Barbara Walters ‘Disappointed’ With Lindsay Lohan [Video]

Barbara Walters isn’t too happy with Lindsay Lohan at the moment. The former A-list star was scheduled to sit down with an interview on 20/20. Well, Lohan canceled the interview with Barbara and will now sit down with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

On The View today, Walters said that she had put a lot of work into the Lohan interview. Walters visited the set of Liz And Dick to interview the star and was hoping to talk to the star about some of her recent legal troubles.

Walters said:

“If they’d said to me, ‘She isn’t up for the kind of questions you might ask’… if they had told me that, I wouldn’t feel quite as disappointed as I do today.”

According to Access Hollywood, Walters played some of the footage that she was going to use during the Lohan interview on The View.

One segment featured Lohan talking about the incident this summer when she collapsed in her hotel room.

Lohan said:

“I think I was just honestly tired. I needed a nap for 15 minutes and then there were seven paramedics in a room so imagine how I felt.”

Here’s a clip of Barbara Walters talking about the Lindsay Lohan interview on The View.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan made the right decision by cancelling the 20/20 interview?