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Sphinx Destruction Urged By Egyptian Salafi With Taliban Connections

Sphinx Destruction Urged By Egyptian Salafi With Taliban Connections

The Sphinx destruction as well as the Giza pyramids are being called for by an Egyptian Salafist. Murgan Salem al-Gohary is a Muslim jihadist leader with connections to the Taliban who went on TV over the weekend to announce jihad on one of the seven wonders of the world.

“The idols and statues that fill Egypt must be destroyed. Muslims are tasked with applying the teachings of Islam and removing these idols, just like we did in Afghanistan when we smashed the Buddha statues,” Gohary said in a Saturday night television interview, according to Egyptian daily al-Masry al-Youm. “God ordered Prophet Mohamed to destroy idols. When I was with the Taliban we destroyed the statue of Buddha, something the government failed to do.”

According to The Blaze, “Gohary, 50, is well-known in Egypt for his advocacy of violence. He was sentenced twice under former President Hosni Mubarak, one of the two sentences being life imprisonment. He subsequently fled Egypt to Afghanistan, where he was badly injured in the American invasion. In 2007, he traveled from Pakistan to Syria, which then handed him over to Egypt. After Mubarak’s fall in early 2011, he was released from prison by a judicial ruling.”

The Egyptian Interior Ministry believes these threats are to be taken very seriously. According to al-Masry al-Youm, Egyptian officials have “taken the necessary precautions to prevent violations of the law or any abuses of anything in the public domain or archaeological treasures including the pyramids.”

The newspaper al-Masry al-Youm also spoke with a security official but only under the condition of anonymity. This unnamed source claims that the police and security authorities in Giza had “taken the necessary precautions to deal with any aggression” against the pyramids and Sphinx destruction. “They are a source of national income and they bring tourists to Egypt.”

The Sphinx destruction would bring an end to an iconic marvel that has gathered visitors from all corners of the globe. In previous months, the Egyptian and Arab press have been reporting calls to jihad by Egyptian Salafists and foreign Islamists to demolish the pyramids and bring about the Sphinx destruction. Hopefully, we won’t wake up one morning to hear news of the Sphinx destruction by Islamic terrorists.

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268 Responses to “Sphinx Destruction Urged By Egyptian Salafi With Taliban Connections”

  1. Shela Thomas-Yates

    I always have thought them to be more than insane, but this is incredulous. They just hate everything, and they feel they are the most correct and "righteous" people to ever walk the planet. They kill innocent men, women, and children; they kill their own daughters; they have a history of infanticide and mysogeny; they think this entire planet belongs to them. I am so sick of these haters! In a world hell-bent on its own destruction, these fools are not for a solution! And if any muslim is offended–oh well! You know, there comes a point when enough is enough, and muslims' hatred for human life and society period is infuriating!

  2. Shela Thomas-Yates

    Contribute to a solution instead of fueling hatred, fire, and destruction. Hey, I know, if you folks hate everything on this planet why don't you do some research in to a guy with the last name of Applewight and then follow him–the hell on out of here!

  3. Anonymous

    Why do these towel head fucks try to push their religion on the whole entire world. they need to stay in their own sane caves and just blow each other up and leave the rest of the world out of it.

  4. Tom Deady

    Now it is clear to me that these jihadists are reading between the line of the Quran. Then only reading what they want to not the whole truth. To destroy this history, which is part of them and all of us is lunacy. I am a christian who has read the Quran and I don't see the stupidity they are. Love is the answer. Not all Muslim's are this way, they show the truth as the Quran is teaching. The last person who wanted to take over the word died by killing himself before the U.S. and Russians could get to him, so, are you next?

  5. Alan R. Woods

    Some people deserve to be killed and any record of their existence destroyed and for the Taliban and other groups like them this will be their fate. They need to be wiped out, they are evil groups using their warped and insane interpretation of religion to commit crimes and murder. Completely wiping out any trace of them or anyone that condones this thought is the only answer, if they are not destroyed they will continue to be a cancer on the world and a threat to everything and everyone.

  6. Kenneth Hooper

    ringo get over it..enough of the lame childish blame obama for everything. if u are so dissatisfied, why wont u find another country to live because there are many people here who have gotten over it. your party is doomed with ypour hatred. the rep party wont win another election for a while because of the insentivity and arrogance

  7. Markeith Moore

    Racist Egyptians, they know the Sphinx is of a black man/black woman so they want to destroy all evidence so the future us with better technology won't confirm that. The JHADISTS need to die, you are right John.

  8. Greg Hurd

    Keep Islam, destroy the Taliban. If any other extremists want to take out symbols of ANY other religions-take those fuckers out too.

  9. Richard Murff

    I don't like to think about that. Then there would be no salvation.

  10. Shela Thomas-Yates

    Its for those who "are who they are", and they know who they are, and they do know who I am ranting about.

  11. Rick Vess

    John Lennon did…

    "Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…"

  12. Shela Thomas-Yates

    And out of all the people who had more than derrogatory remarks regarding this, you single out the woman…figures.

  13. Darryl Davis

    The Sphinx is not the problem in this world… It is fundamentalist religion…. There will never be any peace as long as religion is recognized as legitimate… Destroy religion and not the Sphinx…

  14. Jacqueline Henninger

    How absurd… I do not understand the sheer unadulterated hatred of these jihadists. Killing innocent people in the name of Allah with no regard for human life is sociopathic behavior, and I do not believe that the Islamic religion in any way promotes and/or endorses such cruel tactics. I truly hope that the Egyptian government does everything in it's power to protect these historically significant wonders. What a tragedy it would be if these monuments were destroyed.

  15. Tony Watkins

    This particular sect of Muslim believes in bringing about the end times so their prophet will return. I wouldn't think it too difficult for the CIA to send a hit squad after this idiot.

  16. Dennis Rush

    Kenneth Hooper , it seems to me that when people like me make a statement about our dislike of a situation and people like you dis agree with me or attack with "lame childish blame, when in reality it is my right to speak out in what i belive to be true, but i do not call u childish or ignorant or mis led by the propaganda of ur like, I just disagree with you. it not hate. it just my opinon, but people like you have to make it sond like we are not as good as you or smart as you or inteligent as you. so with that in mind go to Mexico and live.

  17. Spencer Burke

    I tell you this. Those who have been to Egypt tell me it's an ugly country with ugly people who harass and violently rape woman on the street. The only reason to go to Egypt is for sight seeing, take that away and they starve. F—K their prophet Mohammid.

