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Toddler Found In Cage, Drunk Father Arrested For Neglect

Toddler Found In Cage, Dad Arrested For Child Neglect

A toddler was found in a cage by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, prompting the arrest of the 18 month-old’s father, who was discovered asleep in a drug or alcohol “induced stupor,” according to a police statement on Monday.

A neighbor notified police after they discovered the toddler’s older sister, 4, naked outside the family’s home, reports Fox News. They received no response from knocking on the door and neither did the officer who arrived at the scene.

Tulsa police spokesman Officer Leland Ashley stated that “then one of the officers looked inside and saw a small child in a dog cage.”

Police forced their way inside the home where they found the toddler in a cage covered in feces with a 3-year-old child sleeping in another room. Their father was discovered asleep on a bed “in an alcohol- or narcotics-induced stupor,” according to Ashley.

The three children have been placed in the custody of the Department of Human Services while their father was arrested and will likely be charged with child neglect, reports ABC News.

The mother of the toddler who was found in a cage was at work during the incident but arrived home as officers were getting ready to leave the scene. Ashley added:

“A citizen was concerned, he heard a small child crying outside for about 20 minutes. He went outside to investigate and found the 4-year-old child. You have to give credit to that neighbor who acted and did not ignore the situation.”

The father, who is being held at the Tulsa County jail on a $500,000 bond, has not been identified to protect the identity of the toddler found in a cage and her siblings, who did not show any physical signs of abuse.

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124 Responses to “Toddler Found In Cage, Drunk Father Arrested For Neglect”

  1. Anonymous

    How can a toddler be found in a "cage's mother"? So much for correct Journalism, lol…..

  2. Gail Oliver-likens

    this is unreal how can anyone do this shit and no one know he should be put in cage and torred himselk prayers for the child and god is putting his arms around u, thanks to those who found her.

  3. DavidandAmanda Bunch

    They really need to start doing testing on people before they are allowed to breed…

  4. Melisa Paddock Pehl

    I can guarantee that "mother" is just as guilty as the "father". She LEFT with her husband in that condition. They both need to have their parental rights terminated and get sterilized asap.

  5. Anonymous

    Stories like this makes me wonder about the state of humanity. I feel terrible for those poor children. :(

  6. Rodger Williams

    Maybe He can go to a cage for a while, the mother too, she had to know,,,, not enough adjectives in the English language to describe them!

  7. Jennifer Shook

    Put them in a cage and let them cover themselves with feces and urine. They should know how that feels. That poor child too young to do anything for herself and put in that kind of position. shame on them.

  8. Casey Compton

    He's in jail, so it would just be easier to announce to the other inmates what he's in there for and then put him in an unlocked cell.

  9. Casey Compton

    Every child does have the right to be loved and cared for properly. Sadly, people also have the right to breed at will. Forced sterilization will cure these two "parents," but the kids are already damaged.

  10. Non Conventional

    why should we give credit? of course that's what people SHOULD do.

  11. Richmond Adebiaye

    They probably been doing that for a long time, so that the baby could not crawl away while the parent are dead drunk sleeping. They should be jailed.

  12. Carol Guyer

    Mom, GET A GRIP! A drunken, unemployed POS can't be depended on to be the other parent. You'd be better off as a single mom. You seem to be doing it all anyway, so do it without this millstone around your neck. He's giving you a bad name as you can see from many of the comments here. I've been there so I know. Let this be your wake-up call.

  13. Carol Guyer

    Let's not judge the mom yet. Her job may be the only thing keeping them alive and she can't risk losing it. Maybe her regular sitter was a no-show or maybe he was sober when she left. We don't have all the facts yet.

  14. Anonymous

    NEGLECT, NEGLECT? I am so fed up with our criminal justice system. BOTH parents need to be stuffed in cages and left there for days just for starters. This should be a "no-brainer" —- there is NO way those children should be returned to their "parents" (and I use that term very loosely).

  15. Anonymous

    The mother is just as guilty as the father. She had to had known what was going on. Both of them should have their parental rights terminated. It is so sad knowing that there are people out there that cannot conceive and want children. Then there are idots like these breeding just to abuse their children.

  16. Sarah Kraus

    Yeah, Casey! People do some messed up crap to get in jail, but when they find out you're in there for abusing or neglecting a child… ooooo, boy! They'll take care of him!

