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11-Year-Old Fights Off Aggressive Pit Bulls To Protect Little Sister [Video]

11-Year-Old Fights Off Aggressive Pit Bulls To Protect Little Sister [Video]

Maleik, 11, and his 5-year-old sister Jalia were walking to their school bus stop together on Monday morning when two unleashed pit bulls ran at the children. Maleik was badly injured when he bore the brunt of the attack to protect his little sister from the aggressive dogs.

“It hurt my soul,” says Willi Carr, describing the deep wounds that now scar his son. “It was very hard not crying in front of him because he was already so strong, and I wanted him to continue being strong.”

Maleik and Jalia were walking through their backyard to the school bus stop. Normally, a chain link fence keeps a safe distance between the children and the neighbors’ two unleashed pit bulls. But, on Monday, the fence was “marked by a massive hole.” As the children passed by, both dogs slipped through the hole and began to attack Jalia.

“The brown and white dog ran to the other side, jumped out of the fence and the black one did too, and they started snapping at Jalia. So I ran over there, started kicking them away from her, and they bit me. And I told Jalia to run,” says Maleik.

As his little sister ran for safety, Maleik picked up a toy chair left in the yard and used it to fend off the dogs. Reports say that the Jalia’s chair saved her brother’s life. He then hopped over another fence where his older sister picked him up and transported him to the hospital.

Maleik’s legs took the brunt of the attack, sustaining 23 bites. His hands and arms also sustained bite injuries. According to his father’s Facebook page, the boy also underwent surgery.

Maleik’s mother Sherry Carr described her feelings about the attack: “I was hurt, scared, and after all was said and done, angry because more care wasn’t taken to make sure these dogs didn’t hurt anyone.”

The dogs are a real concern for the couple, whose ten children often play in the backyard. But, in light of the attack, both parents feel a sense of pride in the actions of their children.

“They will react to protect each other at all costs. It makes me so proud. It makes me so proud to have this hero in my house,” says Sherry.

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135 Responses to “11-Year-Old Fights Off Aggressive Pit Bulls To Protect Little Sister [Video]”

  1. Brian V. Sitterley

    We can always use more kids like Maleik! And this is a breed that should not exist. At least half of dog attacks are this breed- like the 74 yr. old man sent to the hospital by them today, and his little terrier killed. Or what one did to a ten year old patient of mine, and same dog killed a five year old girl a year later.

  2. Michael Payne

    If they can't (or won't) control their dogs, a few 2am chocolate bars will do the trick.

    I DIDN'T STUTTER – Is a DOG'S life worth more than a KID'S?

  3. Rodney Race

    its how the animals was raised so i say the owners should be beaten this is why pit bulldogs get a bad rap cause of stupid ass owners

  4. Donna-Marie Sloma

    Ok, this is a great story! So what happened to the dogs and the dog owner? Hopefully the dogs are being checked and the dog ower, is have been served papers from the police!

  5. April Metcalf

    There too easy of a dog to get a hold of and end up in the wrong persons hands to raise. They are good dogs its the people who have them(idiots) make them mean. If people are going to use them for gaurd dogs and other purposes this is what happens! I hate that it gives the dog a bad reputation

  6. Missy Wilson

    I have to agree with you Micheal Payne! People, Dogs are GREAT but my kids are far more important to me than any animal! I agree this type of behavior has alot to do with the way they were raised, but even sweet mild tempered dogs of ALL BREEDS can turn and have been known too… I also agree that the owners of the dogs should be arrested. They endangered the life of those children by not keeping their dogs accounted for. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR A DOG THAT GETS LOSE AND ATTACKS SOMEONE. The owners of those dogs should be charged with child endangerment among other charges, because their negligence resulted in that little boys injuries

  7. Brenda Burd

    I feel for the children in this incident but it is not the dogs fault.. bad owners mean bad dogs. They are how they are raised and there are alot of people who shouldn't own any dog. The owners should be punished.. not the dogs.

  8. Bruce Vaccaro

    What kind of reporting IS this? NO mention of what happens to these vicious animals–NO mention of the moronic owners/dogsitters, and NO mention of what charges are being levied against them! Is this reporting? I don't think so. Big fail, Inquisitr. Next time, finish your investigation before you post a provocative piece like this! I can see this pitting parents against owners in the forum…reminiscent of Obama's campaign. Shame, shame.