  18. Anonymous

    Good luck destroying the Pyramids you dumb Islamics stinkbombs.
    The world will rejoice when the task of hunting down and iradicating you all has been successful.
    I just hope it happens in my lifetime.

  19. Dearel Friend

    Sorry're so fucking naive. These idiots just use religion as an excuse for their hate…were there no religion it still wouldn't remove them from hate. These maniacs are a product of "culture" not religion. There will always be hate…the amount of it depending on how much we tolerate it….these fanatics need to be wiped off the face of the earth…but then you Obamanites believe that everything is love, don't you.

  20. Steven Calhoun

    I see why these people are restless. They're illiterate and sick. They want to destroy anything of meaning to some one else. They all should be put out of their meaningless lives and let the world come to peace. We got rid of the head sicko aqnd that didn't deter them. It's time to take care of the rest of them. All mean neccessary!

  21. Qamer A. Shah

    What makes me laugh about these people that self-calim to speak for Islam or the prophet is that they don't even look at the history of Islam as a model. When the Sahabas (disciples of the prophet) bought Islam to other countries in the region and the world they did not destroy the Budda statues in Afganistan or the Sphinx or Pyramids or churches or synagogues. Do they think they know better or are better muslims than those that lived with and learnt from the prophet? If they would just read and study the history of the time non muslims enjoyed great freedom when Islam ruled most of the known world. The advancement of Islam to as far away as Spain in the very short time could not have been possible if it was done purely by bloodshed and war. People accepted Islam not only because of what it teaches but because of the elevation in the lives of people in terms of economics, security and freedom. The problem is not with the message today it is with the few messengers that have corrupted the purity of the message.

  22. Qamer A. Shah

    What makes me laugh about these self appointed representatives and spokesmen of Islam or the prophet is that they don't even look at the history of Islam and the conduct of the prophet as a model. When the Sahabas (disciples of the prophet) bought Islam to other countries in the region and the world they did not destroy the Budda statues in Afganistan or the Sphinx or Pyramids or churches or synagogues. Do they think they know better or are better muslims than those that lived with and learnt from the prophet? If they would just read and study the history of the time non muslims enjoyed great freedom when Islam ruled most of the known world. The advancement of Islam to as far away as Spain in the very short time could not have been possible if it was done purely by bloodshed and war. People accepted Islam not only because of what it teaches but because of the elevation in the lives of people in terms of economics, security and freedom. The problem is not with the message today it is with the few messengers that have corrupted the purity of the message.

  23. Nana Da Brat

    @richard murff faith isnt the problem religion is (a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices)

  24. Steven Calhoun

    I like your comments completely. Our government gives them too much freedom, even over there. They shouldn't give them a trial at all. Kill everyone of them and life goes on. I think the inbreeding over there has gone on long enough and that's what is wrong with their thinking. I'd go over there and take every one of them to hell and march back alone if I could. They need to be stopped, permanately! They're mentality disturbed and think they can cower and not stand up for what they do. They are restless with nothing to do but raise hell. God put them in the desert because that's where they belong, a place representing hell!

  25. Steven Calhoun

    Ringo, Obama didn't start this war and you must be an idiot. If you're in high school stay there because you can't even spell. Go to your grammar teacher, history teacher and then your clergy. You may be on the right path then!

  26. Stephen Berger

    I can see the merit in wanting to eliminate idols, what they are probably getting at is that praying to an image of god detracts from the formless-all-that-is type god. It isn't a my god vs. your god argument, it's a god vs. pictures that can't possibly accurately portray god argument. I see their point, but destroying the idols will just make people worship them more. Also, everyone saying these people need to die, please ask yourself what would jesus do?

  27. Paul Smith

    We need to pull all Americans out of that entire region, Nuke it and let God sort it out!

  28. Steven Calhoun

    Kenneth Hooper You make more sense that a lot of these commenters. Yes, if people are dissatisfied with this country, why don't they move to Egypt. They'll see how it is and maybe come back and put on a servce-personnel uniform to save their own kiesters!

  29. Anonymous

    Is it just me or does it seem like terrorists are trying to ruin anything that anybody else likes? Like if you think all terrorists should be shot on sight and buried wrapped in bacon!

  30. Paul Joseph Smith

    It amazes me how people can force there beliefs to the point of ignorance. Destroying historical monuments that could teach the future generation to not have the opportunity to learn how the human race has come to where it is now. I do not usually leave comments but I truly believe that we have a job to preserve our history. Where do these people get to the point that they have the right to destroy somebody else culture. Go destroy your own history and leave everybody else alone.

  31. Avava Vava

    No the problem is crazy people who use religion or faith as an excuse. There are plenty of good people in both religions who get over shadowed by the extremists.

  32. Paul Joseph Smith

    There has always been extremest in all beliefs and religion. Most of the people live a good and peaceful life without getting involved with those who are insane. I Just feel this time those extremest are going farther into making there religion the only one on the planet. We should not judge somebody just because of a select few. I feel that is how we preserve our own beliefs and history.

  33. Robert John McCane

    That's the funniest shit I've read all day. If you're not joking then you should check out King Tut's DNA results. Not black, not white. Deal with it. You are not reincarnated Egyptian royalty and neither is Prince.

  34. Anonymous

    Muslims continue to prove they can not and will not get along with others. Isn't it time to wake up and simply declare Genocide for all Muslims? That may make them happy then they won't need to get along with anyone else not even each other Genocide, Genocide, Genocide… That''s what they need Genocide. They are reducing the entire planets intelligence and they contribute nothing to global society except hatred let's reward it and have them all running for their lives.

  35. Christopher Tebo

    Well, the premise is wrong actually. Anyone know of anyone that actually worships Egyptian idols these days? I thought not! 😉 I guess they will have to blow up sacred mountains, rivers, etc. as well. By the way, isn't the Black Rock in Mecca a form of idol worship?

  36. Anonymous

    Rick Vess : The man who sang, "Imagine there's no money…" was a millionaire many times over, an observation first made by Paul McCartney. About all John really wanted to do was imagine it.

  37. Kevin West

    You're out of your mind, Frank. Care to share any other ridiculous stereotypes with us? Love to hear what you have to say about gays and blacks.

  38. Debbie Hansen

    I don't see how destroying a great history is a good thing this man must have been droped on his head or something please stop and think what we could lose if he did what he wents to If his god were there by his side in stone would he destory it?

  39. Shela Thomas-Yates

    I always have thought them to be more than insane, but this is incredulous. They just hate everything, and they feel they are the most correct and "righteous" people to ever walk the planet. They kill innocent men, women, and children; they kill their own daughters; they have a history of infanticide and mysogeny; they think this entire planet belongs to them. I am so sick of these haters! In a world hell-bent on its own destruction, these fools are not for a solution! And if any muslim is offended–oh well! You know, there comes a point when enough is enough, and muslims' hatred for human life and society period is infuriating!

