Reagan Tokes: Ohio State University Student Found Dead 15 Minutes From Campus

Brian Lee Golsby (Goldsby) Photos: Facebook, Twitter Reactions To 29-Year-Old

Reagan Tokes was a 21-year-old Ohio State University student looking forward to her graduation. However, Reagan was killed — as reported by the Inquisitr — and now the Grove City Division of Police have arrested the man they believe is responsible for Tokes’ death. There seems to be some confusion over the correct spelling of the suspect’s name, however, connected to Reagan’s death. With Tokes’ body recently having been discovered at the entrance to Scioto Grove Metro Park on Thursday afternoon, authorities believe Brian Lee Goldsby (or Golsby) was the culprit. Police have said that Tokes suffered from gunshot wounds to her head.

ABC News originally listed his name as Brian Lee Goldsby, however, other publications (and Grove City Police) list Brian’s name as Golsby. Goldsby (or Golsby) is a 29-year-old man who will now face aggravated murder charges — along with aggravated kidnapping charges, as well as a charge of aggravated robbery, according to cops.

Tokes was originally from Florida, and was the subject of a wide search after Reagan went missing upon leaving her job in Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday night. Although Tokes’ body was discovered about 15 minutes away from the campus of Ohio State University, police believe Brian may have killed Tokes in another location and possibly dumped Reagan’s body at the park.

According to NBC4i, Golsby is a registered sex offender in Franklin County — a man who had only recently been released from prison months ago — in November 2016 — after Brian had served a six-year term for rape and kidnapping in a Grove City case. Authorities do no believe that Tokes knew Goldsby or Golsby in any way. However, police believe that Brian may be connected to recent German Village attacks.

Tokes was not accompanied by a bartender escorting her from her job on Wednesday night to her car, as Reagan usually does. Tokes’ funeral will be held on Thursday, February 16, according to Reagan’s family. The location of Tokes’ funeral will be at Maumee United Methodist Church.

Brian’s criminal history involves rape, robbery and one sexual assault that took place with the victim reporting that her toddler was in the car when the attack happened. As seen in the following photo from the Facebook page of the Grove City Ohio Police, Brian’s name is spelled as Golsby, and there is more information — along with Brian’s photo — in the press release from police.

As reported by WCPO, Tokes’ roommates had filed a missing person’s report for Reagan on Thursday morning, when they discovered Reagan hadn’t made it home. Reactions to the arrest of Brian from Facebook and Twitter can be seen in comments below. Some of the comments praise the police for arresting a murder suspect so quickly after Reagan’s death. Other comments bemoan the fact that a registered sex offender had just been released from prison and allegedly was able to kill Tokes. Those comments express wishes that Brian could’ve been truly rehabilitated and remained in prison, in order to spare Tokes’ life.

Rick Chambers: “Great Work Columbus, Ohio Law Enforcement!! A murder suspect was arrested just a day after they found Ohio State senior Reagan Tokes murdered + shot to death. Brian Lee Golsby arrested is a convicted sex offender who was convicted of rape + kidnapping and released from Prison November 2016 after serving just 6 years.” “You rape someone in U.S. you should be gone forever. Sad! Grove City Police arrest suspect in murder of OSU student.”: “Grove City Police: when asked if suspect could be connected to attacks. ‘Could be’ continue to investigate. Grove City Police: Late last night I received lab tests that matched items in Tokes car with Goldsby from a sex offender database.”

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