  9. Marie Lanza

    Take it out on the owner the dogs only know how they are trained. I'm am so tired of dogs paying the price for scumbag owners

  10. Marie Lanza

    You shouldn't exist. There is nothing wrong with Pits it's the stupid owners

  11. Lawrence Mintz

    Misty Garland you have written one of the most vile posts I have ever seen.

  12. Bj Banks

    Misty Garland from the Ozarks!!! Are you taking care of them? You sound as if you are part of their family "burden us". If not, then what's your point?

  13. Summer Marie

    It would be sad if these dogs were put to sleep due tot he owners being bad parents. When I say this I mean my animals are my kids- we take care of them and are part of my family. I just hope these dogs where not made to stay outside all day and night. When you have pets they are your family , they should be inside most of the day or crated when your away to keep them safe and secure. I feel bad for the kids but also feel bad for the dogs as they may not get a second chance for something that was not their fault. As for this family with 10 kids, its great and powerful how they worked as a team to help each other and to keep each other safe. I really feel so sad for the dogs and any Pitt haters , its not just Pitts that attack other breeds do to and they just don't attack out of bad parenting , it could be due to old age or not being able to see well. We don't have all the facts to this case but for sure the parents of the Pitts need to be held accountable for.

  14. Bonnie Maestas

    Marie, do not pay attention to Brian as he is obviously one of those ignorant fools who believe the bad things in the media about pit bulls. Pit bulls are not born inherently mean or vicious, it is their owners, like Michael Vicks, who breed them to fight, thus turning them mean.

  15. Bonnie Maestas

    Dude, pit bulls are not born mean and vicious. Get that idea out of your neanderthal brain. It is the people who own them and train them to be that way that should be disciplined and dealt with. I know several pit bull owners and their dogs are just the sweetest animal around. Heck, my dog is part pit bull and she has absolutely NO aggression to anyone.

  16. Marie Lanza

    The owner should be put to sleep. The dogs should be retrained by caring people but I'm sure the dogs were murdered or will be

  17. Bruce Vaccaro

    Uh, EXCUSE me, MS NEANDERTHAL-brain…if you read completely, I made allusions to the breed being "born mean and vicious," you dreamed that up yourself. Try reading again, this time without moving your lips, and you'll discover I said "these vicous animals," as in, the ones in the report! Now…are you going to try to sell us on the idea THEY aren't vicious???

  18. Ashley Kozar

    Just look at her page/pics and you will know all u need to about this white trash secretly self loathing piece of garbage. She is talking about children like they are throw aways sick!!!!!!

  19. Kristie Ambrose Petrunin

    You know when i was little we had a dog, and he grew up agressive and didnt want anyone near him except us. We didnt raise him that way, maybe its easy to judge the situation and say give them chocolate, but i wouldnt be the one to be doing this. Honestly in this world where kids are being kidnapped and shot when the get off of school busses im gonna be driving my child or walking my child myself. Its not the parents fault but this world sucks for children right now, and i have to be an over protective parent to make sure my child is taken care of.

  20. Samantha Marie Dockter

    Its all how you raise a dog. I own a pitbull and i trust him with my 3 yr old and my baby. The owners should go to jail and the dogs put into rehab to get retrained.

  21. Suzanne Milne

    Misty, how would you feel if some pit bulls attacked your children and people had your attitude toward how many kids you have instead of what happened to your child? You are rude and insensitive.

  22. Loomis Orange

    I believe the child welfare people should look in on Misty's kids. Their mother is only barely out of her teens and has three children and works in a sleazy bar. Misty's probably not clean enough to birth babies. She's probably not even clean enough to give birth pit bulls.

  23. Cathy Sparks Frost

    You need to be neutered. Anyone that can talk like that, and have opinions like that, I hope you don't have kids – because they will be like you. Who are you to devalue anyone's children – whether they have 1 or 12? Sure, it's harder to take care of, and afford more children – but this is an individual choice. You know nothing of these people, but you sound like a prejudiced, judgmental jerk. You disgust me, and you miss the whole meaning of the article. Karma, lady, Karma.