  40. Anonymous

    hmmm how about we scratch our navy,,, invest into more drones and bomb the hell out of these ,,,, wastes of human flesh,,,, sorry religion of peace my ass…. enough is enough…. no mercy for anyone who can claim that "infidels" must be wiped out. I truly think that roaches have more usefulness in this world. You guys had your shot to show your "peace loving nature" for hundreds of years,,, sorry times up….Last thing you guys ever gave this planet was math…and poetry and that was over a thousand years ago…. YOU ARE GIVING NORMAL PEOPLE OF YOUR OWN CREED A BAD NAME!

  41. Dii Dii EyesOpen Wright

    now what is destryoing these monuments proving? I know why they want to, I think most of us do.

  42. Mike Orosz

    It's just a matter of time before an extremist, will roll up to these structures with enough explosives to do the job. Jihadists have no respect for the past, present or future. As with all narrow minded individuals, their convictions will prove to be a detriment to everyone.

  43. Joy Love

    The Great Pyramid is not an idol!
    Isaiah 19:19
    In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the Lord.

  44. Frank Daly

    Kevin you are an Idiot!!! This has nothing to do with race..I know plenty of good Muslims and they would tell you the same thing that Im saying..So get off your liberal high horse and quit playing the race card everytime you disagree with someone!

  45. Anonymous

    This is about ego not religion. Napoleon tried the same thing and failed. He's the one that knocked the nose off the Sphinx with a cannon. They managed to move a few blocks from the pyramids before it sunk in just how big they are. Bringing them down would be a project on the level of building them in the first place. These are spoiled children with guns that want to destroy because they can't build. The destruction of the Buddha statues was a crime against humanity. Now these nutjobs are threatening even greater works. They need to be stopped.

  46. Anonymous

    It is important that all citizens of the western world read up on Wahhabism which is the state religion of Saudi Arabia. Wahhabism with it's access to million of petro dollars is the most dangerous Islamic sect on the planet. Read up on Wahhabism. Google Wahhabism. Look up Wahhabism in Wikipedia. Learn as much as you can about wahhabism. It will scare you!

  47. Anonymous

    They want to destroy Christians, but you don't see Christians acting like such stupid and barbaric animals. I call on destroying Islamic Extremists. You are a waste of life and a group of cowards who hide from the world and try to instill fear in us. You are weak and sad little beings on this beautiful large planet. They tried to kill a 14 year old girl for giving others hope.

  48. Desmon Ibn Oscar

    LOOK! I say good for them! It's their land, their home and they have a right to do what they want!

    Those places don't help pay your bills, keep food on your table nor put clothes on your back! Damn all the sentiments and historical relics! It's doesn't concern you and is not your affair!

    Stop yapping about what others are doing and worry about improving yourself and what YOU truly believe in! What they want to do is not bothering you at all period!

    If they want to level that pagan crap right along with the pyramids also then they should level that pagan crap!

    It's their business! You own ya own world! Not everybody elses!

  49. Dean Moore

    Richard Murff — Salvation??? More nonsense. Why don't we have a DISLIKE (thumbs down) on these comments?

  50. Jim Anderson

    mummify him alive…use the hook to extract what is left of his sick brain through his nostrils then eviscerate him…then instead of linen wrap him in pigskin…hopefully real Egyptians will kill him soon.

  51. LA Lucente

    it's funny that muhammed did not destroy the buddha's or the pyramids during his lifetime, nor did any of those who took over the muslim movement after his death. Are these men saying they know better the will of allah than muhammed did? using islamic faith as a cover for hate crime is a grievous dishonor when you consider the word most used in the koran is "mercy".

  52. Garner Ted Actie

    This is why I hate religion…The Arabs didn't build it otherwise they would hold it with pride…Islam, Christianity and Catholicism are a detriment to the world as a can you destroy something you know nothing about…like I said their ancestors didn't build it that's why they robbed the graves and now want to destroy what 'Black Legacy' that remains…here is a tip destroy yourselves and your religion and leave what was left for the new generation to understand…smdh.

  53. Chris Lucente

    I actually said this, so don't blame Lindsey if you're a religious whacknut, I was logged in on her computer and didn't think about it.

  54. Anonymous

    This guy is obviously a nut bag. Is there nothing these freaks of nature will not do using the name of God as reasoning? Destruction seems to be their only goal. I know TRUE muslims seek to build up and maintain peace. I would rather die than serve the vengeful and hateful God these jihadist use for their own selfish purposes. I guess without jihad, they would serve no purpose what so ever on this planet. It is truely sad to live such a self imposed worthless existence.

  55. Lisa Christensen

    I agree with you Richard Murff. Jesus Christ is my Salvation and I'm so glad He was sent to earth to die for our sins. I know where I'm going when the Lord returns for us. Dean Moore, that's fine if you don't believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, but must you be nasty and hateful to those that do? How sad that everyone must either share your views or they're wrong. Isn't that just like the jihadists? Jihadists don't like athiests either, sir.

  56. Anonymous

    sheesh.. these jihadists are almost as bad as the Christians of the 16th century. killing innocents in the name of God is nothing new. let's not confuse extremists with "normal" religious folk. hate to hear about those Budha statues being destroyed. Hard to battle bombs with palms. Muslims have brought a lot of knowledge to the world. this is a fact (google Library at Alexandria). To cover them all in one brush stroke is to say something like all Americans are criminals because of corrupt, corporate executives or that all African descendants are bad because of gang banging in the hood. We're dealing with a battle of ideology, geography and power that will not be resolved in our lifetimes. I agree that extremists should be dealt with accordingly, but don't fall into the category yourself while trying to figure out the truth. return to your good book if you must. I might be the last guy to turn a cheek and I will defend my blood til death, but somewhere, as Christians, if we are to believe these extremists are human or rational on any level, we need to understand where they feel threatened before we fix the problem or wipe them off the face of the earth. again, remember what we did to the natives, the slaves.. just in the last few hundred years. that happened and now we are watching DWTS and eating Cheetos. do not get me wrong.. if it is kill or be killed.. I'm killing, but how many of us understand the issues or driving force behind the evil Muslim extreme and how many of us just see a headline and call for blood? We have our fingers in a lot of middle eastern pots. We do not get all of the intel on yahoo. I'm sure they get as much propaganda as we do. Take out the devils! If there is no resolution then Murgen can either pass the remote or take the fall. We just need to control our anger. Easy to say when I have not lost a loved one to these bastards, but is there an end to the cycle? There is some kind of parallel between the two worlds. just thinking out loud.

