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‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefano’s Old Link Goes Missing

Days of Our Lives spoilers are here, and in a turn of events, someone who was once close to Stefano goes missing. Days of Our Lives fans will remember that a certain character wanted to put themselves in harm’s way in order to catch him during a rendezvous in Prague.

As Days of Our Lives viewers know, the villain is currently hiding out in Prague. It was once believed that Stefano was dead. Then, the Days group found out that he was still alive and escaped death once again, and Hope wasn’t guilty of murdering him. So, a handful of his enemies banded together to take him down when he least expected it, except that now, one of those characters might be in danger.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that it’s Marlena who goes missing, and it’s suspected that Stefano has something to do with it. According to an article by Christian Post, Rafe and company are interested in trapping Stefano at the masquerade ball after they score tickets to the event for the elite crowd. The plan was hatched that Marlena would be used as bait to lure him to the group.

In an earlier spoilers post, the Inquistr revealed that not everyone was on board with this plan. Paul feels responsible for Marlena and wants to keep her safe, but the group convinces him that this plan of hers might be the only thing they have to go on, and as it is, Rafe needs to bring Stefano back to the States so he can bring justice for Hope, who at one point, was serving a lengthy sentence in prison for murdering the famous baddie.

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Marlena will vanish, which leads the others to believe that Stefano has kidnapped her. Marlena did see him outside of the ball. She was about to ditch the party when she felt a hand on her shoulder, and it turned out to be the great villain.

As Days of Our Lives fans will remember, Marlena thinks that she can outsmart the baddie, but the two of them have decades worth of messy history. Longtime viewers of Days of Our Lives will know that Stefano captured and drugged her. Back when he wasn’t roaming around in Prague, Marlena had thought she had finally killed him once and for all, but as it turns out, he was able to escape that death, too.

As for other Days of Our Lives spoilers, Nicole and Chloe’s custody battle begins. Brady’s disappointed that Chloe is not letting the Holly situation go, and he doesn’t think that Deimos deserves to be Holly’s stepfather either. That said, as we know Deimos has a whole set of problems on his hands and isn’t fairing well when it comes to salvaging his relationship with Nicole.

In addition, Brady does think that Nicole deserves to raise her daughter and hopes that Chloe will eventually come to the same conclusion before the trial starts, but spoilers state that Chloe is not backing down without a fight for Holly. Nicole seeks Justin’s help to prepare for the nastiest battle of her life, but as Days of Our Lives fans know, Nicole has her past to worry about when it comes to gaining custody. It’s said that her past might come to bite her, including her relationship with Deimos, who she has been trying to distance herself from.

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