  24. Aleeah Druilhet Earl

    Misty Garland there is no where is say there on assistant but u assume because there black both parents work as will as the oldest kids there in a home not the projects but if i need to educate u largest ethnic group on welfare is Caucasian so there :Of the 46 million people living in poverty in America in 2010, the U.S. census revealed that 31 million were white. Ten million were black. Of the 49 million people without health insurance coverage, 37 million were white; 8 million were African American. Latinos of every race and Asian Americans represented the remaining largest ethnic groups.

  25. Kimmie Jones

    Been reading post, can't believe some, Yes the owners need to be charged, totally! look at the fence they need to replace it and control their dogs!, As for the lil boy, that is so Awesome he stepped up to help his baby sister, he needs to be awarded, for such bravery!

  26. Cathy Sparks Frost

    I think I'm beginning to understand now…though obviously don't agree with the horrible things she said. Seems she is unhappy with her own life as it is….especially according to the other posters on here, after looking at her page. I haven't gone to her page and looked her up. So many times, we get down on ourselves and then take it out critically on other people. Would be so much better to become less cynical and get big kahones and fix your own life, rather than take satisfaction on trying to bring others down. It's your choice, Misty…only you can make your life better. But you have to want to. Why not make it happen?

  27. Thomas Kuo

    It seems Family duty is no longer something taught in American society. Protecting your own family is duty. If he jumped in there to protect his sister's friend, then I would say he is a hero.

  28. Brenda Binkowski

    Its not the dogs its the owners. I have a sister that has 3 pits they are sweet dogs. Never hurt anyone. Then I have a sister that has chihuahuas they literally attack anything that moves. The only differance is a pit can do more damage.

  29. Laura Cartwright Mercer

    It is the owners that mistreat the dogs to make them attack and be vicious. My pitbull is raised in a loving family and would lick you silly and has never shown aggression to another animal (he lives with 3 cats that are the boss) or people. It was once the rottweilers, the dobermans then the german shepards that are used by bad people to be aggressive. The common denominator in the attacks are the PEOPLE not the breed. However we are lazy and do not want to lay blame on the real problem. Jail time and heavy fines should be levied on people with dogs they raise poorly.

  30. Faye Roller

    You are a fool to think these dogs shouldn't be put down. And to the very ignorant Misty Garland, people like you should never be allowed to breed…just like these dogs.

  31. Faye Roller

    Yeah that's what you say until your pit bull mauls off your child or loved ones face. Its an animal that shouldn't be around children period.

  32. Faye Roller

    Brenda Binkowski So your saying that your sister is a poor excuse for a dog owner? You're completely contradicting yourself.

  33. Faye Roller

    Misty Garland you along with these dogs should not be allowed to breed. How exactly are you burdened by this young man and his siblings? Making quite an assumption aren't you? Get over yourself.

  34. Emily Harckum-Bennett

    Where are you getting your facts?? Half of dog bites are not from pits. They arefrom chihuahuas. they are just not reported as often. do some research. You made yourself look ignorant. As far as your ignorant.

  35. Jacky Harris

    threatening to poison a dog? be careful what you say, you sound like an animal abuser. I hope you don't have pets of your own.

  36. Faye Roller

    Yes maybe they can get retrained and go work at a daycare when they are out of rehab…NOT. Anyone who owns a pitbull, knowing what a horrible record they have of maulings and attacks, should have to agree to be charged with any damage their dog causes, and then the dog put immediately to sleep. Breeding need to stop, this is one of the many reasons these dogs are out of control.

  37. Kim Neal

    I have raised all types of dogs considered the "mean" ones. It is all in how they are raised and what they are taught! From Chow, Pits, Rottie, Dobies, you name it! I have never had one act aggressive or try to harm another without cause. Such as: Somebody trying to enter my home unwanted! I believe people should not own dogs unless they know how to properly train them! As for the ones that use them for fighting… they should be put in that pen with one of the mean ones an see how it feels! They should be jailed! It is not the dogs fault, it falls on the owner! Thank God these children survived the ignorance of the dog owners! Might I also add, the video I saw, those dogs did not even have proper fencing!

