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Chelsea DeBoer’s Father Reveals MTV Has College Funds For ‘Teen Mom 2’ Kids

Chelsea DeBoer just gave birth to her second child, a little baby boy named Watson Cole. Even though Chelsea is married and has created a stable home for herself, her husband Cole, and her two children, people are very critical of her becoming a mother for the second time. It isn’t so much because of her as a person or the life she has created for herself, but more because people keep associating her with 16 & Pregnant and having children without a job or steady income. Of course, Chelsea has made money by filming the show for MTV, and she has gotten herself an education.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer hasn’t revealed how much money she’s making from MTV every season and hasn’t talked about what else the network provides for her. However, her father recently broke his silence about the money. As it turns out, MTV provides more than just a paycheck for the girls. The network has also created college funds for the children on the show, which could be why they continue to return to the series.

“Do you know if teen mom kids really have trusts/college funds set up by MTV? Or another lie by JENELLE?” one person questioned on Twitter, to which another person replied, “I think Randy Houska has talked about this that they do have funds set up.”

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Sure enough, Randy didn’t hold back when asked about the college funds. Chelsea DeBoer’s father is often talking about how Adam Lind isn’t paying child support, and he seems very organized about where each dollar goes. Maybe this is why Chelsea has been able to buy a home, raise a daughter, and now have a stable family life with her husband, Cole. DeBoer’s father explained how the trust fund is supposed to work for the children.

“It is suppose[d] to be set up so parents cannot access it. Don’t know if others followed the guidelines or if it was actually checked,” Chelsea DeBoer’s father revealed on Twitter, sharing that MTV had indeed created college funds for the children.

However, none of the Teen Mom stars were supposed to have access to the money.

The question supposedly surfaced because Jenelle brought up the college fund that she had. And it makes sense that fans are questioning if she’s using the college fund on herself, as she recently revealed her brand new home. Evans and David Eason have been building her own home, and it was just a year ago that she complained about being on food stamps. Based on Randy’s tweet, it is possible that Jenelle used part of the college fund to pay for her home.

“I mean Jenelle made it sound like it’s enough to cover a 4yr college with extra for post-college. I’m hoping they chose trustees other than the moms,” one person replied to Randy Houska, while another added, “Should be, if $ wasn’t taken out by parents. The kids should have MORE than enough for college.”


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Until someone reveals how much is in these college funds, it’s impossible to know whether the children are indeed covered for school. Plus, it is also unknown whether it was only the older children that are covered or if MTV covers all new children, including Watson Cole and Ensley. Randy didn’t go into detail on Twitter, and he may want to protect his daughter, Chelsea DeBoer.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer’s father explaining the college funds to Teen Mom 2 fans? Are you surprised that the children on the show are getting college funds from MTV to help them get an education later in life?

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