#Boycott? Donald Trump's Twitter: Nordstrom Treating My Daughter Ivanka Unfairly

Boycott? Donald Trump’s Twitter: Nordstrom Treating My Daughter Ivanka Unfairly

According to Twitter, not only is Nordstrom trending but terms like “Nordstrom Ivanka” and “Nordstrom Trump” and “Nordstrom boycott” are also trending. On Facebook, Nordstrom is trending as well, along with “Nordstrom Ivanka Trump,” all because of a tweet sent by President Donald Trump on Twitter.

As seen in the above tweet published on the President Donald J. Trump’s Twitter account, Mr. Trump complained about his daughter Ivanka being treated “so unfairly,” as Mr. Trump put it. President Trump also directly mentioned in his controversial tweet. Going on to write that Ivanka “is a great person” who always pushes him to “do the right thing,” President Trump went on to sign off his tweet with two exclamation points and called the retailer, “Terrible!”

According to the New York Daily News, not only did Mr. Trump tweet the criticism directed at Nordstrom from his own verified Twitter account, but Mr. Trump also retweeted it from the @POTUS Twitter account. Mr. Trump was hitting back at Nordstrom’s announcement last week that they would phase out the Ivanka Trump line of products. The #GrabYourWallet hashtag was a movement that encouraged shoppers to boycott Trump’s businesses, including Ivanka’s line.

However, Nordstrom claimed their decision to stop selling Ivanka’s products wasn’t political but based on the brand’s performance. Meanwhile, readers are hitting back at Mr. Trump’s tweet on Twitter, with some criticizing the president for responding to Nordstrom like a father defending his daughter and not like a president who could have an effect upon Nordstrom’s bottom line.

When the Twitter user named “” asked Nordstrom if they took Ivanka’s brand out of their stores and criticized Nordstrom for getting political, Nordstrom pointed to Ivanka’s brand performance as the reason they decided not to buy Ivanka’s brand this season.

Is it correct that you took Trump brand out of your stores? Why get political? You will [lose] on this!”

replied as follows.

This decision was based on business results – it was not a political decision. Based on the brand’s performance, we decided not to buy it for this season.”

Whether President Trump’s tweet will encourage shoppers to buy more products at Nordstrom or boycott Nordstrom remains to be seen.

Responses to Mr. Trump’s tweet against Nordstrom are running the gamut. Those who see President Trump and Ivanka as using the presidency for personal profit are calling foul on Mr. Trump’s tweet, claiming a conflict of interest. Those who support Mr. Trump are writing that they plan on boycotting Nordstrom for the retailer’s treatment of Ivanka.

A sample of those responses to Mr. Trump’s tweet against Nordstrom can be seen below. The tweets that are supportive of Mr. Trump claim that Nordstrom is acting “bigoted” by dropping Ivanka’s clothing line. Others are asking Nordstrom for financial proof that Ivanka’s line experienced declined sales.

You knew soon as she was rejected by Nordstrom she called her Daddy.”

It’s extraordinarily bigoted of to drop clothing line for purely political reasons. Not okay.”

“Dear , Can you show us the business numbers that led to this decision? We’re trying to be open-minded, but this appears political.”

As seen in the top photo above, President Trump and his daughter Ivanka walked towards the Marine One aircraft on the South Lawn of the White House, in preparation to board the aircraft. The date was Wednesday, February 1, and the duo were in Washington. Nordstrom is only one of many retailers who have found themselves at the center of Mr. Trump’s Twitter tirade, as reported by the New York Times.

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