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Coca-Cola’s ‘America The Beautiful’ Super Bowl Ad Raises Racists’ Hackals

Super Bowl ads are one of the big highlights of the NFL’s biggest game every year, and this year, Coca-Cola aired their “It’s Beautiful” ad again, leading to yet another bout of racist outrage from those offended by the multiculturism.

Coke’s pre-game commercial, a take on “America the Beautiful,” originally aired back in 2014, and received similar rage from those who are offended by anything other than English being sung/aired/published/existing in America. The ad features a wide variety of Americans from a range of backgrounds and cultures, and the song is sung in several different languages to celebrate the diversity that is part of America’s heritage.

Time describes the Coke commercial as showing “us a panoply of American faces, young, old, brown, white, straight, gay (it included what are said to be the first gay parents depicted in a Super Bowl ad), in cowboy hats and hijabs, playing, eating, and exploring all-American vistas.”

As can be expected, various Internet sites immediately saw users spewing hate. Cursing abounds throughout many of the posts blasting Coke for airing a multilingual ad featuring one of the great patriotic songs. Many of the posts focused on the claim that English is the official or national language for the United States.

One of the more legible, less foul posts on Reddit put their issue this way:

“Time for me to give up my final addiction. I realize that Coca-Cola aired this commercial in 2014 but today I feel so much more betrayed by it than I did then. I’ve always been ridiculously patriotic and given everything that’s been going on in the world and in America as of late, I realize more than ever America has to come first.

“I do not ever want to hear America the beautiful sung in the multitude of languages. If those who would come here and become American citizens the right way truly loved America and what she stood for, they would learn the language of the Nation.

“So Pepsi, what are you doing later?”

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Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, English is not the official language of the US. In fact, the United States is one of only eight countries in the world that does not have an official national language. Of course, that statistic is a little less impressive when taking into account that over half of the individual States officially have English as their state language.

Coke’s advertising history for years has focused on bringing people together, specifically, bringing them together to share a coke. Whether it be writing some of the more common names on cans or creating an icon recognized worldwide, Coca-Cola aims at unity. And their Super Bowl ad certainly envisions such a thing. In fact, it accurately summarizes the way culture actually works in the US.

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Many immigrant families do try to learn English. They focus on both adults and children, and many of the second generation from immigrant families speak English at least as well as the typical American. And many immigrants moving to the US already have at least a basic understanding of English, if not higher, as many of them have moved to America for jobs which require them to speak English. Many software companies bring in talent from overseas, of which large numbers are at least bilingual.

Unfortunately, many online posters fail to recognize the value of celebrating diverse cultures. Many have forgotten that their own ancestors were Eastern European immigrants who faced the same hostility and racism current immigrants from Middle Eastern countries face today.

So what are your thoughts on the Coca-Cola “America the Beautiful” ad? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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