  57. Anonymous

    Then John Robbins, that makes you just like them even if you are quoting an icon. Is that YOUR religion?

  58. Bryne Chum

    These Jihadists are just as bad as the chirstians in America. Destroy anything you and your religion dosnt accept. Dosnt anyone remember the "holy crusades", the iratication of hundreds or thousands of people who refused the "new christian order". Lets not forget what this country did to the native people of this land. What about the mass killing and distruction of Japan, and slaughter of probably millions of civilans in Nagasaki and Hirosima?

  59. Bryne Chum

    Its funny you dont relize the christians have done the same thing for houndreds of years. Christians have killed a thousand times more people than the muslims have to date, but I guess its ok if you pray.

  60. Mark Polley

    What an idot! What an absolute idiot. These structures are not idols any longer. No one worships them. They are insight into the past. Priceless time capsules of history. These jihadists are angry fools. Seriously, has their sacred prophet ever really done anything positive for the world?

  61. Joe Stitzel

    obama wont stop this, it would be a good thing for him to do so he wont help prevent it.
    thanks bama :( wonder what else he has in mind with them…

  62. Anonymous

    The decent people of the world need to wage war against the Taliban until every one of them is wiped out and not give up until then.

  63. Ted Reisner

    Ringo, WHO the h'el are we to tell another country's people how and who to vote for? How would you feel if say Israel or France spent TENS of BILLIONS of dollars between now and next presidential elections, telling Americans to vote for? I know I'd tell them to worry about their own country and get the h'el out of here.

  64. Athena Black

    Al-CIA-DA ('AlQaida' is ran by the CIA) is trying to destroy the image of the 'Black Gods' throughout the World. In Vietnam, they destroyed the Black Mons of Cambodia. In Afghanistan they destroyed the Black Buddha's and now they are headed for the Negroid Sphinx. The White Supremacist Elitist are attempting to erase Black/Melanated people out of history.

  65. Joe Stitzel

    Hey, ChumPt ! Obviously your blind. In ancient times God did bless those close followers the leadership to kill enemies, yet these jihadists don;t have God's authority to do so, as it is written.
    You just look for exploitation on here for your mouth to open and remove all doubt of your bonehead view. Your too ineffective but i guess a reply you want, one you get :) haha U suck !

  66. Joe Stitzel

    Richard Murff So just thinking about these crap heads there is nop salvation ? I guess none for all non believers, that include you ? wake up sir !

  67. Anonymous

    Leave it to the crazy hypocrites of our country who, when asked if they believe in democracy, they go stupid all over themselves with their phony patriotism……however, in democratically held elections, if they do not like the skin color or their political leanings of the winner, they show their true racist and "Conservative" values. Yes, the new RepubliKKKLan Party is alive and well in 2012…..

  68. Anonymous

    Really they should start with THE KA'ABA FIRST as that BLACK STONE is a PRE-ISLAMIC HINDU METEORITE right is the HEART OF ISLAM and a TOOL OF THE DAJJAL……

  69. Yasmin El Talawy II

    this will never happen… the guy is just nuts….. the salafist group, to be coherent with their principles and mind, should live in a tent the middle of the desert, without fridge, phone, cars, mobile, or water… they just don't think :/

  70. Lelani Freed

    Hmm….like many things, other take the blame for what the WEST really desires to do. And 99.99% of people, yet again, stupidly and EASILY fall for it.
    *exits stage left*.

  71. Shela Thomas-Yates

    It is incredible how sympathizers always have the same,"Christians did it too", response! That makes it right???? They are all frigging wrong damn it!!!!! Two wrongs don't make it right nor does two wrongs make a right!!!!

  72. Shela Thomas-Yates

    Maybe it is ok to do this, but deep within me I can feel that it is wrong to kill another human being in the name of "RELIGION"!

  73. Anonymous

    Joe Stitzel I can't say that I understand your point because your sentence structure is so poor, but Bryne is talking about the whole history of Christian people. Now, understand that he didn't condemn Christianity or Christians in general, he just said that many Christians have killed in the name of religion, which is true. The Crusades and assassinations of abortion-performing doctors are just to name a couple systematic murders committed in the name of God.

    Also, grow up. I can't zoom in or inspect your profile picture but you look too old to be typing stuff like ":) haha U suck!"

  74. Mike Scott

    hey you dickhead jihadists: None of you are Mohammed, nor are any of you following his teachings. Forcing someone or a culture to follow your word is sacrilege. Fucking crazy extremists….. SMH

  75. Paris J Cox

    Imagine calls to destroy the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. This could happen if we allow more Muslims in our country.

  76. Mike Scott

    Christians are just as bad. And Catholics. Don't get all high and mighty. Organized religion is the root of ALL evil

  77. Mike Scott

    Rick Vess and A Perfect Circle echoed it. Most important and relevant song EVER written.

  78. Duncan Argo

    The early muslim world was way ahead of the uneducated masses in medieval Europe in every discipline. The world owes much to their scholarship and learning. But that was then, and now is now (needless to say). The accomplishments of western civilization dwarf anything coming out of the present muslim world. After Saladin, everything went downhill for the Islamic world. Cultural considerations such as music and art, quest for knowledge in many areas of science and technology and related areas are moribund now.

  79. Ben Gordon

    well kenneth obama likes to blame everyone else for his blunders and mistakes and outright lies. turnabout is fair pay you know.

  80. Tom Peters

    Let's face it, there is not much culture in the middle east, they only have a few pieces of work and that was created thousands of years ago. So is it a suprise when when some clown like this wants to destroy something beautiful? Of course not. These people simply have not evolved. And I suspect they never will. Still living in caves, no indoor plumbing, no medicine, no education, no culture etc. Let them alone, without the West they will become extinct in a matter of decades.

  81. Bryne Chum

    Shela Thomas-Yates It dosnt make it right, just a comparison. Christiens think what they did in the past is rightous, but its the same as the Jihad today. Apparently chirstians like Joe Stitzel can in his mind think that what the christians have done in the past few houndred years is ok. Quote"In ancient times God did bless those close followers the leadership to kill enemies, yet these jihadists don;t have God's authority to do so" Thats the same kind of thinking this particular sect of muslems belive.

