Kailyn Lowry slams Javi

Kailyn Lowry Blog: ‘Teen Mom’ Sparks Confusion, Accused Of Acting Like Her Mom

Kailyn Lowry is dealing with a lot of backlash from Teen Mom 2 these days, as she isn’t really giving Javi Marroquin a chance to get settled after returning home from his deployment. Lowry has revealed that she doesn’t want to include him in her life anymore, even though they have a son together, little Lincoln. Over the past couple of days, Kailyn has been tweeting various things about Javi and she’s not happy with the way their drama is playing out on Twitter, especially because the drama truly took place months ago.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that the more Javi is complaining about her on Twitter, the more their son suffers. Of course, Lowry isn’t completely innocent in this drama, as she’s tweeting various things about Javi as well. And on Twitter, she pointed the blame to Marroquin. In her personal blog, Lowry opened up about how she wants to keep things civil, but on her Twitter account, Kailyn was pointing the finger at Marroquin. It sounds like her blog has a completely different perspective compared to her social media. And this is causing confusion.

“We can tweet our problems and play the blame game all day but Linc will be the one who carries the blame and that’s not fair,” Kailyn Lowry tweeted yesterday, sharing that no matter how immature they are being on social media, their shared child Lincoln will be in the middle of the drama.

love my boys so much ❤️❤️

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But some followers, who have watched Teen Mom 2 since the very beginning, know that Kailyn Lowry’s own mother often placed her personal relationships above her children. So when they saw Lowry act out on social media, they reminded her that she is doing what her mother is accused of doing.

“You’re just like you’re mother I know she’s proud,” one person wrote back to Kailyn Lowry, reminding her that Lowry herself has slammed her mother for choosing her boyfriends over her children on early seasons of Teen Mom 2 and 16 & Pregnant, to which another person added, “Yup guess Kail forgot how it felt when mom put bfs first.”

“She clearly thinks of herself and her decisions before she considers how it’ll affect her children,” another Twitter user wrote, while a fourth person added, “Yea her choice of bf this time is not any type of role model for those boys. He’s dirtier than dirt.”

There have been rumors that Lowry has moved on with another man. While Kailyn hasn’t confirmed a new relationship just yet, she has revealed that she would move on with another man if she felt she was ready. And she doesn’t want Marroquin to be bitter about this decision if she decided to start a new relationship.

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“Call what you want but if I want to be with someone else, I will. Why still be bitter about it?” Kailyn Lowry later tweeted, as if she was responding to her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, to which people offered up their opinions, including on Twitter follower who pointed to the cheating rumors, writing, “Because you were with someone else before the divorce was finalized which is cheating. I’m not only talking about during his six-month leave, she did this shit before that too. And yeah- she should.”

But Kailyn Lowry can agree on one thing; it’s not fair to fight in front of the children. So whatever happened on Teen Mom 2 two weeks ago can’t happen again. She doesn’t want her sons to be traumatized over what happened during the fight between Lowry and Javi.

“How things were handled shouldn’t have happened but all I (we) should be doing is making sure it doesn’t happen again. Period,” Kailyn Lowry explained on Twitter, to which one person replied, “Javi was a good man to you, and u did him wrong plain and simple. He deserves to find better imo. But best wishes to u and him.”

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s comments about her marriage? Are you surprised she’s using her son Lincoln to make Javi feel bad?

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