  17. Sarah Kraus

    Yeah, Casey! People do some messed up crap to get in jail, but when they find out you're in there for abusing or neglecting a child… ooooo, boy! They'll take care of him!

  18. Josue Griego

    I'm glad there was an alert neighbor who heard the child crying and called authorities. Thank You Neighbor. Can't imagine what else could have happened.

  19. Melisa Paddock Pehl

    Not true. This is about the most perpetuated myth ever. Although it is true that prisoners do have a code where they dislike molesters and abusers…most of these prisoners are kept segregated from the general population. You know, because they "deserve" to be safe.

  20. Marvin Buddy Threatt Wilson

    Casey Compton – so we're promoting anarchy in prison's? Great. It's sad that people respond to someone doing something wrong by doing wrong themselves. This never ceases to amaze me. Ain't that America?

  21. Casey Compton

    Melisa Paddock Pehl I have long held the belief that prison justice is a myth and I don't really think most people accused of crimes against a child are tormented in prison. I recall several years back a lawyer in New York beat his adopted daughter to death. He was also a savage "wife" beater (I cannot remember the guys name) and she stood by while he stomped the life out of the child. He was convicted and subsequently became a very popular prison inmate because of his legal background.

  22. AJ Jaxon

    The neighbour heard the child crying for twenty minutes? To me, that is a long time to wait and do something….but at least, I guess, he did something….unlike the many that just turn a blind eye. Please choose your mate carefully….I don't know what to think of the mother…she should have known who she leaves her children with, probably everyday this happens. I pray those children make it to a safe home.

  23. Casey Compton

    Marvin Buddy Threatt Wilson I don't think I'm promoting anarchy in prisons. I don't think anyone needs to promote anarchy in prisons. My comment came from a visceral reaction to an apalling situation. It's a human reaction to the inhumane. I happen to think the guy's in the perfect place, but I don't think he should be treated any more humanely than the way he treated those children. "Anarchy?" I don't think so. "Justice?" Possibly.

  24. Vicki Corum

    You are all right it is unspeakable…but this type of thing has been going on for years. The juctice system and Child Protective Agencies have not been able to stop it and I doubt they ever will. Many years ago I was a transcriptionist for a children's hospital and the doctor's notes I typed about the abuse that put many, many children in the hospital was horrendous and the system almost always returned the children back to the ignorance that hurt them in the first place. The only difference now is that this is made public knowledge. Back "in the day" this type of thing would not have been put out there…but this was going on then! Check your political agenda….children are not big issues on todays "to do " lists (unless they have not been born yet and then they are a huge political stand).

  25. Melisa Paddock Pehl

    Casey the little girl you are referring to is Lisa Steinberg. Sadly, she was adopted by her murderer and his common law wife. She was beaten from the time she was born until she died. Six years. The night she died Joel stomped on her and left her bloody and unconcious on the bathroom floor. She never woke up and died a few years later.

  26. Melisa Paddock Pehl

    Marvin Buddy Threatt Wilson –Although I see your point, some kind of action HAS to be taken to protect the most innocent in our society. Child abuse AND elder abuse are ramant, yet when a person is found guilty of such crimes they get probation or a couple years in prison. What will come of this "father"??? And what kind of scars will these babies bear from seeing the things that they saw?? It's tragic!

  27. Beatle Icious

    "…heard the child crying for 20 minutes"? What the hell took him THAT long to respond (the neighbor)? The fact he was able to time just how long it was going on is disturbing in and of itself.

  28. Casey Compton

    Thank you. It was bothering me that I couldn't remember the little girl's name. His I can do without. I do remember it was an illegal adoption and the "wife" had been beaten severly over the years. I appreciate you remembering the Lisa's name. My own daughter passed away 7 years ago and it would destroy me if her name was ever forgotten, and I will not forget Lisa's name again.

  29. Casey Compton

    Marvin Buddy Threatt Wilson Feel free to criticize me all you want. I don't know you and your opinion of me means nothing. I would like to know what your solution for the prison problem is. Do you believe that child molestors, rapists, and all manner of violent criminals can be rehabilitated? If not, do we house them indefinitely? Should prisons be racially segregated in an effort to stop the gang problem? Should homosexual inmates be housed away from the general population for their own safety? How about Muslim inmates? Should they be allowed to have group prayer times on a daily basis? What about Wiccans? People are in prison for a reason and are not subject to the same rights and priviliges as the rest of the population. So, again, what do you propose to do to correct the prison problems? Slamming me isn't getting anything done.

