Javi Marroquin And Lincoln

Javi Marroquin And Lincoln: Is He Choosing Drinking Over Little Lincoln?

Javi Marroquin returned home from his deployment back in August last year and he came home to what he thought would be a peaceful separation. But Javi quickly learned that Kailyn Lowry had already moved on from their failed marriage and she was just looking for a signature from him, so they could divorce. These days, they have split their assets and they share custody of their son, Lincoln. But it sounds like they can’t keep the drama away from social media for the sake of their children.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now revealing that he’s putting his son first, no matter what Kailyn is hinting on her own social media accounts.

“I’ll make sure I do everything I can to make sure my son’s life is 100 since you’re so concerned all of a sudden,” Javi Marroquin revealed on Twitter last night, as he learned that his ex-wife was tweeting various things about him and his relationship with his son.

Me and Linc got asked to be apart of something amazing. Can't wait to show y'all. Stay tuned. Had a lot of fun. thank you to Sophia making sure I was camera ready ☺ @makeupartistsophia

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Lowry was tweeting things like him not putting his son first since she had to address rumors about their relationship on social media. But Javi Marroquin wanted the world to know that he was putting his son first, no matter what Kailyn said or did. However, some of Kailyn’s followers pointed out that Javi was traveling quite a bit and he was often partying with his friends, which made it sound like he was choosing to go drinking and partying over spending time with his son.

“Are you seriously questioning her parenting. Every weekend you have Lincoln you’re out drinking with your posse,” one person wrote to Marroquin, questioning his role as a father, while another added, “True that! Kail doesn’t have a stay at home babysitter like Javi does… he is with Javi’s mom most of the time.”

It’s very interesting that people are now taking Kailyn’s side. Over the past couple of weeks, people have sided with Javi, who has been treated horribly by Lowry after his return from his deployment. People were shocked at how she was treating him, as she didn’t help him at all upon his return. However, Marroquin is now facing criticism, because he is defending himself. And it sounds like he doesn’t have some nice things to say about Lowry supposedly dating again.

“What could I be jealous of? I’ll wait. In due time light will shine,” Javi Marroquin tweeted after learning that Kailyn may have moved on with another boyfriend, to which one person questioned whether Marroquin had seen some of Kailyn’s deleted tweets about him prior to them being removed from the social media network.

“Id you see her response to your tweet before she deleted it,” one person questioned Javi, who asked for clarification, to which he learned that Lowry had replied, “You blamed me for miscarrying & our marriage was toxic. Why would I want more kids with you?” to his tweet, “I thought we divorced cause she didn’t want more kids? That’s weird.”


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Both Marroquin and Lowry have agreed to keep their opinions to themselves and off social media, but it sounds like it isn’t really working. It’s clear that they are both frustrated by what is happening in their lives and how they have to relive the pain from Teen Mom 2. Marroquin was so upset the other night that he announced that he was looking for a publisher, who would want to take on his story and publish his book for him. And it sounds like people would be more than eager to buy it.

“Write a book!!! I’d buy it in a heartbeat. And I haven’t bought any of the TM books so that’s saying a lot,” one person wrote to Marroquin, explaining that many people would want to read his side of the story if he just wrote a book.

What do you think of how Javi Marroquin is being accused of choosing to party over spending time with his son, Lincoln?

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