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Louisiana Teacher Allegedly Tells Students ‘Obama’s re-election is America’s funeral’

Teacher Warns Her Students About Obama

Another embittered adult who voted for Romney made the news today for allegedly imposing her opinion on a captive audience of nine year old children. According to a report that appeared on The Daily Caller, an elementary school teacher in south central Louisiana is alleged to have told her fourth grade class she was dressed in black because she “attending America’s funeral” due to the re-election of Barack Obama. The teacher is also reported to have warned her class that Obama would turn America into the “new China.”

According the several parents, the children were quite disturbed by their teachers behavior. Apparently, the disagreement even spilled over onto Facebook after one of the student’s mothers, Lindsey Shello, posted her opinion about the alleged comments on website. The teacher replied she would like to have a meeting with Ms. Shello and mothers shouldn’t believe everything their 9-year-old sons tells them.

The still unnamed teacher might be able to challenge the story if it was just one child but several other students verified the teacher’s remarks to their parents. Chassatey Jacksonn said that both of her children told her similar stories and she does not believe teachers should be sharing their personal political beliefs with her children.

“They want to believe everything their teacher says and if my kid hears the teacher say the sky is black, he’s going to believe the sky is black because his teacher said it.”

Apparently the kids told their parents that their teacher even had something to say about Michelle Obama’s program to fight childhood obesity. There has been a great deal of controversy over the new meal policy in many public schools that limits the amount of protein and calories students are permitted in their school meals. Addressing this issue, the teacher is reputed to have told the kids they will be starved by Michelle Obama’s meal plan. Ms. Shello was not amused by what her child told her about school meals:

“She made the comment that since Michelle Obama is first lady and with the meal plan she has, the kids are gonna look like toothpicks in a few months. Her personal opinion needs to remain her personal opinion. She doesn’t need to push it on the kids”

The parents have complained to the Principal and the local school board. As is always the case in these incidents, the board told reporters they are investigating and they can not comment on the case due to confidentiality rules.

This is not the first incident of this sort to taint the current election. Last month, Linda White, an eighth-grade science teacher in Clinton, Mississippi, allegedly told her students that Obama is a Muslim and he should not be re-elected. Ms. White has since resigned from her teaching position.

In October a Philadelphia school teacher was accused of publicly ridiculing Samantha Pawlucy, a sophomore at Carroll High, for wearing a t-shirt that supported Mitt Romney. The teacher, Lynette Gaymon, was alleged to have told the 16 year old that the school was a Democratic institution and the student wearing the Romney t-shirt was the same as the teacher, who is black, wearing a shirt supporting the Ku Klux Klan. The teacher is no longer teaching the class pending an investigation.

Teachers have a right to their own political opinion but it certainly has no place in the classroom. Youngsters are quite impressionable and no teacher has the right to berate them for picking a favorite candidate or to frighten children with lies and deception. The behavior alleged to have been displayed by all three of these teachers is reprehensible and if it is proven to be true, they need to find work far away from children.

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7 Responses to “Louisiana Teacher Allegedly Tells Students ‘Obama’s re-election is America’s funeral’”

  1. Troy Brown

    Anybody opinion should be there own and not in the class room! You have the right to put a sign in your house. Have fundraisers and vote for ever you want. But to belittle young kids because they like someone you don’t is really childish and petty! Now I see why there are bullies because they take after there parents and sad to say there teachers!

  2. Rosemary Penkala Thresher

    Belittling a child is never the answer. However, having honest discussion is good education. The problem is that, from where I sit in public education, discussion has broken down and is considered politically incorrect. What happens is censorship, which is not OK.

  3. Darrin Cothran

    Remember the teacher that ridiculed the student for wearing a Romney t-shirt? She also made her leave the class? No big uproar over that from the media or liberals in general.

    But say something about the grand poo bah, and all Hell breaks loose.

  4. Will Thompson

    Why is it whenever these discussions come up the words of the Pink Floyd song come to my mind? "We don't need education…" Hey, teachers leave those kids alone..

  5. Jason Winter

    The classroom is for teachers to educate our children, not push their own politico beliefs.

  6. Deborah Hohn Tonguis

    Something seems fishy about this article…maybe Louisiana Superintendent John White is planting these stories so that he can justify getting rid of ALL public schools and their teachers! I can't imagine teachers really doing ANY of this foolishness…when do they find the time?

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