  30. Lisa Kaplan Schultz

    Please I beg u…give me 2 minutes with this piece of shit!

  31. Julia York

    Obama is killing financially people who are doing well or OK. We will have more and more desperate families abusing their children while drinking themselves senseless to forget the reality. My friend who has a family is looking for a job for two years and still does not have one, and so is a person in my family. So far both are getting more and more depressed. Let's see where that will lead the two I know personally.

  32. Donna Beck Cross

    Some people should be sterilized and not able to have children. The Mother is just as guilty as the Father.

  33. William Clark Lowder

    it will take me atleast 90 minuts to get to the 5000 foot spot~ see if he can drink 5000 feet of salt water/ but once in the big house~ he'll wish he was dead~ unless he likes a stiff one down his through or in his tale pie

  34. Randi Parkinson

    There is Nothing Redneck about this… You insult Rednecks, when you are talking about that kind of neglect, I hope they keep the Father in a Cage for a very long time… see how much he enjoys it, then let it "be known" what he is there for, let him out in the general population, I bet there are a few Dads, in there that could "educate" him real quick, with an Attitude adjustment… If the mother, divorces the jerk, maybe we should all get off her back, but if she chooses him over the kids, then yes, take the kids away.

  35. Heather Holloman

    I hope the mother is at least being checked out for this. She had to know about it!

  36. Brenda Lawson

    where did it say she LEFT Him in that condition???? It said She was at work and came home as they were leaving… a lot can go on in 8 hours…

  37. Kathy OHlinger

    Some people shouldn't be allowed to have a dog, let alone a child. And, oh yes!, need a license to have a dog! Animals have more "rights" than children…… but wait a minute! Dad had to have his "fix" for the day – forget about the kids – more important to drink/do drugs than be a "parent"! Too much of this type thing going on, too many children growing up in drug houses, meth houses, or have parents who can't take care of themselves, let along the kids.

  38. Becky Duque

    i agree.. also.. how long have they been using this 'cage'… surely he didnt go to the store and buy it after she left… 'they' have used that cage for a while now im pretty sure.

  39. Melisa Paddock Pehl

    Brena why do yoy assume she was there 8 hours? If this guy was in an alcoholic stupor I guarantee it wasnt the first time. This mom is negligent. Im curious if they even own a dog.

  40. Sandy Sawatzky

    When I think of all the couples wanting to have a baby and can't, this makes me sick, that people like this can breed. They should through away the key to the father, the mother had to know the father was taking drugs or alcohol and not give her custody either. This makes me sick.

  41. Sandy Sawatzky

    How many rednecks do you think there are? Rednecks at least take care of their children, not put them in pens like a dog. You are unbelievable. I was born in Oklahoma, lived in Arkansas, and they are the nicest group of people there are, and they respect their families. John SMith shame on you!

  42. Anonymous

    I live in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, incidences as such take place more often than people here want to admit. Our police forces would rather write tickets and put stoners in jail. Someone caught with weed will do more time than this guy and a first time sex offender. OKC is in the top ten of violent crime…the gop runs the city and invested recent surpluses to make money instead of investing in more police officers. Open and concealed carry laws have done nothing to curtail this. our state govt is run by energy companies and big money…low taxes, low wages, low teacher pay and per student spending, right to work law which drove trade wages down and brought in a cheap, illegal workforce(I've worked as a licensed professional in construction in oklahoma for the last decade-watch a couple of gangland episodes and notice the tattoos, graffiti, and vehicle stickers-zacatecas, tx syndicate, ms 13, la familia, etc.). trade wages were higher in the '90's than now…until that changes, we will keep seeing this here…lower wages keep guys like this in a job and viable…people who are worth more and know it simply leave. As sad as it makes me to say this…I must. I'm leaving too. My 11 year old has been harassed twice in the last two weeks by kids claiming gang affiliation on the way home from school in NORMAN, OK. Thinking of it though, this guy is probably one of our pillhead tweakers we see so often. We're near the top in script abuse…and obesity…woohoo! conservatism isn't working. And for sayings sake, the recession proof policies were instilled by a dem governor(brad henry) who preceded Mary Fallin as gvernor of our state.

