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WWE Rumors: Eva Marie Left The WWE?

With all the hub-bub surrounding WrestleMania, the last thing anyone needs is more drama from the WWE talent. However, the latest WWE rumors suggest that a beloved wrestler in the women’s division may no longer be a part of the team!

According to Bleeding Cool News‘ latest round of WWE rumors, Eva Marie may no longer be a part of the WWE. The site confirmed that she’s removed all references to WWE from her bio, and that she also “unfollowed” WWE’s official Twitter account, because nothing says “we’re through” like unfollowing on social media!

The last time Eva Marie mentioned anything about wrestling on her Twitter account was for the Royal Rumble about two weeks ago. Since then, she’s taken to simply promoting her personal projects — which, for what it’s worth, the WWE doesn’t stop her, or anyone else, from doing. But it seems rather suspicious when taking everything into account.

If Eva’s departure from the company does, indeed, turn out to be true, it would be the final straw in a long and contentious history with the company.

According to Sportskeeda‘s latest round of WWE rumors, Ms. “All Red Everything” is already Ms. “All Released Everything.” Much of her contention with the company, according to the outlet, stems from her recent suspension from a “violation of a wellness policy.”

Fans of fellow embattled WWE superstar Roman Reigns already know what this means: she was administered a drug test and tested positive for a prohibited substance. While it was never disclosed which substance, in particular, Eva tested positive for, some speculate that she was caught testing positive for steroids.

The site, however, also believes that Eva Marie may not be gone after all. There’s some insinuation that the WWE references were only removed from her Twitter profile to cause discussion amongst her fans.

“It’s rather odd that the ‘Red Queen,’ would remove that information from her Twitter profile, especially considering the WWE’s focus on the use of social media in everything they do. However, we did some additional investigation on this topic and she is still listed as a WWE Superstar, including her affiliation with Total Divas, on both her Instagram and Facebook accounts. This may not mean anything at all, but the timing of it all seems very strange, especially considering that WWE is on the Road to WrestleMania at the moment. The only thing we can do is keep our attention on this situation for any other potential updates and will bring them to you as soon as we have them.”

Eva Marie’s shenanigans have even reached the Spanish-speaking world. According to the latest WWE rumors from Super Luchas, the reason Eva Marie unfollowed the WWE and is trying to distance herself from the brand is because she’s looking for fame in Hollywood!

It’s questionable, according to the site, as to how much fame she’ll actually achieve — even though she bills herself as an “actress” on her Twitter profile, she’s not known outside of her time with the WWE, and hasn’t even taken on any roles as a guest star of anything notable (unless you count a screaming match on Total Divas between her and Paige, and really, were they even acting?).

Tell us, WWE fans: what do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Do you think this is just a ploy on Eva Marie’s part, or do you think she’s really done with the company?

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