Gas Hoarding

Gas Hoarder Causes Fire At New York Sushi Restaurant

A gas hoarder is being held responsible for a fire that broke out in a New York City sushi restaurant on Friday night, according to CBS New York.

The restaurant’s 42-year-old chef, Fei Teng, was arrested by FDNY Fire Marshals on Saturday for his role in the blaze. Officials attribute the fire to ten gallons of gasoline that Teng was keeping inside soy sauce buckets hidden away in the eatery’s basement.

The New York Daily News reports that Teng allegedly ordered an employee to bring one of the containers filled with gasoline to his home. The gas hoarder’s parents then used the fuel to fill up his car.

On Friday, the same employee was allegedly ordered to do the same thing. However, when the individual carried the container through the kitchen, some of the gasoline spilled onto the floor. It didn’t take long for the fuel to catch fire.

Another chef who happened to be working in the kitchen at the time was severely injured in the blaze. Reports indicate that the victim had first and second degree burns over his face and body. A waitress and a busboy were also burned in the fire.

A number of workers who were in town to help out with storm relief assisted the wounded until paramedics could arrive on the scene. The waitress explained that these individuals were ultimately responsible knocking the busboy to the ground and extinguishing the flames.

As of this writing, the conditions of those wounded in the fire are currently unknown. New York City Fire Department officials reportedly removed the gasoline from the premises. As a result of the incident, they’ve reminded residents to handle fuel in a safe and secure manner.

For his role in the fire, Fei Teng is being charged with reckless endangerment. What do you think should happen to the gas hoarder who caused the blaze at a New York City sushi restaurant?