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Girl Tracks Down Her Biological Father After 20 Years Then Starts Sexual Relationship With Him

Katrina Yates

Katrina Yates was overjoyed that her daughter Nicola seemed to found someone she had fallen in love with. Nicola told her mother she had started seeing a man named Andy and that they were moving in together after 10 months of being together. Katrina wanted to meet “Andy” because she was worried about her daughter’s well being. What she found out left her shocked and disgusted. It turns out Andy was Andrew Butler, Nicola’s biological father. Nicola had tracked him down on the internet and, even knowing it was her biological dad, started a sexual relationship with him, according to The Sun.

Physically disgusted by her discovery, Katrina turned Nicola and her father in to the police. When she was filling out the report, she found out that the police already knew about the affair. Andrew Butler was married with two kids when he started his relationship with his daughter and his wife turned them into the police. Butler and Nicola were charged with having a sex with an adult relative. Butler was sent to prison; Nicola was given probation. Both told the court they would refrain from contact with each other.

Now they have both disappeared, and Katrina is really worried.

She told The Sun:

“I feel like I am living in a nightmare, it is revolting. When Nicola tracked down her dad, she had no doubt that it was her biological father. Then they started having sex. It is disgusting.”

Katrina had separated from Andrew when Nicola was 4 years old. Katrina didn’t think there was anything wrong with Andrew; they had just grown apart. Katrina got remarried, and, even though he only lived ten miles away, Andrew had no further contact with Nicola.

Nicola started trying to track down her dad when she turned 18 and found him through the website Genes United. It was then that she told her mother about her new boyfriend Andy.

Katrina said:

“Nicola said it was casual and didn’t want to introduce him to us too early. I wasn’t concerned at first. She told me when they broke up a few times, so it didn’t seem that serious. But when she announced she was moving in with him ten months later, without me even meeting him, I was worried.”Nicola kept making excuses why her mother was not able to meet “Andy”. It was when Katrina got her hands on a picture of “Andy” she felt physically sick to see her ex -husband looking back at her from the photograph.

Katrina said:

“I kept trying to think perhaps her boyfriend just looked like Andrew. Then I stormed over to Nicola’s flat. She tried to deny they were having a sexual relationship but it was clear something was going on. I sobbed with horror. I told Nicola I had to tell the police. She was furious. I couldn’t believe she was defending their behavior. I said it was perverted but she wouldn’t listen.

Now Katrina is searching for her daughter and just hopes she is ok.

How disgusted are you by this relationship?

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70 Responses to “Girl Tracks Down Her Biological Father After 20 Years Then Starts Sexual Relationship With Him”

  1. Michelle Smith-Leigey

    Omg; what is wrong with the world? The fact that anyone could say they've seen worse and at least she is of consenting age is a prime example of how far insane the world has become. There is alot wrong with this story and this goes well beyond a girl with father abandonment issues. Wow….there should be stricter laws to cover this shit.

  2. Angelene Frederick

    I have seen some sick things in my life, but this, tops it all. What a set of disturbed minds.

  3. Thomas Varley

    This situation is definitely strange, but why on earth is it illegal? They are two consenting adults, and no one is being hurt by their choices. Again, I find their choices weird, but who has the right to tell them not to make them?

  4. Chrissie Connolly

    If they conceived then they would be hurting their children, who would stand a chance of being born with a number of defects. Not to mention the fact that their dad is their grandad and their mum is is their sister! As long as they never have children then fine.

  5. Anonymous

    Half or more of educated people believe we evolved from apes. The above is Simple ape/animal behavior. Half or more think we were created by Divine Creator/God and blame it on the "apple" or our predestined weakness to control our thoughts and actions. Either way, no matter how much we try to distance ourselves from the horrible truth, incest was the core of our beginnings and there is plenty of incest in the animal kingdom. Just sayin….personnally I feel it's disgusting and wrong but we are mere human mammals with brains intelligent enough to reach SPACE but can't control what's in our pants.

  6. Aaron Long

    So wait, the man is a pig, but the girl knew too… but you do not mention anything about her. can i save your comment and use it to post how stupid feminist twats are? :)

  7. Tom Swift

    So two adults can't engage in consensual sexual activity that’s offensive to you? Hmmm then the LGBT community has been wrong all along?

  8. Kathy Ryan

    Sure this is sick, disgusting and wrong-so why aren't more folks feeling like this about men playing hide the weenie with each other and ladies eating each others' birds nest soup?

  9. Minnie Spencer

    Nasty! Nasty! Nasty! He was more of an adult and knew this was his kid, they are both sick in the head. Thank you for being a good mom even if your kid thought you were being nosey!

  10. Jeff Kalmar

    Because gay sex isn't usually incestuous? Just a guess…

  11. Janae Patton

    Honestly this is gross, but I don't think the police should have anything to do with it they are adults and can sleep with who ever they want, even if it is gross.

  12. Odette Donahue

    Kathy Ryan, I think you're pretty sick yourself. I have been reading your comments about other stories and i think there is something wrong with you. You need help before you go looking for a pitbull yourself.

  13. Teresa Field

    This is just so revolting by both daughter and father. How can this piece of crap have sex with the daughter he fathered? The shame and sickness to this story is beyond words!