  43. Sandy Sawatzky

    I always say turn about is fair play! Lets see how he likes it, and don't give me, his parents did the same thing to him…… He is an adult he can make his on choices in life and choose to not do what his parents did. I hate that excuse. I am a victim of my fathers sexual abuse, but I chose not to abuse my precious babies, children are a gift from God and whatever you do to them stays with them their whole life, but don't give me this was because my parents did the same to me, grow up.

  44. Anonymous

    You mean more like 5 seconds should do it based on his condition lol.

  45. Anonymous

    Mom is as liable, because it is an apparent of how the children were living.

  46. Stephanie Berry

    My question: How long does it take a child to get covered in feces? Why was the 4 year old naked? If the mother had any sense of responsibility, she would have at least dressed her child/children. Proof that some people shouldn't be allowed to procreate.

  47. Judy Sanders

    People treat their dogs better than this… I'am all about put the man in cage see how it feels.

  48. Denise McFall

    Rather than pay for abortions with my tax money, could you please use my money to castrate these no good scum bags? They do NOT need to reproduce at all…ever!

  49. Kimberly Harding

    obviously the mother knew about it she was coming home from work your telling me this wasn't thier daily routine unfortunatley there are so many abused children but how do we find them all i was an abused child and no one ccame to my rescue but i would gladly rescue all those kids no matter what it took. they should give those parents the death penalty both of those scumbags i'm sure god has a speccial place in hell for them

  50. Tracy Ryan

    I agree with you totally Sandy! I'm so tired of that excuse "Ohhh, I was abused as a kid"….. When you become an adult, THAT REASON BECOMES AN EXCUSE! I've heard that reason being used for years from someone I'm close to…..I got sick and tired of him blaming his abuse for everything bad in his life. YOU make your own choices as an adult! I say the same as you, GROW UP!!

  51. Sheila Chis Chilly

    this is sooo sad and disgusting. I pray the children go into a happy home filled with the love and care they deserve. This "father" and "mother" need to be taken care of in PRISON.

  52. Kimberly Barnes Donaldson

    This is not child neglect it is child torture! He would be put in a cage naked and then starved until he begs for mercy. There is a special place in hell for disgusting people like this!

  53. Henry Mcmahon

    there isn't a word to in the entire english langague…to describe how angry I am…poor kids.

  54. Jen Speakman

    As soon as social services hauled the kids away, these 2 (the mom too) deserved to just to be shot on sight. Drug/alcohol addiction or not, no one's hard earned tax $ needs to go to feeding and housing this kind of worthless scum. OR…. they should turn the pair loose in an arena of angry parents. They could sell tickets for a shot at them, and donate all the proceeds to the kids' futures. They're going to need all the help they can get.

  55. Roger Woodhead

    I think we should make this guy spend the rest of his days, chained on top of a pile of broken up concreate cover in human feces. I wouldn't feed him either.

  56. Quentin Strand

    I understand that it would never happen, but here is just another good example of why you should have to obtain a license before you can have a child. Some people should just not be allowed to have children…

  57. Anonymous

    People like this should be shot. Actually he should have to spend time alone with all the violent inmates…

  58. Austin Wade Soulone

    I would say that god blesses the children, but in this case not so much, now don't come at me with your religionist whinings, in this case, it is covered in poop and Dale Anderson I have to agree with you, but make it last, like a full day.

  59. Cassandra Dick

    I hope the mother was charged as well, she obviously knew what was going on. It's not like he brought out the cage when the mother went to work. What is wrong with people. You are given these children as blessings and you treat them terribly? These poor innocent children. So sad.

  60. Nancy Marquez

    While I'm reading the article I can't help myself not to feel sorry for the child and mad with the father. I can't understand his intentions but no matter what is it. As parents we should not hurt or kids badly. This may affect their personality and behavior as they grow up. It's fine to discipline a child but not to the point of hurting or neglecting them. They are just kids, somehow we have the responsibilities to let them understand things in a proper way. As a mom let's be alert towards keeping our kids safe and also to protect other kids being treated this way. Grab this panic button app where in we could ask help at anytime and any where we may be with a quick and massive response in return.

  61. Michelle Duty

    I find it hard to believe that the mother who was living with the father was completely unaware of his drug or alcohol problem. Thst beinh said why would she leave him alone with small children in the first place?

  62. Steven Sonnerheim

    Big deal. At least he was trying to keep the one safe while he took a nap. The problem I have is with the four and three year olds left unsupervised.

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