  38. Bonnie Maestas

    Faye, you are a complete and utter moron. You are one of those sheep who follows the negativity in a breed. How about you go take some lessons on pit bulls; they can be the sweetest dog around, it all depends on the owners. Stupid puta

  39. Catherine Ross

    sorry that you have no one to watch your back i dont care how many children people have the thing is people like you who dont care that children are attacked by. i would like to know what would do if some of those dogs attact you and there is no one to help you??? maybe you have dogs to let out to attact some one!!!!!!

  40. Dalia N John Resio

    So then chihuahua shouldn't exist and u shouldn't exist cuz I'm sure u have done bad things in ur life so that means u shouldn't exist I believe it's how they are raised and who raises them I have 2 pitbulls and they r really like a big teddy bear they are so playful never ever shown aggression always happy dogs they r not the only ones that are mean it's all about the owners

  41. Dora Tracz

    People stop calling each other names. Everyone has his/her own opinion.
    True this is the owner s fault but I don't believe that these dogs could be retrained. I wouldn't trust them after this incident.

  42. Shonn Sawyer

    Human life doesn't mean much to white ppl. Go to the army, die for your country hooray! Whatever… Dog eats baby have another baby.

  43. Dion Jackson

    I have pit bull dogs and this makes me sick to knw ppl will allow their dogs to do this. Dos only do what thy are taught and pit bull dogs get the worse wrap for being dangerous dogs when really thy arent the dangerous animals its the owners.

  44. Cathy Sparks Frost

    All I can go by is experience. I bought into certain breeds being "born mean." Since that time, I have been around Pit Bulls, and they are as tame and sweet as any other – IF they are taught correctly. I mean, let's face it – ANY dog can act out – whether it be Pit Bull, Chihuhauh, Dachchund, Collie, etc. But I do NOT believe that ONE breed or two, are specifically more prone to this than any other. The main factor is the upbringing – as long as the animal is not born with a medical malfunction. We all know what opinions are like – but this is MY firm opinion.

  45. Dion Jackson

    I have pit bull dogs and this makes me sick to knw ppl will allow their dogs to do this. Dos only do what thy are taught and pit bull dogs get the worse wrap for being dangerous dogs when really thy arent the dangerous animals its the owners.

  46. Cathy Sparks Frost

    Faye Roller Anyone is going to be upset if a dog attacks them OR their child – doesn't matter if it's a Pit or a Poodle. But to say a breed doesn't exist – makes you extremely narrow-minded. Basically, you are the me from a few years ago. I just "took" what everyone said, and believed it as truth. It isn't. 99$ of what a dog is, is what it learns from people…I hope you don't have animals.

  47. Cathy Sparks Frost

    and that's Shouldn't exist, not doesn't and 99% not 99$

  48. Kim Neal

    It is unbelievable to me that people are still with the mindset this type of thing is the "dogs" fault! First, I have owned all "bad" type dogs and they are babies when raised right and NEVER harmed anybody that wasn't trying to break into my home or harm me! Second, the photo of the fence shows me it was neglect on the part of the owner! Third, tie dogs out on a pole like that… how would you act? It is a Blessing that these children are both alive! These are dogs with very strong jaws! There is no reason to ban the type of any dog but, there should be a ban on types of owners! You don't just get a dog and treat it bad and not expect it to not act that way! Teaching and loving your animal will ensure a kind dog! Some people should just never be allowed any pet! If it were to be that way, there would be much less animal cruelity in this world. Open your eyes those of you blaming the dog! "If" a proper fence were up and not chicken wire, this would never have happened! So very sad all the way around!

  49. Carper Vita

    I read all the comments seems to me everyone seems to be against pit bulls right away it's their fault…NOT.. it's the owner's y can't the people see this y do these people have 3 dogs chained outside in the first place it's any dog if they r changed out 24-7 they do get aggressive dogs are supose to be inside part of the family not out side guarding wth they guarding that can't be replaced we don't no the whole story here maybe the kids teased em before who knows I feel sorry for the kid who got bit but if I lived by this I would be moving out for my kids safety and by the way I do have 3 pits 2 boys and 1 girl and I have 3 kids I've had them since they were new born it's how u raise them but I tell ya what when they go out side which is 3-4 times a day one of us goes with them no matter what cause being a owner of 3 pit's I would never take that chance.. I hope the owners get investagated and fined it's people like these that gives pits a bad name.. tie them out for a day or 2 and see how they get………………

  50. Evelyn Thomas

    Misty Garland, someone wasted their time reproducing when they got you..worthless piece of trash. Maleik has more courage than you ever will. Go someplace dark and expire. You don't belong among the human race.

