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WWE News: Goldberg To Beat Kevin Owens For WWE Universal Title In Squash Match

Bill Goldberg made his return to WWE RAW this past week and managed to get a huge WWE Universal Championship opportunity at WWE Fast Lane against Kevin Owens, but will he end up winning the match the same way he beat Brock Lesnar? It is now official that Goldberg will take on Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 in a few months, which is supposed to be their final match. The world is pretty happy about it due to the last two being lackluster, to say the least.

For a while now, the plan has been to make the two the main event of the show, which was weird to many. The problem with it going on last was that the two have already proven they cannot do a good match together, so why would anyone care to watch them go on last? A lot of matches are going to be added to the event between now and then that may very well be bigger in the eyes of the WWE fans. Seth Rollins versus Triple H alone, if it does happen, has more fans intrigued.

WWE simply could not justify the two going on last unless it was for one reason, a championship was on the line. This led to the conclusion that WWE would end up putting the WWE Universal Championship on one of them heading into the event. It was then concluded that the person WWE would go with would be Goldberg. Obviously, before he can be the champ, he has to win the title in a match against the current champion, Kevin Owens.

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This past week on WWE RAW, the two were involved in a segment in which Chris Jericho accepted Goldberg’s challenge to a match for the title for his best friend, Kevin Owens. Of course, many believe this will lead to tension down the line between the two that will result in a match at WrestleMania 33 for the two of them. It makes sense to build a story out of it as Owens would be ticked off at Jericho after his loss.

Cageside Seats confirmed the news that Goldberg would takethe title at WWE Fast Lane and also confirmed that this would indeed set up a rivalry between Jericho and Owens for WrestleMania 33. It is also being reported that the plan as of now for the Fast Lane match between Goldberg and Owens will be a squash match similar to what we saw with Brock Lesnar and Goldberg at WWE Survivor Series last year.

Fans either hated or loved the idea of Goldberg running through Lesnar, as there was no in-between stage there. However, it will most likely not be something fans will enjoy when it comes to Kevin Owens. Basically WWE would be saying a 50-year-old man who is not nearly the animal he was a decade ago can rip through one of the best young workers in the world who has been the WWE Universal Champion for months.

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Obviously, if Lesnar/Goldberg is going to be in the main event of WrestleMania, it does need the WWE Universal Title to make sense being there. However, it would be a mistake for WWE to go the direction of the squash match as it would make Kevin Owens look terrible in the end. Now WWE would have to justify this in some way, but would not be able to.

Pro-Wrestling truly is about surrendering your belief in everything that goes down in real life. However, there are levels here that must be at play when it comes to real life scenarios involved in the world. A 50-year-old man who has not competed on a regular basis in over a decade could not hang in a wrestling ring with most any wrestler today somehow has the ability to beat one of the premier workers in the world? That alone is tough to take but in a squash match? It seems like a bad decision if WWE does go that direction.

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