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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Cast Drop More Hints About Cristina Yang’s Return

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been speculating about Sandra Oh potentially returning to the ABC medical drama as Cristina Yang for months, and now it looks like the show’s cast are also getting in on the speculation.

As fans continue to urge Sandra to head back to the show after leaving in 2014, her co-stars have been speaking out about Cristina’s possible return in recent weeks amid conjecture she could return in Season 13.

Jason George, who plays Ben Warren on the popular ABC show, is the latest of Sandra’s co-stars to tease that we could see Cristina Yang back, telling Entertainment Tonight that he’s very much hoping to see Oh back on the set as Doctor Yang sooner rather than later.

“I would love nothing more than for Sandra Oh to come back,” George told the site when asked about Sandra possibly bringing Cristina back to Grey’s Anatomy. The actress has remained a fan favorite character despite Oh leaving the popular soap opera three years ago.

Jason George attends the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
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Calling Sandra “a beast of an actress,” the Grey’s star then went on to reveal that there’s certainly no bad blood between Oh and her castmates, which would mean she’d be welcomed back to Grey’s Anatomy with open arms. “Any time she’s around, we have more fun and things just get better,” he said of Sandra.

George even revealed to the site that he’s so keen to have Sandra bring back Cristina Yang to the show that he’s already thought up some possible storyline lines up for how Cristina could interact with Ben should Yang find herself back at Grey Sloan Memorial.

“I never really got to have any really meaningful scenes with Sandra,” Jason said, admitting that he’d actually “love” to get into a shouting match with Oh’s character and “have an argument with Yang.”

“As an actor, you want to have your big, passion things,” Jason continued amid the rampant speculation Cristina could be back. “It’s like, ‘I want to do it with that actor, or that actress….’ That would’ve been fun.”

Sandra Oh has stayed tight-lipped as her Grey’s Anatomy co-stars and fans urge her to return to the long-running ABC show to reprise her role as beloved character Cristina Yang, though speculation Cristina could return recently hit fever pitch after Yang’s former husband Owen (played by Kevin McKidd) and his new wife Amelia (played by Caterina Scorsone) suffered serious marital issues that may have left the door open for Cristina’s return.

McKidd spoke to Variety of Oh potentially bringing back Cristina last year, teasing that there’s a chance she may even reprise her role just for a few episodes in Grey’s Anatomy’s famous flashback scenes, which would take place inside Owen’s head as he tries to weather his turbulent relationship with Amelia.

“Possibly,” the actor teased when asked if there was a chance Yang could pop up in flashback scenes during Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, which is currently airing on ABC. “I don’t know what Shonda [Rhimes] is planning, but I’d love that.”

The actor’s revelation came shortly after Kevin told Digital Spy last year that he thought Sandra would be open to bringing back Cristina to Grey’s Anatomy, just not for anything too permanent.

Grey's Anatomy stars Kevin McKidd & Sandra Oh attend the 66th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards
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Telling the site that he’d “love” to see Sandra back as his on-screen wife Cristina, the Grey’s Anatomy actor added, “I think she might eventually [return] for fun, for maybe a couple of episodes.”

But while Sandra has stayed tight-lipped ever since she shut down the Grey’s Anatomy return rumors back in September, that hasn’t stopped Grey’s Anatomy fans from hoping Oh might have since changed her mind.

“If The Vampire Diaries can bring back Nina, Grey’s can bring back Sandra (Cristina),” Grey’s fan @christ_mussels recently tweeted out, referring to Nina Dobrev’s recently confirmed return to The Vampire Diaries, while @AlejandraG13 asked ahead of January mid-season premiere, “When does Grey’s Anatomy start? I’m stressing. I want Cristina Yang back this season!!”

What do you think of the latest round of speculation suggesting Sandra Oh could soon return to Grey’s Anatomy as fan-favorite character Cristina Yang?

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