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Derek Dooley: I Haven’t Been Fired Yet

Derek Dooley may or may not be the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. Rumors circulated over the weekend that Athletic Director Dave Hart was going to fire his head coach but Dooley said today that no decision about his future had been made yet.

According to Knox News, Dooley met with Hart on Sunday.

Dooley said:

“(Hart) told me he had not made a decision. Everybody said I was fired, and I didn’t know it. I was working on Vandy… And I had already talked to Dave Hart… Either the sources were wrong, or Dave wasn’t being forthright. And I have no reason to think he wasn’t being honest with me.”

According to SB Nation, Dooley is currently in his third year as the head coach of Tennessee. The Vols are 15-20 under Dooley. The Vols have not finished over.500 during any season with Dooley as head coach and that trend won’t end this year. Tennessee has lost five of its last six games and are currently 0-6 in the SEC.

After the team’s triple overtime loss on Saturday rumors began to circulate that Derek Dooley was just moments away from getting fired. Associate athletic director Jimmy Stanton responded to the reports on Sunday by saying that there was “nothing to report.”

Do you think Derek Dooley is going to be the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers next week when the Vols take on Vanderbilt?