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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Becomes A Target-Will Sonny Get His Revenge?

Suspicions are running high on General Hospital this week as Jason and Curtis continue their hunt for who is responsible for killing Morgan Corinthos. They have some leads, but it appears that they are being led in the wrong direction. It looks like the finger is being pointed at Ava Jerome and this means that she now have a target on her back.

On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Jason and Curtis staked out the Chinese restaurant where Julian and Olivia Jerome were meeting. They both got a tiny glimpse of the woman they were looking for, but only the top of her blond hair was seen. When Julian mentioned that he was tired of living in fear of his sister, the men figured that he meant Ava. On Wednesday, Curtis is expected to pay Ava a visit, and according to Soap Central, he will have many questions concerning her supposed involvement in this.

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While it looks like Ava is the one who is pulling Julian’s strings, Curtis may just realize that it may not be her after all. He and Jason have no idea that Olivia is the other sister.

Jason had chosen not to disclose any of the information that they had on this blond woman. Of course, Sonny knew that his BFF wasn’t spilling everything as Jason knows what he will do with that information. So, Sonny called Brick up to get the info himself.

The mobster is under house arrest right now awaiting murder charges, but he is about to do something that will jeopardize his freedom. He will meet up with Brick to go over the video that Jason and Curtis took of Julian’s meeting, and Sonny will see the blond hair for himself and hear Julian mention his sister. That will set of a chain of events as Sonny seeks revenge against the person who he is sure is responsible for his son’s murder, and that person is Ava Jerome.

According to General Hospital spoilers by Soaps She Knows, Sonny will get into trouble by breaking the rules of his house arrest. This means that he will try to go after Ava. However, after Curtis talks to Ava, he will most likely know that it is not her after all. Even Jason had his doubts. He had told Curtis that something doesn’t seem right about this being Ava that is making Julian do those things.

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Now that Sonny is on the war path against the mother his child, there may be no stopping him. Will he be stopped before he tries to kill Ava? Sonny may just show up when Curtis is there, so he may just talk him down before he does something rash. Ava may think that Sonny finally found out about Morgan’s pills that she swapped out for fake ones. Wouldn’t that be something if she should end up confessing thinking that this is why Sonny is after her?

General Hospital fans are hoping that Ava Jerome will eventually get what is coming to her as she always seems to get away with her crimes. However, she is not the sister whom Julian is fearful of. Actress Tonja Walker, who plays the role of Olivia Jerome, will be on the soap at least until the end of March, as she stated on social media. She said that her story is expected to be quite excited and that there is so much more for her character.

Needless to say, Olivia will be wreaking havoc in Port Charles until she leaves. Her recent endeavor is making her brother gain control of the hospital for some reason. It has not been revealed just yet on exactly why she wants it so badly, but she is threatening his family until he gets it for her.

Will Jason and Curtis eventually figure out that Julian has another sister? Are you enjoying Tonja Walker back on General Hospital?

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