  14. Greg Kinney

    your all a bunch of ignorant, redneck, lets fuck the neighbor because she ain't no sister of mine piece of shit. you all want to play judge, jury, and executioner… well who the fuck are you. the daughter wanted it just as much as dad did. don't blame the guy who probably got his dick pulled out by his slut daughter… and then it was HIM that was supposed to stop what happened? you dumb fucks that's a guy being a guy…. its the sluts fault. as a father myself, I can absolutely vouch for this poor good man and father. ill put it this way…i got some good genes, so my daughters have some huge round tits just like my mother, and a nice thin body just like their mother…. my girls are fucking hot, and I know they love being the little sluts in our hometown….i see the different guys over my house everynight, and I hear my little girl moaning as she squirts out that tight little pussy of hers. all I am saying, is that as a dad, as a real man…. I want to fuck me got little slut girls more than anything.

  15. R Bruce Smith

    After reading this sick story, it makes one realize how mental illness in this country is totally our of control. Children killing their own families, casual sex, gay marriage, abortion, shooting innocent babies, legalized drug use, political correctness over right & wrong. See a pattern here? It's called, "The Downfall of a Once Great Society" and it's been orchesttrated.
    & advanced by the Progressive Movement.

  16. Anonymous

    Jeff Kalmar I have seen that as well. Incest is just as disgusting as same-sex, sex. The pot and kettle is still black!

  17. Murphys Perez

    I find it beyond odd thaat an article on incest is then used for someones homophobic propaganda – one is immoral and against the law Take a guess Kathy Ryan which one that is

  18. Bluee Kanga Numbatbee

    So many mentally ill people…..not surprised with everything that's going on in the world now.

  19. Molly Santucci

    I WANT TO KNOW WHY THE GUY GOT PRISON BUT THE GIRL ONLY GOT PROBATION! She sought him out to have sex with. Why is this his fault?

    I do not see anything wring with this. I have sex with my daddy and its no big deal. If people are free to have sex with man on man, then why is this kind of sex any more wrong? They are both adults and its a free choice.

  20. Molly Santucci

    The girl went after him. He did not seek her out.

  21. Lily Santiago

    Children ARE involved- he left his current wife and children.

  22. Kat Favini

    Being gay is not a mental illness, either is casual sex, legalizing drug use, and if you drink alcohol you are one of many who are drinking what was once illegal…… Thats just ignorance.

  23. Druscilla Ryan

    Chrissie Connolly you have to have repeated generations of incest to get inbred children, if that is what you're referring to. if genetic disorders run in their family, there is an increased risk there, but they aren't going to give birth to the kids from 'the hills have eyes' if that's what you mean.

  24. Lonna Davis

    Totally, Totally DISGUSTING! Makes Me Sick To My Stomach(Can't even imagine such Filth!) They Both ought to be Hung!

  25. Lonna Davis

    What planet are you from? There is NO"Mental Illness"with Casual Sex (As long as you are Not Related to each other!)Or,"Gay Marriage!"….I personally would NOT engage in Casual Sex(I would have to have quite some feelings for the Guy)But,Their not hurting anybody(To each his own).And,Nothing Wrong with Gay Marriage(Again,Not Hurting you)..Would you still feel this way"IF"you were Gay?or somebody in Your Family?Gay is"NOT"a Choice,Mother-Nature Messed-up somewhere!! Think about it,"If Your Straight..Could you picture yourself with somebody the same sex as Yourself?" There is No Way I Could! I,Myself thought there was something"Wrong"with these people,But,I had really thought about this…My Conclusion:It is NOT their Fault,like I said,"Mother Nature"messed up with their Genes!! God Bless All of Them and let Them Enjoy Their Lives!!!"NO MENTAL HEALTH INVOLVED"in Either Case!!!

  26. Wanda Deal

    Ok so casual sex is just whoring one's self around or fornicating and gay marriage is just perversion or an abomination, nothing wrong here………………………………………It's not mental illness but more of moral decay. God don't make no junk but the devil sure knows how to screw things/people up along the way.

  27. George Duncan

    That;s what love is all about, there have been many girls who have told their parents to go to hell, or Screw you. In this case it was just I'll screw you.

  28. Palmer Johnson

    I just think Mr. Smith is looking for someone to blame for his own, should we say, "shortcomings" and misgivings about society.

    It's easier to be critical than trying to offer solutions. I find it ironic that most conservatives who rail against gay marriage are in fact closeted gays themselves, and yet you want to blame it on the progressive movement.

    It's people like you, possessors of increasingly narrow minds, who cannot either fathom or comprehend that issues come in all shapes, sizes, and COLORS, in addition to ideologies.

    Speaking of which, what would you say about Rob Portman, a supposedly staunch Republican/Conservative who now has an openly gay son. What happened in that situation? They didn't pray enough? Or Dick Cheney, who has an openly lesbian daughter?

    Your rationale is flawed and idiotic at best. You'd have been better served keeping that comment to yourself than what you posted on here.Lucky for you we live in a country that allows nonsense like the stuff you just posted to be considered "Freedom of Speech."

    We are all dumber for reading your post now. Thanks!

  29. Kathy Pennington

    omg thats so sick and corrupt they should lock both of the sick fucks up and throw away the damn key shit like that really angers me

  30. Jamie Whyte

    yeah, schmuck, lets just put everyone in jail. they are consenting adults. other than your puritanism and draconian notion of criminal justice, what exactly have they done that warrants a prison sentence?

  31. Jeremy Scruggs

    Why is it the men are the pigs when she knew he was her father but yet she pursued it but hes the pig? They are both sick

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