Lincoln Tunnel bus crash slows New York morning commute

Bus Crash Near Lincoln Tunnel Injures About 20

Just as transportation in the New York area appeared to be returning to some semblance of normalcy after Hurricane Sandy, a bus crash near the Lincoln Tunnel managed to disrupt traffic again, causing some commuters as much as a three-hour delay.

SFGate reports that a Martz Trailways bus and a New Jersey Transit bus collided on the Route 495 ramp approaching the tunnel around 7:15 am on Monday, causing a backup. What’s more, the New York Times reports, another bus and truck on the New Jersey side were involved in an accident two hours later, crippling traffic flow even further.

The first crash injured about 20 people, and at least one person was hurt in the second. The long delays forced other bus drivers stuck in traffic to choose how to proceed. Some opened their doors to let people walk the rest of their commute, while others manged to find detours. Another took a vote among passengers, who then elected to be dropped off at the ferry terminal in Weehawken.

Social media had a hand in reporting the aftermath of the Lincoln Tunnel bus crash on Monday. The New Jersey Transit Service took advantage of Twitter to fill people in on the situation.

“Bus Service to/from #PABT is subject to 60-90 min delays due to a previous accident and lane closures in the Lincoln tunnel,” it wrote.

Twitter user Stephanie Grayson, a Social Media Editor at Yahoo! Finance, tweeted the above photo showing a large group of people continuing their morning commute on foot. Another tweet from Grayson wondered why some buses were not letting passengers off despite being stuck for hours.