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Marijuana Legalization: Mason Tvert Reacts To Passage Of New Pot Laws

Mason Tvert was one of the main activists behind the marijuana legalization effort in Colorado. Many years ago the man often referred to as the “Jewish pot activist” tried to convince his the general public that cannabis is offers far less of a health concern than alcohol. Tvert is the Executive Director of Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation, or SAFER, organization.

A somewhat famous dare was issued by Tvert when he once challenged the mayor of Denver, and the heir to the Coors brewing fortune, to an “intoxication duel.” Tvet vowed he would toke while others chugged back beer to see who would drop dead first, according to JTA The Global News Service of the Jewish People. No one took Mason Tvert up on his battle of the vices contest.

The good folks of Colorado passed Amendment 64 legalizing the recreational use of marijuana during the November 6 election. The 30-year-old man who has long been known as the face of the marijuana legalization movement is reportedly very happy with the outcome of the vote.

Mason Tvert has this to say about marijuana legalization:

“We have forced a major international, let alone national, discussion on this issue. And I truly believe the more people talk about this issue amongst each other, the quicker we’re going to see broader change in how our country and our state and our world treats marijuana.”

The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act of 2012 is reportedly more permissive that the Netherland’s liberal drugs laws. The new Colorado marijuana law surpasses the medical marijuana statutes which currently exist in 18 states.

Colorado and Washington state’s recreational pot usage rules and medical compassion laws all violate federal statutes which still maintain that cannabis is a Schedule I controlled substance. Heroin and LSD are also Schedule I narcotics.