  82. Paul Novak

    Wrong. This is a very common myth and it demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge regarding the major religions of the world. Islam is far and away the most "violent" religion in recorded history. The problem in trying to compare Islamic violence to other religions such as Christianity and Judaism is that none of these other religions provide within their ideological frameworks for the aggressively violent expansion of the faith.
    In religions such as Christianity, although there are a few darker periods where violence in the name of religion did indeed take place, these are demonstrated to the infrequent and very limited in scope. In most cases, they are the result of political agendas and cultural shifts that led to misappropriation of Christianity in the quest for power, riches and control. However, the overriding theme with Christianity is one of growing with changes in culture and understanding in order to remain acceptable, relevant and viable. As a result, violence in religions like Christianity and Judaism is infrequent, limited, and not demonstrive of the religion as a whole.

    Islam on the other hand teach within its core tenets the intolerance, subjugation, oppression and extermination of the non muslim, and particularly singled out is the Jew and the Christian. Islam teaches intolerance, the destruction of anything deemed unacceptable to Allah, and demands of its follower complete and unquestioning adherence to Islam as taught. Islam teaches that conquest through war and terror is acceptable when practiced against the infidel (anyone not a muslim), and until apologists and the foolish give up in their false ideas of tolerance and fairness built on politically correct bullshit, we will continue to see a rising tide of Islamic violence.

  83. Tarek M. Saad

    I am Egyptian and I can tell you the fact this crazy jack ass salfi he is saying this to gain publicity . He can't dare to touh our History under any meninng .this is the bill that Egyptian is paying from Muslim brotherhood regime . And please don't forget that American govermant support this un accepted Muslim brotherhood during elections . Egypt liberal is aginest everything happend in Egypt and we never accept this election , our revloution is stolen by Muslim brotherhood.

  84. Bryne Chum

    Joe Stitzel You do know that the christian religion and the muslem religion are the same thing right? I see you resorted to name calling right away. Guess thats the christian way.

  85. Bryne Chum

    With out religion the world would be much better place, You christiens and Jihadist have the same view of each other,and want to eraticate one another for enterpiting the same book of stories diferently. Thats all the bible and karan are, a book of stories. Might as well be mother goose.

  86. Bryne Chum

    You have the same mind set as the jhadist, you are no better than they are. You do know are goverment and other capitolist companies have been forcing "The American Way" on the middle east since the 60's. How would you feel if Afganastan did that here in America, youd probably want to flay a plane in to one of there buildings aswell.

  87. Bryne Chum

    I dont see how thats Obamas fault. He is the president of America not Egypt. Besides don't you remember former President Bush did nothing to prevent the events of 9/11. The board of defense had giving him reports prior stating a terreorist attack was going to happen, and it did. I am sure you will find away to blame that on Obama aswell

  88. Anonymous

    Kenneth Hooper hey man…."the blame Obummer for everything" comment is quite funny. Doesn't Obummer blame George W. for "EVERYTHING"?????……damn socialist/dumbocrats think they can say what they want and no one will remember…..and the republican party probably is doomed…..because too many of those folks are too damn moderate…ie….democrats. Socialism is here to stay because that is what the one true GOD wants!….this is all happening according to divine plan. I love how the TRUE HOLY BOOK…ie…bible is coming to life right before our eyes and just like in Jesus's day, people are blind to what is going on!….you sir and those like you are in the bible!!!!

  89. Shela Thomas-Yates

    I have many American muslim friends, love ones, and even family. I also have a few muslim friends across the waters. It is not my intent to offend you. I love you and always will. But if you feel you have these types of sympathies that I sounded off about, then we may have to reevaluate. I love you, I do, but I stand by my thoughts and expressions of them. Wrong is wrong. No, there is no one of us without sin, but murder in the name of any religion is oppression, persecution, repression, suppression, and not of any thing of Goodness, of Righteousness, nor of "PEACE".

  90. Jeff Williams

    ok. once again I ask where is the brave imam that will issue a fatwah for this moron gomey or what ever his name is for being simply a waste of oxegen.

  91. Bryne Chum

    Shela Thomas-Yates I totaly agree with you. Not all muslems have the same views, aswell as christains. I think if the relegion wassnt envolved in the mess, this war would have ended already. America as a natiln, atleast in there eyes, have been puching our beliefe system on that part of the world for so long, it realy was no surprise to me when they attacked America. I don't think its right, but understand there thinking. It realy isnt to much different when we drop those bombs on Japan. The US killed ALOT of people who had no military envolvment. Its a shame. If every country left every other country alone, and didnt try to force fews on one another the world would be a much better place.

  92. James Troia

    However, you cannot reason with these people, they have their own agenda and they will destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way.

  93. Dora Vee

    Oh no. Not the "you're no better" claptrap. People like the Taliban have to dealt with ruthlessly. They don't understand anything else. A coke is hardly oppressive.

  94. Shela Thomas-Yates

    I agree with you not all have the same views. Of course. But I cant get with the comparison issue. They are all wrong to kill to intimidate, conquer and dominate. And there is no justification as to why these atrocities are done. But those who commit these crimes justify, justify, and justify, and then murder some more.

  95. Dora Vee

    Joe Stitzel But, they claim that they do. Just as all religious zealots(and loathesome hypocrites) claim to do. "God's Authority"? How convienient.

  96. Bryne Chum

    It seems this war is a war to prove which religion is the right one, atleast thats what I have concluded over the past 12 years or so. America was founded on the idea of equality and freedom of relegion. Freedom of religion being as long as you are a christian your afe free.We as a nation should be more tolerate of others fews and not try to push our veiws and ways on othe parts of the world. This is what happens. If you look at history that was the down fall of many great civilizations. Forcing your views and culture on other cultures is exactly what the Nazi's tried to do in the 40's. England did this to the 7 colonies of New England, wich resulted in the founding of this nation. The Eygiptians did this to the Jews. Dont forget about Neopolian and his concerings. How about the Hun's and so on fourth threw history.

  97. Gary Gilbert

    No it hasn't. But,these radicals are becoming more and more ridiculous in their demands/comments all the time. Destroy the pyramids? Really? They are a bunch of insecure little boys that need to be taught a lesson. What will get through to them ;I don't know. I do know this. If it is going to be our yard or theirs. I'd rather take the fight to them.

  98. Shela Thomas-Yates

    I don't know really what who is trying to prove, but I do know that it is a hateful evil breeding abomination under the guise of "PEACE".

