Model Barbara Palvin Addresses Justin Bieber Dating Rumors On Twitter

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are reportedly done, and rumor has it the Biebs has already found a new gal pal: Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. After days of speculation, the 19-year-old model took to Twitter to explain exactly what’s going on between her and newly-single Justin Bieber.

Despite a tweet from Selena Gomez suggesting that Palvin was possibly at the (literal) center of the couple’s breakup, the young model was reportedly just dragged into the whole situation by the speculative gossip media. Rumors of her possible dalliance with the Biebs were crushed by Palvin herself on Twitter where she revealed, among other things, that she already has a boyfriend.

Despite Bieber’s split from Gomez (which reportedly happened almost two weeks ago), and the fact that the Victoria’s Secret angel hung out with Biebs during the recent Victoria’s Secret fashion show on November 7 and at a Lion King Broadway show the next day, the two are not in a relationship, nor are they even seeing each other.

Still, Justin Bieber has some of the most protective fans in the world, earning Palvin tons of “hate mail” from loyal Biebettes via social media sites like Twitter.

Palvin took to the popular microblog to squash these rumors herself:

But it didn’t work, prompting Palvin to follow-up with:

Additionally, E! News reports that Palvin has been dating Hungarian business student Kristof Somfai for the last two years. Unfortunately, Somfai kind-of sort-of looks like the Biebs himself. Still, when asked on Twitter about her relationship status of late, Palvin said:

So there you have it. We must reasonably conclude that Barbara Palvin and Justin Bieber are not dating. I know you’re upset about Jelena, but that’s no reason to drag an innocent Victoria’s Secret model into your crosshairs!