A Shocking Return Is Teased In 'The Originals' Season 4 Trailer

‘The Originals’ Season 4 Trailer Teases Shocking Return

Fans have waited impatiently since May of 2016 for the premiere of The Originals Season 4. Weeks after revealing the confirmed premiere date of March, fans have got the official trailer for the season. It teases the return of a character killed last season, but will the dead rise?

Fans of The Originals already knew that there would be a time jump. At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, a sneak-peek trailer showed a 7-year-old Hope with her mother, suggesting that there would be a five-year time jump. This was reiterated in the most recent Originals Season 4 trailer, with Vincent stating that it has been five years to the day that the Mikaelsons fell.

Whether Marcel and Vincent know that Freya found a way to keep herself and her siblings alive is unknown. Marcel is too busy torturing Klaus to care about that in the trailer. It is possible that he has pulled Marcel out from the wall to torture him to find out why the Strix aren’t completely dead – their line hasn’t been wiped out through Elijah’s lack of death – and doesn’t realize that the Mikaelson’s are tied to his life force.

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Most fans are focusing on that element, however. They’re focused on the return of a character who died last season. As Klaus calls out for Cami while in pain, she appears beside him. As Buddy TV states, this is likely a hallucination rather than Cami returning from the dead for The Originals Season 4. Fans saw her die in Klaus’ arms after the two finally shared their love for each other. Cami had been bitten by Lucian, which was fatal to even original vampires.

Another theory is that Cami is back as a ghost. This seems unlikely, as it isn’t a storyline that has been used in the past in the show. Parent show The Vampire Diaries used ghosts, but the other side was destroyed in Season 5, suggesting that vampires have died completely.

Some fans believe that this could be Marcel playing a trick on Klaus. He could have a witch who has glamored into Cami, as a way to get Klaus to share the Mikaelson secrets. Marcel and Vincent find out that Hayley is finding a way to cure the Mikaelsons at some point, according to the trailer, so they may want to find out how to undo the connection to kill everyone before she has a chance – or they want to find out where Hayley and Hope are likely hiding.

Either way, Cami is back for the episode. It will be interesting to see how long she will be back for and why she is there. Will she be Klaus’ subconscious as he works through all the bad he has done? This would certainly work within her role as a therapist before she was turned into a vampire.

Marcel is certainly back on his power trip. In The Originals Season 1, he made himself an enemy of the Mikaelsons by taking New Orleans, a city the originals help to build. While he helped the Mikaelsons at the time, he has now gone back to ruling the city. There have been moments in the past where he has sounded like a toddler, and that occurs again in the Season 4 trailer with the line “It’s mine.”

The Originals Season 4 will take elements from The Vampire Diaries series finale. The writers of both shows have made The Originals’ move to a midseason show work to their advantage. It’s unclear just how these elements will work in, but many fans hope to see Caroline in New Orleans to help Hayley save the Mikaelsons.

What were your favorite moments of The Originals Season 4 trailer? Are you excited for the Originals premiere on March 17?

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