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Secession: Louisiana Petition To Secede Gets Enough Signatures For White House Response

louisiana secession

Louisiana secession petition signatures reached the threshold for a response from the White House on Tuesday morning. The White House We The People programs offers all citizens the power to initiate a petition drive. Once a petition reaches more than 25,000 signatures in a 30-day period, the issue is routed to the appropriate office for review and a response issued.

As of Tuesday morning, Louisiana’s petition to secede had 27,028 signatures, according to the Atlanta Black Star. Louisiana celebrated its statehood bicentennial earlier this year. A man identified as “Michael E” of Slidell created the secession petition on November 7, according to The Advertiser.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette political science professor Ryan Teten had this to say about the We the People petition drive:

“It doesn’t represent the state and its population. It’s another form of protest. Given Louisiana’s position and its struggles with education, health care and the economy, cutting out the federal government would be a huge hit to the state. I don’t think succession of any state is a reality. You’re more likely to see people like Puerto Rico, which just voted to have their own statehood, want to join the US.”

Before a resident of any state can add their name to the request for peaceful secession, a user account on the White House website must be created. The process is free and fairly quick. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, American citizens must share their email address, name, and zip code in order to sign a petition for potential review by the Obama administration.

Texas was the first state to garner enough signatures in a secession petition to earn a review from the White House. States which currently have more than 15,000 signatures include Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina.

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8 Responses to “Secession: Louisiana Petition To Secede Gets Enough Signatures For White House Response”

  1. Debra Lorraine Wilder Price

    we abunch of dumbass do they know they are going to kill their parents who recieve ssi, diabilate, medicaid, medicare,. we will lose all of this. no help with schools, our children would suffer.government jobs in ship yards would be taken away, think aholds about the would happen. oh and what about the sick children on medicaid you would watch them die what if it was your child.

  2. Alex Johnson

    Hm…OK. So if we were to secede, what would happen after that? I would like to see the plan behind this idea. Send me the plan and maybe I will agree. Or will we continue to through political tantrum.

  3. Alex Johnson

    Oh and 1 more thing. Louisiana relies highly on tourism. How would that be impacted on top of the fact that we are in the top list of states that are a financial burden to the federal government. (If youd done your homework youd know this) The fact that any one would sign such a foolish thing, with no plan, and no consideration truly highlights the lack of education in Louisiana due to funding issues. We are on the bottom of the list when it comes to education. We are on the top of the list for natural disasters, crime rate, murder, economic development, and everything else that the rest of the states have already achieved. We are in fact BEHIND THE REST OF THE US. If your pocket can afford a secession right now, you wont be able to after bc your money wont matter. You have no plan. Plan before you decide to "secede". Example, if you cant afford gas now, then what? Louisiana's secession would force the new "country" into negotiations (which are just that, negotiations. Not set in stone, not guaranteed. better yet "Meh Sha, meh we don know wut deh gon say." ) with all industries supplying the state with resources. Example gas. Louisiana does not own the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf operates on Maritime law. Go read a book. Also, please recognize with this secession and the obvious appreciation for the "every man for himself" system, there will be no protection bc Louisiana will be left to fend as an independent country Therefore, if you have and I want it, you'll have to stop "murder capital" from taking it. Please stop fighting for no reason and think clearly. Don't get in the Gumbo if you don't know what's in it.

  4. Crabtree Nick

    Funny that Puerto Rico voted to ask for statehood. But privileged conservative middle class people vote for secession.
    Privileged Americans talk about "patriotism" just so long as they need to make no sacrifices. Another funny thing. For all their talk about white people being a 'minority,' so many white people (mostly conservative right-wingers) appear to have no real patriotism. America to them means paying nothing, getting government services for free, and dominating people who are not like them. Maybe the racists and haters should secede. Let them have the Navajo and Cherokee reservations, and let the Navajo and Cherokee have Texas.

  5. Bro Carl L Frye

    I think it will open the gate to terrorism, civil war again, and have a negative impact on our country.We will lose our national guard that protects our cities, towns, villages from domestic terrorists.We will have no rights, priveliges, healthcare etc… a state that secedes will be denied all federal programs which our elderly, schools have to survive on.Knowone will be safe.Lord have mercy on us all.

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