  51. Carper Vita

    lol it's true…people are dumb blame the dogs instead of the people that got em…….

  52. Frannie King

    If someone was to unleash aggressive dogs on your kids Misty I am sure you would be ready to kill the dogs at any cost. Your kids are not anymore important as their 10 kids, it doesn't matter how many your have!!! I feel that some people do not know their own level of worth, meaning your life is not anymore valuable than anyone else's! She don't deserve any kids nor life herself because she is too ignorant to see how valuable human life is!!!

  53. Charlie Nobles

    When you've killed all the pitt bulls what's next? You going after the Rottweilers? How about the Dobermans? Many consider the German Sheperd the third most aggressive dog breed. Want to kill all those? The Husky? The Alaskan Malamute? Boxer? Chow? Where you going to stop? I guess when there's nothing but ankle nippers left. You can't legislate nature or wipe out a species because in some instances they're dangerous. Humans are much more dangerous and unpredictable and kill thousands more annually. What you want to do about that?

  54. Catherine Ross

    You are right because the children have walked pasted there all the time going to catch the school bus there could not have been a hole before. I looked at the hole in that fence it look as if someone cut that opening so the dogs can get out. I agree the city should give him an award for bravery

  55. Catherine Ross

    Misty Garland, you have three children i dont thank your oldest would take a stand and fight off dogs to save the two younger ones i dont even thank you are that brave you are all mouth check your own life dont you think you should stop having kids (Oh kids or goats ) i mean children.

  56. Kim Miller

    Shit My dog always ate My chocolate An there still kicking. Maybe u should eat that chocolate ugh

  57. Emily Harckum-Bennett

    Um…yea. it is. actually the most aggressive pits are usually the ones that stupid ppl use in fight rings. if ppl want an aggressive animal, they should get a freaking chihuahua. those dogs are mean and dumb as hell. Am a dog groomer, and I have been bitten more times by them than ANY other dog. plus they are unbelievably stupid and obnoxious.

  58. Kim Reed

    Does anyone remember the story of the young lady in San Francisco who was living in an apartment building and her neighbors two Presa Canario (not sure if spelled right) dogs (each weighing more than 100 pounds) totally mauled this woman to death; and the officers ended up putting those dogs down? The owners of the dogs (both were lawyers) were charged in the wrongful death of this poor woman. I myself have been bit by a neighbor's police dog (German Shepard) as a young girl age of 8; I was riding my bike down the street; he too got loose and pursued to attack me; but God was with me to where I was able to bring my leg on the other side of the bike and I threw the bike on top of the dog which slowed him down a bit – however before he retreated, he did bite me on the back of my thigh down to the white but I did get away.

    People should be charged for something that happens to another human being when these dogs get loosed. My heart goes out to this young man and his sister; the scars will be there not only on his body but also on his brain. My prayers to you babe, to you and your family. God Bless.

  59. Greg Renick

    Kim, I totally remember that incident in San Francisco! That was a total trip. I'm also glad that you got away. I do not fool with Pits. I know a couple of people who currently have one and several who don't own then anymore. Wow.

  60. Lindsay Grace Wilham

    this is just another fucking story to give pit bulls a bad reputation! yes it was the owner's of the dog's fault that they got out or that they weren't tied up. Pit's are not bad dogs AT ALL some of my friends have pit bulls and children and they get along great! those dogs in the story just needed better owners, then the dogs would have turned out better…

  61. Anonymous

    @ Misty Garland too bad you weren't the tenth child!!! "What's one down", right!? Stupid B*$#@!

  62. Kelby Harrison

    Maybe some of them have aggressive tendencies, but only if they are bred for fighting, and raised to fight. The only reason pitt bulls have a bad reputation is because of stupid people. It's not the poor dog's fault at all.