  99. Bryne Chum

    No the idea of "We are better than you, you should be more like us" is oppressive. Thats what casues a revolt. You do know members of the Taliban are just as educated and inteligent as our leaders in our country. Our government is the one who educated these people in the years of the cold war when Alquida and the Taliban where our allies. They are more than capable of negotiation, America is the one who needs to change. You must have no Idea what the rest of the world thinks of us as a nation. I know you like most of Americans are the center of the universe

  100. Gary Gilbert

    Hey Bryne. You are right they did it too. That doesn't make it ok for muslims. As far as I am concerned you,the muslims and any other religious moron can go #%@&k yourselves.

  101. Shela Thomas-Yates

    And for comparison's sake: whenever intimidation and murder is committed, especially under a banner of PEACE, it is an evil breeding abomination.

  102. Anonymous

    Bryne Chum Lunatic! What are you talking about? Why don't you let gravity bring your feet back to planet Earth!

  103. Anonymous

    Bryne Chum I do realize that! And they and you are just as crazy and lunatic and wrong!

  104. Tom Vash

    Someone PLEASE lynch these ignorant fucks before they destroy some of the worlds most valued treasures… Damn muslim fucktards.

  105. Bryne Chum

    Do you know the definition of socialism? You are just minipulating what you read in the "Holy Book" to fit you IDEALS the same way the Jihadist have minipulated the Karan to there IDEALS. You are no better than they are. Two pea's in the same Idealist pod. You want this country to be how it has been for the past 60 years or so? Thats how this mess came to be. Instead of reading the bible, why dont you read some history books, instead of that mother goose book you call "HOLLY"

  106. Mordechai Smith

    look Bryne, obviously you are a confused individual. I am against the military industrial complex, i am again corrupted corporate capitalism, i am agaisnt christian evangelists that want to bomb infidels, i am against the chinese goverment occupation of tibet and their reppression of any minority including muslims…but islamists in all their incarnations are evil freaks willing to kill anyone that dares oppose their fascist sick totalitarian ideology, and yes, i wish they will f**ng dissappear from the face of this planet cos they are scum.
    The first victims of these freaks are normal muslims that want to live their lives in freedom and be part of the global community.

  107. Scott Banks

    Just mention the millions atheist in the communist party killed. Liberals totally go on the defense about it. So much so they deny that communist did it in the name of atheism; even though one of the last things a person had to do in Cambodia was deny that God exists before becoming a member of the communist military and the party itself.

  108. Marcus Burkhalter

    Bryne Chum Yes, lets try to peacefully co-exist with people who try to murder 14 year old girls for speaking out against them. Obviously that is a rational group of people.

  109. Bryne Chum

    I'm not saying its ok or give's the muslems or christians any right to kill over there religious beliefs. I'm just saying christiens should take a good look at themselves and the past of what there religion has done, before they start sayin its ok to kill muslems, but not ok for muslems to kill christians. This war is over religous veiws, thats just plane stupidity.

  110. Bryne Chum

    Steven Calhoun, You are what is wrong with this country.the whole "We are better than them, Kill them all". You sound like a Nazi.

  111. Bryne Chum

    I agree with you. I can see why they would want to destroy this stuff. Christians did the same thing all over the world for centuries. Real shame, think of all the advancment as humans we could have learned. We as humans could be 300 years more advanced if the "holy" crusades never happened. The advancement in science, particluary in medical science may have save millions during the plage.

  112. Nono Groenen

    they say the same about the american soldiers, there have been soldiers in afghanistan raping 14 year olds. why should they peacefully listen you then?

  113. Scott Banks

    What their religion has done? Last I looked it was christians that stepped up to the plate to help with natural disasters when the government couldn't. When everyone else is bitching about FEMA, chrisitians are there giving all they have to help people. Its christians who have tried their best to send the message of peace, only to be slapped in the face for it. During war, christians have gone to the enemy and tried offer peace, only to never be heard from again. What about all the schools in Liberia that have been put up? That wasn't done by a government. It was done by the works of missionaries working to put private donations to good use. But "look what they've done" how foolish!

  114. Robyn Murphy Solomon

    The Quran says that Muslims should not wage war upon the Christians or the Jews for they are brothers under the same god. It also says that Muslims should not attack civilian or inanimate targets.

  115. Anonymous

    Bryne Chum Yea they are intelligent right? Claiming to Destroy Important archeological treasures that it real smart. I could care less about forcing shit on him and I have been around the world and know how Americans act and are viewed. His Taliban didn't mind taking our weapons when the soviets were attacking so we don't mind dropping ours on them when they attack. I know about the American Imperialism you are referring to, but after we helped the Taliban beat the soviets there was no westernizing of the Taliban or Afghanistan.

  116. Mark Lewis

    Bryne Chum, you show your stupidity with your horrible spelling so enough said. To minimalize 9/11 I hope someone delcares jihad, and thats how it is spelled, on you

  117. Jason Morean

    Bryne Chum wow u seem like u think ur god. ur sitting here actng like none of the people on here know a damn thing. u must be a ton of fun in real life.

  118. Bryne Chum

    LOL "Tactical nuke". Its funny how its ok for america to invade contries to disarm the of weapons of mass distruction, but ok for citizens of America to advocate the use of such weapons against those countries.

  119. Bryne Chum

    ooops I spelt jihad wrong. You meen to tell me that the Christian relegion hasnt done the same thing as this radical muslem group?

  120. Jacob Newberry

    boo hoo I don't like what you put so I'm going to pretend I'm better then everyone…why do you people take what other people say personally…idiots.

  121. Anonymous

    The Taliban get most of their members by telling them what they want to hear. They find illiterate young men and women and read them stuff they make up and say it is in the koran. I watched a news report about how the bring them in and promise them all sorts of things and then show them in the Koran where it says you must kill yourselves for this or that and that women are not to be educated or whatever they want to believe. And they believe them because they can not read what is actually written. So they die in suicide attacks or become soldiers and follow orders to go kill little kids or anything else they can think of. Then they grow up (sometimes, if a sniper does not take them out first) and recruit more kids with the lies that they were told. If you are going to get rid of them you need to capture or wipe out all of them. If you can capture them and have someone they would respect show them what the Koran really says they might change their ways but most are so brainwashed that the only you can do is jail them for life. Not sure what the answer to all this is. It really bugs me that there are people out there with so much hate in them.

  122. Anonymous

    they probably found valuables inside the the walls and want to excavate them.

  123. Anonymous

    James Troia I think we should invite them to a conference and try to resolve these issues rather than try to change why not try to work with them. There has to be some way to work with all countries, we just need to use the right approach.

  124. Cynthia Sargent

    Let them go ahead and they will find even better treasures below that explains away their beliefs! Things happen for a reason.

