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Shareef O’Neal Tipped To Be NBA’s ‘Next Big Thing’ By Father Shaquille O’Neal

Shareef O’Neal, the son of the legendary Shaquille O’Neal, has proved that he has inherited his father’s basketball skills. In fact, Shaquille believes that his son has the potential to surpass him in the game of basketball.

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Earlier, the seven-foot, one-inch former basketball player predicted that both his sons would make it to the National Basketball League, and it appears that at least part of his prediction has come true. Shareef has already impressed his high school basketball coaches and is poised to be recruited in a university basketball team. In fact, Mass Live reported that several big-name universities have made offers to Shareef O’Neal, including UCLA and Arizona.

The six-foot, eight-inch Shareef previously played for the Windward Academy, but he was later transferred to Santa Monica’s Crossroads school because its basketball team is one of the most successful teams at the school level. Shareef’s coaches at the Crossroads school have remarked that his game is continuing to evolve in a positive way.


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Shareef O’Neal started playing basketball in a casual way, as it is one of the most popular sport played in U.S. schools, and it was reportedly only in his freshman year that Shareef seriously started contemplating becoming a professional basketball player. Since then, he has been developing his skills in a focused and a dedicated manner. According to Slam Online, Shareef O’Neal revealed that his experience while playing in junior varsity games instilled in him the much-needed confidence to pursue the sport in a serious way.

“Once high school came I wanted to play JV because I didn’t think I was good enough to make varsity, but my coach forced me to play. After that I started getting serious because playing against the older guys was a whole different experience.”


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Shareef was scheduled to be trained under Kobe Byrant, the retired basketball champion, but the training could not happen for reasons that have not been divulged. However, Shareef O’Neal’s iconic father is not worried about his son’s coaching, as he claims that Shareef has the potential to be even better than him. According to CBS Sports, Shaquille O’Neal believes that his son does not need to be trained under a professional player because he has already learned the critical skills to become a champion.

“[Shareef] don’t need to [train with Bryant]. He’s good. He’s really good. Way better than I was [at his age]. [Shareef] has a lot of colleges looking at him and I am very, very proud of him.”

While it is not yet known which basketball scholarship Shareef O’Neal will accept, the young basketballer is well aware of the importance of earning a place in the team of a reputed university. His father achieved his own breakthrough while playing for the Louisiana State University, and Shaq’s achievement at the university level enabled him to earn a place in reputed national basketball teams like Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics.

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According to Scout, Shareef O’Neal revealed that he is tempted to join Arizona State University, but he hasn’t yet made up his mind.

“I speak to Arizona a lot. UCLA and USC, LSU of course and Texas Tech. But those are the schools I probably talk to the most, those schools their always texting me and inviting me to the games.”

Mass Live reported that Shaquille O’Neal received a standing ovation when he made his entrance to the 2017 Hoophall Classic last month, but he wasn’t there for the accolades: he was there to see his son play.

“It’s very special to watch my son play in this tournament for two reasons: One, the game was invented here, and two, his father is in the Hall of Fame here.”

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But in the end, Shareef O’Neal’s world-famous basketballer father doesn’t really mind if his son turns out to be a legendary sportsperson or not.

“I’m so proud of him. He’s turned into a pretty good player. I don’t really care if he’s a good player or not. I stress education. But he’s happy and loves to do it, so as a father, it’s my job to support and encourage him.”

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