New Tapes Reveal What The Beatles Actually Thought About Elvis

A newly released series of interviews with The Beatles have revealed the band’s real thoughts on Elvis Presley.

Created by the US DJ Jerry G Bishop during the Liverpudlian’s tour of America during the summer of 1965, they were sold off at auction for £35,000 after being in the hands of an LA record executive for years.

Paul McCartney discussed Presley’s work in the 1960s stating, “Well, of course, since I was 16, I’ve loved his records. We used to do a lot of his songs until we started doing our own … but I don’t like the new stuff half as much – we told him that last night.”

John Lennon went on to talk further about the groups evening with The King, “We were asking him about just making movies, and not making any [personal] appearances. I think he enjoys making movies so much … We couldn’t stand not doing personal appearances – we get bored quickly.”

Bishop went on to ask Lennon whether The Beatles would ever work together with Elvis on an album, to which he responded, “None of us have ever liked those albums where they put two people together. I’d hate an album like that.”

Fame Bureau’s Ted Owen, the CEO of the tape’s auctioneers, confirmed that the master tape is “totally unedited and we hear for the first time in interview the Beatles’ comments the night after meeting Elvis.”

Owen also reveals that The Beatles got along famously with Jerry G as they felt like they were on the same wavelength.