  125. David Carpenter

    Bryne Chum / Your full of it Bryne, I wouldnt doubt it if you belonged to one of these groups with the way your talking. I have a solution for these people and its well past due! Nothings been forced on them but billions of dollars in relief aid. They are less than the shit I stepped in walking across the park. And should be hunted down like the dogs they are and put to sleep.

  126. James Brabenec

    I'll go on record as saying this idiot probably has a third grade education and is a complete asshole. Do the Earth a favor and commit suicide please!

  127. James Brabenec

    Bryne, you're absolutely right that Christians were just as barbaric even into the settling of the USA. Anyone who lives a fundamentalist religious life seems incapable of respecting other people's preferences to worship the God of their choice. Joe Stitzel where do you get the idea Christians were granted carte blanche to kill like this? I suppose you're going to quote the Bible? Well if so, you'd best be prepared to confront the idea that those who believe in the Koran hold it higher than your holy book.

  128. James Brabenec

    Either that or people would just let others practice their own beliefs, as long as they don't advocate killing unbelievers. Who's to say there would be no salvation? You're putting your faith in a book that's more than 2,000 years old. Hmm, I wonder, do you really think God wanted us just to believe in his son, perhaps he or she wanted us to treat others with dignity, love and respect, and not worry about what comes after the grave.

  129. Bryne Chum

    No Islam isnt the problem, the crazy ass radicals are the problem, they just happen to be islamic. Like the Nazi's were Lutherens

  130. Anonymous

    Islam says to destroy idols that are worshiped. Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx are not structures that are worshiped, so, their logic is flawed for the destruction.

  131. Anonymous

    Rick Vess

    He also…

    "They keep you doped with religion, sex, and TV
    You think you're so clever, classless, and free
    But you are still Friking peasants as far as I can see…"

  132. John Venrick

    Bryne Chum, Why do they complain of westernization when they drive Mercedes?

  133. Ed Sermon

    I'm agnostic but I think if there really was a God he (or she) wouldn't want ANYONE killed in his name. Guess I just don't understand religion?

  134. Bryne Chum

    I didnt complain, just brought it to the attention of others, in hopes they might understand the part we play in the creation of this Jihad.

  135. Anonymous

    I saw we build a rocketship. Or several if need be. And we put muslim extremists and jihadists in them and shoot them into space. Or maybe at the sun.

  136. Joseph LaGrassa

    This one really makes me sick! This story absolutely points out why EVERY religion on this planet should be banned…Every damn one of them!

  137. Danny Goshop

    Paul, I don't believe Islam has anything good to continue passing on. Like with most religions, they're full of hypocrites that say one thing and do another. Most importantly, they have no problem killing (murdering) innocent people in the name of Allah. Why would you want that to continue? I'd be happy if it went the way of the Dodo bird and T-Rex.

  138. John Venrick

    The thing I don't understand is, did somebody twist their arms and make them buy cars and air conditioners and ice machines? Why don't they ride camels. They are just as much hypocrits as everybody else.

  139. Bryne Chum

    Capitolizm didnt exsit in that country until the us pushed it on them,and other belifes, thats what has them so pissed off. The US and others have a role to play in that matter. They for the most part want there lives and country to be what it was a thousand years ago. America, with other countries have projected there image and belifes on the citizens there, but they dont want it. Our way of life threatens there culture, but the US and others contined to push this on them. They wanted the US and other countries out of theres,a long time ago, but being capitolist, "We have a right to do what we want in your country". That part of the world has deep religous belifes that they live by. They use there religion as means to "cleanze" that part of the world. America, at one point fought to help the up hold that belife system in the years of the cold war. Now we are no different to them as the Soviet rashiem was then After that war, america continued to influence that area against most peoples will.Now the extremest see the US and othe democratic and captiolst cultures as a threat to there well being. What makes it worse and fule's this fire even more are the christen extremest in this country. And Mercades isnt an American product pushed on that part of the world. Mercades in that part of the world as with the rest of the world is a sort of "status symbol", and not to mention they run on desile. Desile is much eiser to produce/refine in a country that is mostly 3rd world.

  140. Bryne Chum

    Sorry Steve, gramer was never my strong point. I will try to work on that, but didn't think to many people cared. Seem's people only care when my comments and views are not the same as theres.

  141. Doug Guinn

    Idiots. Let's destroy our own history and culture …. why not ? At least the ANCIENT Egyptians could actually BUILD something more complicated than mud hut …. modern day barbarians.

  142. Sharon Scanlan

    I want to know who is going to complain when God (or the higher power) destroys us all…..It would be fitting to just start over. I am so sick of all the fighting and complaining and no one is trying to just get along any more. What can we do to help things get better?

  143. John Venrick

    Bryne Chum Mercedes is capitalism and desiel is Westernization, Europe is western. Are you kidding me, that ties with the most hypicritical anything I have ever heard.

  144. Justt Bruce

    This is beyond Jihad. This is a part of world history. They need to think this threw.

  145. Jami Boulanger

    Tactical nukes are compact versions of their big brothers, and can be fired from canons, they are sometimes called battlefield nukes. As fas as American citizens advocating the use of these weapons, maybe we're tired of being murdered all around the world by these animals, in the name of religion. I seem to recall being targeted for murder in New York 0n 9/11, I didn't do a damn thing to them people. Feel free to head East and help them, if you can keep your head attached to your shoulders long enough, maybe you can convince them you are their friend. In my opinion, Islamists should be exterminated. You must be from the west coast…

  146. Marté Brower

    Rick you are a dreamer too… Most Muslims want to live in Peace! Most Christians want to live in Peace. Most Israelites want to live in peace. But Extremists only want to destroy and thus, they will destroy each other…

  147. Daryl Rodgers

    What I don't get is why they never tried to bring down the statue of liberty?

  148. Tonie J. Short

    These Arab muslims are going to far. Its obvious to anyone who looks at the sphinx now and view pictures before Napoleon troops blew his nose off, that's a black face. Egypt was founded by Africans and now these lunatics want to destroy wonders of the world? Are you kidding me? This can't be real.

  149. Bonnie Turner

    So, we should all just leave each other alone? I think not. I don't care what your religion is, or where you live. The crimes against women are abhorrent, and cannot be allowed. As to the parallels to the Crusades, yeah, they were bad. But I'd like to think that civilization has evolved a bit in the centuries since, and in the decades since Hitler. In fact, it seems to me that human tolerance, in America, at least, for those who are different, is increasing at an exponential rate. After all, in the last 100 years, slavery was abolished, women and. minorities were granted equal rights (at least on paper), and the gay community has become a part of everyday life that no longer phases us. But most of that progress has come about since the 70s or so. In fact, the closer you look to the present, the more quickly we have accepted others as our equals.
    My point is, we can live in harmony, respecting one anothers' choices, without destroying each others' religious icons, structures, etc.

