turns out Texas was the state that depended the most on those very stimulus funds to plug nearly 97% of its shortfall for fiscal 2010, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

    Even budget deficits are bigger in Texas
    Texas, which crafts a budget every two years, was facing a $6.6 billion shortfall for its 2010-2011 fiscal years. It plugged nearly all of that deficit with $6.4 billion in Recovery Act money, allowing it to leave its $9.1 billion rainy day fund untouched.

    "Stimulus was very helpful in getting them through the last few years," said Brian Sigritz, director of state fiscal studies for the National Association of State Budget Officers, said of Texas.

    Even as Perry requested the Recovery Act money, he railed against it. On the very same day he asked for the funds, he set up a petition titled "No Government Bailouts."

  74. Steve Janusz

    You were independent for all of 9 years from 1836 to 1845 and had to have your massive debts bailed out when you joined the Union.

  75. Glenn Sanders

    Shawn Caswell you dont have to thank anyone. My ancesters where American Southern Creek Indian and we have never been slaves. Did not walk the trail of tears nor live on any reservation. Not many of us left, but we wear our pants up around our waste, we dont kill our kind for drugs and gangs and we do make any color feel as though they owe us anything. I suppose if the shoe were on the other foot back in the slave days the white man didn't have a chance in hell that a Republican president would free them from the Black poor man that can't think of anything but how he is still held back because sometime around 150 years ago your ancesters were slaves. OK Corey, have at the spelling and correct my sentences. Dummy

  76. Glenn Sanders

    I have just recently been to your North, all I saw was illeterate people. Besides, for an illeterate South, we sure kicked the hell out of you guys with what little we had to do it with. Don't let kindness be mistaken with weakness. What ever you yankees do, don't provoke another Civil War you can't win this time. Now, all the illeterate south have kept our guns and military bases. divide your lines and lets get started.

  77. Glenn Sanders

    Ramen shanker. isnt that a name from India. why arn't you in India taking care of indians. I thought you were a doctor of some kind

  78. Glenn Sanders

    Now your talking Corey, Cave men. We can open the borders of Texas, route the insurgent mexican to your state where they will surely get taken care of by you. Oh wait a minute you cant even support yourself. OK check my spelling. I love talking with you guys. this is really fun.

  79. Glenn Sanders

    Mitchell or Michell Duerfeldt from dragon u. Dang Mitch. You cant move your own boxes from one dorm room to another, owe more money in loans than an indian in town drinking saloon, and sure would not be a good candidate to protect whatever it is you think you would have when the red states decide to ban together and become the only United States. Go ahead and use your education to figuire out how to keep people from squabbling and band together before Red Dawn actually happens.

  80. Corey Nufer

    Glenn Sanders Bitch, if it weren't for immigrants none of you inbred morons would even be living in the United States, hell, you most likely wouldn't even exist. Uneducated people like yourself seem to forget that the "insurgent Mexicans" actually lived where you do before you did until the marauding European invaders raped and pillaged their way through the new world.

  81. Britney Joe

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