George Lopez Heckler Reacts To 'Don't Marry Somebody Black' Latino Rules [Video]

George Lopez Heckler Reacts To ‘Don’t Marry Somebody Black’ Latino Rules [Video]

The video below shows George Lopez reacting to a heckler who stood up and gave Lopez the middle finger — or two middle fingers, perhaps — after George joked about the two rules that supposedly make up each Latino family: “Don’t marry somebody black, and don’t park in front of our houses.” Apparently, the joke did not go over well with the woman who stood up in Lopez’s show and gave George the finger as Lopez cursed and told her to sit down or get out. Eventually, the woman was instructed to just leave by George — and as she left with a few who accompanied her to the show, Lopez joked that there were now four seats down front.

As a result of the clip from George’s show going viral, the name George Lopez is a top trending item on Twitter with more than 56,500 tweets coming into the social networking system in short order. The reactions on social media to Lopez run the gamut. While some folks are writing that the woman was being overly sensitive to George’s joke about Latinos marrying someone black, others are ready to boycott Lopez for his so-called humor. Yet others are writing that the woman shouldn’t have been surprised by George’s joke, nor his over-the-top reaction to her offense.

According to TMZ, the event took place at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix on Saturday night, but as the video makes the rounds, more people are having a reaction to Lopez on Wednesday, February 8. The video of the occurrence, which was uploaded to YouTube by TMZ on February 7, has gotten more than 160,000 views.

On Twitter, people are publishing tweets saying that there are bigger issues to worry about in the world than Lopez’s off-color joke.

George Lopez black woman joke
George Lopez and ex-wife Ann Serrano, who donated a kidney to George prior to their 17-year marriage ending. [Image by Shea Walsh/AP Images]

Lopez, meanwhile, took heat in the past for getting a kidney from his then-wife, Ann Serrano, a woman to whom George was married for 17 years prior to the couple getting divorced after Lopez’s kidney transplant, as reported by TV Guide. That fact is also getting plenty of mentions on Twitter as folks debate the latest Lopez melee. However, George is known for oftentimes making jokes at the expense of his own race as well, such as the time that Lopez joked that FEMA stands for “find every Mexican available.”

Whereas many people in the crowd in Phoenix laughed at Lopez’s joke, the woman apparently didn’t find George’s joke funny enough to laugh along with them. The audience seemed to cheer and laugh louder as George cursed at the woman and kicked her out. Those defending Lopez are posting photos relating what George has said on political topics, and asking who the real racist is in view of the things said by politicos or their belief systems.

Either way, Lopez had caused a firestorm with his comments — and people are posting sample comments like the ones below on social media as a result of the melee.

“This must be y’all first time seeing George Lopez flip out on someone. Trust me he’s good for it.”

: “Y’all doing 2 much w/ this George Lopez ish. Richard Pryor? However as a person who had a transplant. I don’t f with him 4 how he did his wife.”

: “Reminder: George Lopez got a kidney transplant from his longtime wife then left her for another woman.”

“George Lopez was anti-Trump because of what he said towards Mexicans yet George Lopez exposed himself as a racist towards black people lol.”

Lopez can be seen in the top photo above from Saturday, April 11, 2015, in Beverly Hills, California.

[Featured Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]