  150. Anonymous

    I don't believe the Sphinx is an idol, as it is not currently being worshiped, therefore, it is not an idol. This seems to me to just be another display of violence by a Muslim extremist. And don't the Muslims prey to a rock in Mecca? Talk about a group of misled fools. God will have his vengeance on these worshipers of false prophets.

  151. Anonymous

    Egypt should execute anyone proposing destruction of their man made wonders.

  152. Anonymous

    Fundamentalist Religion is the root of much evil but not all evil. Stalin was an athiest.

  153. Walter Vineyard

    good point Christopher….The bible warned of false prophets for this reason. The black rock contains the essence of the E.T. known as Satan AKA the moon god ALLAH. This is why pilgrims must visit it and pray to it so it stays powered. So yes they are worshipping a false idol.

  154. Bee Scott

    Murgan Salem al-Gohary is truly a sensationalistic idiot. The Sphinx and the pyramids are not idols..if anything they're monuments of an ancient civilization that predated the muslim religion by several thousands of years.

  155. James Groover

    Just because some religious cleric says you should destroy a national treasure of such world renowned fame, doesn't mean you should just go and tear down an item. It would be like The Pope saying that The Eiffel Tower was a radio antenna built to signal Satan. No one would hear of it and they certainly would begin process to lock The Pope up and shun any of his ideas.
    This jihadist needs to shut his mouth and move along. Just move along. Sand flea!

  156. Jason Lodas

    It's extremely sad that a religious leader would be so short-sighted and completely intolerant of history. The pyramids are tombs, not religious icons; and nobody is really sure of the purpose of the sphinx. Even though the pyramids were built by slaves under the rule of a self-proclaimed god, they have no current significant religious influence that would warrant destruction. To destroy objects that were important to a culture that no longer exists and inspires modern culture (astronomy, architecture, sculpture, etc.) is insanity.

    Every religion is a dichotomy: preaching tolerance all the while stating that "my god is better than your god." It's this kind of thinking that has has caused more death and violence than any other reason in history.

    I say that if the extremist leaders such as Murgan Salem al-Gohary need to understand that this is not just this world. It belongs to everybody. If he wants to destroy something because it offends him, I think he should try to destroy his own ignorance and that of his fellow jihadists.

    Unfortunately, there is no good solution for people like this (take that either way).

  157. Edward Althouse

    Screw the muslim idiots! They are for nothing but war and hate.

  158. Chris Hollomon

    Time to completely destroy these mother fuckers. I don't give two fucks about them killing sheeple, but this crosses the line. They touch a single site in egypt and they are fucked.

  159. Cricket Campbell

    Well let's hope that obama doesn't decide the Statue of Liberty needs removing or the President's faces in the mountain or any other national thing

  160. Arthur Mayhew

    The jihadists need to update their mentality by 1000 years. Also to leave history alone. Those items existed well before Islam and with luck they will be there after Islam

  161. Josh Ransome

    Lets see what happens when they unleash a nasty curse. Many archeologists have died from opening cursed tombs. There are also Djinn that live in and around the Pyramids. Djinn is Genie in western cultures. Many are infernal and can posses humans and animals. Some are nice. I consider Djinn the same as Demon because the share some of the same attributes.

  162. Mud Stone

    this sounds like the start of a good joke.. how many jihadists does it take to blow up the great pyramids.. all of them,! BOOM! well that didn't work. lol! do they really think its even possible.. I mean REALLY!

  163. Anonymous

    The Salafist (Wahhabi) attacks on the Islamic shrines and masjids in Mali led me to quit wearing hijab so that no one could possibly confuse me with a Wahhabi. The Tunisians are correct; this has nothing to do with the injunction to destroy the false idols in Mecca. Neither did destroying the Buddha statues in Afghanistan. In India, orthodox Muslims do not destroy the idols of Hindus because they are to be treated as People of the Book, with the exception of marriage. Wahhabis (Salafis) do destroy the shrines of People of the Book and the shrines and masjids of fellow Muslims.

  164. Matt Dorcas

    Christians, Jews and Muslims all believe in and worship the same God. It is the words of Man that divide them. Faith in God unites people, words of Man (The Bible, The Torah, The Koran ect) divide them. If all three groups of people would stop focusing on what divides them and instead on what brings them together the world would be a much better place.

  165. Brian Welcome

    @Bryne Chum- it's funny how you did you not read the article of how the Jihad wants to blow up an Egyptian monument…. how in the world do you then take this as Christian's or American's are creating the issue here? If they want to come here and take out an American monument again then it would make sense but they want to go to Egypt and destroy something that is a work of art that has nothing to do with either religion.
    You obviously are infatuated with that issue and need to get your head checked but then again why do that when it's apparent your are talking out of your ASS! Also funny how you talk about all the killing that has been done over Time and yet your Facebook picture says "Rabbit Killer".
    I love how you state " It really isn't to much different when we drop those bombs on Japan." What isn't different? How we created a bomb to stop the war from going any further and losing possibly millions of lives on both sides!
    Please shut the F**K up as you obviously love to hear yourself talk and are so defensive by all the posts you put on here trying to not dig yourself further into a hole but then again, do us all a favor and dig that hole and keep yourself there. Please also learn how to spell and use words in their proper form (their, they're, there) You state Americans need to change but we all can see that you being American is not going to be one of those so please stop typing and go kill rabbits and save your rants for an article to which your nonsense would actually make sense!

  166. Cindy Liesner

    Your comment Ed interests me more than the caption. The whole universe exists because He planned it. He reveals his existence in nature & scripture. Everything in heaven & earth says that the true God is, that he is glorious, that he is creator and ruler of all, and that we are his creatures. We are all without excuse for our ignorance & sinful condition. Scripture is necessary for true saving knowledge of God. We are to reverence human life because man is made in the image of God. If you truly want to know God, open up the Bible for scripture alone expresses divine truth. Study diligently & you will know the deep things of God. I am thinking of you & praying for you as you search.

  167. Neil Davis

    Bryne doesn`t the muslim religion (LOL) tell them to KILL ALL people who won`t convert to there barbaric ways? YES IT DOES ! Don`t defend these animals or are you one yourself? My dad went to germany in ww2 and killed a bunch of them nazi bastards also.They were just about as evil as the muslims.

  168. Mark Sheats

    The dumb has just got dumber. I think a million Muslims just converted to Christianity.

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