  63. Alie Parks Hale

    wow. but i'm sure you've had and seen encounters with other dogs , pitbulls are the nicest creatures, i almost got my hand bitten off by one but i didn't start hating the breed for the humans mistake. ignorant ass.

  64. Michelle Reeves Thebarge

    First and foremost, I applaud this young man's bravery. There is no way his little sis would have been able to fight off those two dogs on her own. He was lucky to have survived. Here is where I am on the fence. I grew up with all known breeds of "bad" dogs as they are called including pits. Our dogs were also treated with love and plenty of attention. They were hardly ever chained as we lived in the country. Of all those animals, we still had 2 that were vicious no matter how much positive reinforcement was centered on them. Both were male, one pit and the other white English bull dog. Neither were mean to us children but were to any visitors esp children for some reason. After many episodes of almost violence towards our visitors, they got lose and tried to attack an elderly neighbor. My Dad didn't hesitate to put them both down on the spot. He made sure us kids were out of sight but he didn't hide from us what he did. No animal is worth a person's life. I don't care if you consider your animal your child. They make wonderful companions but they are not CHILDREN. So in this case, those dogs need to be put down immediately. No re-training. Had I been the parent of those children, they would have been put down right there in their back yard. Take me to jail if you want but no one else's child would ever suffer that way.

  65. Dan St Peter

    You stated the pit bulls are breed to fight, that certainly not going to make them sweeter dogs, but I have known a few sweeties that were pit bulls. The problem I see is more about the potential harm, this is not limited to the breed, but pit bulls are actually good at it. It is a favorite of a type of person that wants to raise them to be mean. Pro active steps and punishment of the errant owners is probably more effective than breed banning.

  66. Ken Hitts

    Kim – I remember that SF attack as they covered it extensively in the media here. Your right, the emotional scars last a lifetime.

  67. Tabitha Jeter

    Maliek, I know that you're in a lot of pain right now but at the same time you should be very proud of yourself for being sooooo brave and saving your lil sister's life, you are my lil hero, I'm 47 yrs old and I don't know what I would've or could've done in situation like that, I know your parent's must be very proud of you, I know I am <3.

  68. Bec Willie

    Brian I get you see the damage they do. But here is a story you don't hear. My husband deployed to Iraq right after I got out. I was 5 months pregnant and alone. That dog some days was the ONLY thing that made me smile; being alone and pregnant. There were some days that dog would sit t my side and do nothing more than offer me a head to pet and a slobbery tongue in thanks. It was a half pit, have rot mix. Beautiful dog.. Sweetest dog I had ever met. One day she knocked me down when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant. Know what she did? She sat and whimpered by my side for two days afterwards because she knew she had accidentally hurt me.

    It isn't the dog.. Its the owner… Unless the dog is while its a human taught trait.

  69. Heather Funk

    I have 2 pits n they protect their house n around it n my daughter too it was neclet on the owners part knowing they had kids in the neiborhood n not making sure they were fenced in right

  70. Carnesha Williams

    Yes its how you raise your dogs.It don't matter what type of animal it is.Teach your animals to respect others.I'm so glad them babies are OK.God is good.And he is a true hero.

  71. Victoria Firefoxx Clanton

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their bad reputation…it could be any dog, not just a pit bull. That's so ignorant. What about rottweilers…dobermans…i mean any dog could be made into a guard dog or into a killer. Pit bulls can be amazing dogs..sweet dogs. I think they should get the benefit of the doubt, if all fails, and i mean all, then fine put them to sleep….but the owners should be charged with it for sure. Obviously LIKE MOST DOGSSSSS they are very unsure of anyone BUT their owners, obviously they don't eat the owners so they are able to be handled in some way. How many people have been attacked by small dogs? but oh no, those don't matter because they're small. Man please…. dogs are people too, living, breathing, loving animals GIVEN they haven't been treated like SHIT. How many people out there were beat as children n grew up to be just as mean to everyone else around them? Same thing, so people should be put to sleep for trying to kill? oh no…that's inhumane right? Shame.

