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Shannen Doherty Jets Off With Husband After Cancer Treatment

Shannen Doherty has just finished her latest round of cancer treatment, and she and her husband have headed out for a well-deserved vacation to an undisclosed location. Doherty, who became famous after playing the role of Brenda Walsh on the FOX television drama Beverly Hills, 90210 has shared her cancer diagnosis with the public in a refreshingly frank and honest manner, allowing her fans to share her journey from breast cancer diagnosis to single mastectomy, and then to the devastating news that the cancer treatment had left her unable to have children and had spread to her lymphatic system.

And we are off….. @kurtiswarienko As I wait until April to get tested, I might as well travel, work, create, love and put effort in to things I'm passionate about. #cancerslayer #staytuned

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Celebs Now reported that the 45-year-old actress revealed in an Instagram post that she has finished her latest round of chemotherapy and now has to wait until April to be tested. In the meantime, she plans to “travel, work, create, love” and focus on the things she is passionate about.

It seems that what Shannen Doherty is most passionate about is her relationship with her devoted husband, Kurt Iswarienko, who has stayed by her side throughout her health challenges. In another recent social media post, Doherty expressed that it “so great to be married to someone who supports [my] goals and passions.” Celebs Now noted that her 42-year-old husband has been a “pillar of strength” and has traveled with her to and from her various medical appointments and treatments.

Two people who have set their agendas out. So great to be married to someone who supports each other's goals and passions. There's so much I want to do and achieve. From new cancer therapies, to animal welfare. #staytuned #cancerslayer #yearofchange @kurtiswarienko #lovemyhusband

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In addition to the unfailing support of her husband, the Charmed actress believes that the love of her fans and the support of her oncologist have played a major role in boosting her morale. According to People magazine, Doherty has urged cancer patients to undergo treatment with the help of a caring oncologist who can emotionally connect with their patients.

“I don’t enjoy chemo day or needle like things in my chest or my port but, at least with this crew it’s not so bad. Make sure you connect not only with your oncologist but also the person administering your chemo.”

Shannen Doherty had previously thanked the medical fraternity at the Los Angeles clinic where she has been undergoing her cancer treatment. Apart from attacking her cancer chemotherapy, Doherty has tried to stay healthy by exercising and having a balanced diet. And in addition to chemotherapy, the actress was advised to undergo radiation therapy as the next line of treatment.

Some of the crew watching the amazing, inspiring @ladygaga do her thing at the #superbowl @kristysmalibu #abeautifulforce

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After completing her first session of radiotherapy, the Charmed actress admitted that she found the experience to be terrifying. According to Fox News, Shannen Doherty admitted that she was scared by the machinery used in the radiotherapy treatment.

“I look like I’m about to make a run for it which is accurate. Radiation is frightening to me. Something about not being able to see the laser, see the treatment and having this machine moving around you just scares me.”

Shannen Doherty’s fear arose from the fact that patients are not able to see the actual laser that is being used in the therapy. Instead, they only get to see the complex radiotherapy equipment moving over their body.

Even though her health has deteriorated, Doherty is battling cancer with a positive attitude. She believes that cancer has helped her to reinvent herself by becoming a completely different person than she was before. According to Entertainment Weekly, the actress spoke about how her struggle to survive enabled her to unlock her inner strength.

“I think what’s beautiful and hard and interesting about cancer is that it tears you down and builds you. It remakes you so many different times.”

Last night my doctor #DrPiro came over for dinner. I'm extremely lucky to have such a close relationship with him and it was perfect timing to see him. I tend to be hard on myself. I think a lot of people with cancer are hard on themselves. It's easy to say… I'm not active enough, my hairs not growing fast enough, I've aged, my weight is too high or too low. What is hard, is to give ourselves a break and a pat on the back for facing a demon like cancer. So thank you Dr P for reminding me that I'm doing ok right now and to cut myself some slack. #cancerslayer #itsok

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Shannen Doherty’s fear of her grueling cancer treatment hasn’t deterred her spirit, and she is continuing to pursue her professional career. According to Entertainment Weekly, the actress is set to feature in TV Land’s remake of the 1988 black comedy film Heathers, the story of a high school girl who seeks the help of a sociopath to kill three popular girls — all named Heather — who have formed a social clique.

Shannen Doherty played one of the Heathers in the original 1988 film, which starred Christian Slater and Winona Ryder. The upcoming television series will be a modern adaptation of the 1988 movie, with each episode showing a new female character getting even with a new set of Heathers.

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