  72. Donna Mc

    If those poor dogs had proper owners who treated them with love and kindness, and had not taught them to be mean and aggressive, then maybe those kids would not have been attacked. The OWNERS need to be held accountable for every dime of those kid's medical bills, the dogs need to be seized and given to a rescue to see if they can be retrained with love and care, and perhaps given a chance at life instead of what their fate will sadly most likely be now that they're guilty of having attacked people – a death sentence, because they only did what they were taught to do…. so lets hold those humans accountable and lock them up like the animals they act like – cage the humans that gave these poor animals a death sentence – it's the least the law can do.

  73. Neecy Chandler

    I have two pitbulls and they arent vicious at all however once a dog attacks in that manner they should be put to sleep and if that was my child i would put them dogs to sleep but it would be in a more torturing way OKAYYYYY

  74. Celeste Ingram

    MR.VICKS ,is not the only one that has done wrong. He was caught did his time . children and dogs should not be compared to each other. For God sake wake up .

  75. Stephanie Robertson

    yes I was….how can you say something like that about a child…That was a very brave young man to keep his sister safe!

  76. Lissa A Campbell

    He is a very brave boy! It is sad that people raid ether dogs like that. I have a pit bull who is the biggest baby around. Why is it that only the negative stories about pit bulls make the papers? Not the ones about dogs saving lives. Like the pit bull who was killed protecting his little girl from a bull or the stray pitbull who saved a lady from muggers. Any breed of dog is dangerous. Did everybody forget about the chow who ripped off a judges face at a dog show?

  77. Tim Doroshevich

    Yea and what about the rotty everyone judges that breed too mines is the biggest baby just like your mya just wants to play and be loved its all about how there brought up assholes!!!

  78. Lissa A Campbell

    If you read the story fully the dogs very attacking his sister! He was what suppose to let them attack her

  79. Lashell Jackson

    the comment you made is so mean and rude, and actually you are the burden on society. People who think like you

  80. Lashell Jackson

    I mean no disrespect to you, or animal lovers but the bottom line is if something viciously attacks me, or my babies mauling them I want it put down because at that point it's no more hope for it. I've heard you go on and on and on about how sorry you feel for the dogs, and then said a little about how sad it was for the kids, and the bottom line is no matter who is to blame these dogs are now vicious killers and need to be killed before they attack or kill next time. Yes, the owners should be held responsible but it's over for these dogs. It's nothing wrong with caring for animals because we are all Gods creatures, but we all have our place.

  81. Emma Stedman

    Lissa A Campbell I did read it. It said that they dogs "started snapping at Jalia"! Yeah in the 3rd pph it says that the dogs "began to attack Jalia." But any dog is going to ATTACK anyone that is kicking them. I bet if they just walked away then he would be fine.

  82. Tracey Shelley

    I'm very sorry this happen but don't say these dogs shouldn't exist. Its not the breed its the owners. Its stupid ass people that don't know how to raise them. My two grandbabies live with me and I own a pitbull, never has she been mean to them.never has she tryed to hurt my other animals. I've had her 7 yrs. She has never hurt anything or anybody. Its not the breed, they are not all alike.

  83. Andre Springer

    your need to get your info checked " At least half of dog attacks are this breed" dog attacks by breed Labrador retrievers: 13.3% Pit Bulls: 8.4%, and that does account for the breeds that people mistake and call pit bull just because the look like them at times. Like Boxers you wouldnt believe how many people i have met that said the have a pit bull and it was just a boxer or some other breed of dog that is simular. also a pit bull isnt a breed but a group of dogs that consist of about 7 differntt breeds including the the dog from the show the lil rascals, and if you are old enough to remember spud mackenzie from tv which is also a pit bull..

  84. Tasha Shelley

    Actually we own two indoor pit bulls one is 65 lbs other is 75 lbs my 2 n 5 yr I have never had to worry about they r precious n considered family to us. Never have they even growled at them matter of fact they take a lot of shit from my kids n simply roll over n let them play with them. Now if u wanna see a pit get viscous mess with me Moma or one of our kids n then yea u got a prob on ur hands. But that's why I have them to protect myself n family from idiots who wld wnt to hurt us. Other than that I have the greatest pit bulls ever. STOP BLAMING THE DAMN BREED N BLAME THE STUPID IGNORANT DUMB FUCKS WHO RAISE THEM THAT WAY. DID UKNOW IF U RAISE A FREAKING POODLE TO ATTACK IT WILL BUT I DNT SEE PPL HATING ON THE OTHER BREEDS THAT DO THE SSME THING. BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT N I CALL OUT ANYBODY WHO TALKS SHIT ABOUT THE BREED. MAYBE INSTEAD OF TRYING TO GET RID OF THE BREED GET RID OF THE FACT THAT JUST ANY IGNORANT ASS PERSON CAN OWNONE. THANK YOU N IF ANYONE HAS SHIT TO TALK ABOUT PITBULLS SCREW OFF HAVE A GREAT DAY

  85. Tasha Shelley

    God it irritates me how ill informed ppl r about these dogs did u know Micheal vicks has been allowed to own another pit bull that's was shld be illegal

  86. Tiffany Melton

    This little boy is definitely a little hero in my book! Bless him Lord!

  87. Sandra Hernandez

    Lord bless the young heroic boy and his sister…heal him with ur might hands….AMEN

    The only thing I can say to everyone who's posting comments: an animal of either kind can't be retrained once its been trained to be violent and tasted violent already WELL ALWAYS BE VICIOUS ANIMALS…like my mom says there's a saying in Spanish "ONCE A DOG KILLS A CHICKEN NOT EVEN BURNIN ITS MOUTH WON'T REMOVE HIS BAD HABIT" but in Spanish it sounds better…GOD BLESS EVERYONE


  88. Melody Lové

    There's nothing wrong with pit bulls, it's how their owners raise them. I've had three pit bulls before, and they've grown up to be extremely gentle creatures. They've never attacked anyone! It all depends on the up-bringing of the dog and that's with any breed.

  89. Yvonne Gaines

    It did not sound to me like they were asking anyone for anything. Why do you feel like it's a burden on you? Do you feel that because THEY have a large family they were responsible for what happened to their child. It's people with that mentality that keeps the peace unbalanced in the world. So Sad!!!

  90. Carol R Perry

    Misty Garland What does the number of children have to do with anything? I doubt seriously that you have anything to contribute, how is it a burden to you?

  91. Mandy Shrouder Harper

    Just a question for those who place blame on the owners: To whom do you cast blame when a wild animal attacks an unsuspecting human, i.e. a mountain lion? I'm not a fan of pit bulls per se, I believe they are predispositioned in their mannerisms HOWEVER, I strongly believe their owners play a very large role in their behavior as well.
    (As for Chihuahuas, I despise those little heathens.)

  92. Ali Scott

    Misty Garland , I'll have you know that people with perspectives like yours are the REAL BURDENS in our American society. Take some time and reflect on that. Maybe you will become wiser in your thinking.

  93. Latasha Ceasar

    I am so sorry but those fucking dogs need to be OUTLAWED you hear me. NO PET IS WORTH A PERSONS LIFE. OUTLAWED. PITTS AND ROTWEILERS. I hate these damn dogs. Too many people I know I have either been bitten, terroized or died from their wounds from attack of these got damn dogs. I am sick and disgusted of hearing of these stories. This is the fourth damn story in two days of someone getting bitten by these dangerous animals. They need to be quarenteened and put to rest. ALL OF THEM.

  94. Lisa Haroldson

    Nothing in this situation is good. Except that the kids are ok…bottom line…those dogs shouldnt have attacked but it is how you raise them…my pits are protective but they are not vicious ..its the dumb owner for not taking the right precautions and training it be mean rather than protective when it needs to be

  95. Tim Daniels

    The sheer size of a dog like that is like having a small tiger or lion, anyone believing a pit bull can coexist with a child is in for a big surprise, I often hear a pit bull can this and that, the bottom line: a pit bull can kill a child, keep them away from neighborhoods with children.

  96. Bryan Brooks Ism

    Rodney and the 93 idiots that like his words , NO they are bredd killers through centuries of generic crossing, if you do not know about the breeding of a pitbull then you do not need to talk about them. I have seen family pits turn in a minute on their owners without thinking twice.Is it their fault, no , it is ours for creating them.A REAL PIT LOVER UNDERSTANDS THAT EVEN THOUGH THEY SMILE THAT THEY ARE LIKE THE OCEAN YOU DONT TURN YOUR BACK ON THEM.

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