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Macy’s Petition To Fire Donald Trump: 350,000 Signatures Strong

Online petition seeks Trump's firing from Macy's

More than 350,000 people are trying to get Macy’s to fire Donald Trump over his radical notions about politics, the environment, and women’s rights.

A bit of background: Okay, Trump doesn’t technically work for the iconic department store, but he is a celebrity spokesman. An online petition at is trying to get Macy’s to dump the Trump as a spokesman, citing his “sexist behavior,” denial of climate change, and his propagation of the “racially charged birther conspiracy,” as proper reasons to cut ties with the business mogul.

The petition has 350,495 signatures thus far. SignOn is powered by, a liberal, non-profit public advocacy group.

Though the online petition is quickly picking up steam, the New York Times opines that getting Macy’s to fire Trump is no easy task. The Donald has been appearing in Macy’s ads for years, and his most recent holiday ad for the retailer even pokes fun at his birther-tendencies, suggesting a fairly comfortable working relationship.

Additionally, Macy’s marketing department loves him. Trump is “always the one who delivers the one-liners,” according to Martine Reardon, Macy’s chief marketing officer.

Beyond that, the threat of boycott and petition has never slowed business int he past. In the mid-2000s, Macy’s faced a boycott over the decision to change the name of Chicago’s Marshall Fields to Macy’s after they acquired the Marshall Field’s chain. You can probably guess what I’m about to tell you: That store is still operating … as a Macy’s.

Trump himself isn’t terribly worried about his relationship with Macy’s going belly-up, either. He told Businessweek earlier this month that “there’s a large group of people who like Donald Trump and what Donald Trump says,” and he’s right, no matter how many of us wish he were wrong.

You can sign the petition to dump Trump from Macy’s here, but do so with the full-knowledge that it probably won’t make anything but a symbolic difference.

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19 Responses to “Macy’s Petition To Fire Donald Trump: 350,000 Signatures Strong”

  1. Renee Vlna

    People need to boycot what they don't believe. I won't purchase anything that has his name on it. And now I am also boycotting Papa Johns. They think it would cost too much money to give employees a fair wage and insurnce. the more money they lose the more they might wake up and do the right thing. People helped them get where they are and people can take them down.

  2. Anna Kopp

    I've stopped buying from them too. I've also been a long time nestle boycotted too, but less people know about their unethical business practices.

  3. Florencio Bocanegra

    My wife and I are no longer shopping at macy's also I'am telling all my family members and friends to do the same if macy's hasn't fired him yet that tell me that someone higher up in Macy's also agrees with him!

  4. Florencio Bocanegra

    I'am going to tell my family members not to shop at Macy's if they don't want to fire him that tell's me that Macy's thinks the same way as Donald Trump FIRE HIM NOW!

  5. Jacqueline P Zicari-Perrotta

    If Macy's fires trp tha that whole crew on the view should be fired with the comments the make about republicans how anyone can listen to a bunch of cackling
    Witches and base their priorities on what these witches say is beyond msaybe the good witch should put a curse on them and if Macy's fires trump my business will go to another store, maybe none of you ever heard of free speech

  6. Anonymous

    I just signed the petition, it's a different thing to have your own opinion but when you start spewing your hate that is something totally different. If Macy's keeps him then we will know they feel the same as this buffoon.

  7. Pamela Fischer-Knott

    I think The Donald is doing an awesome job!! Stop the jealousy and hate towards Donald!! He has a great head for business… do you THINK he GOT his millions? He set his alarm clock early and scraped his tired butt out of bed and went to work! Which is a WHOLE lot more than half the lazy population does these days.!!! Live well Donald…it is the best revenge!!

  8. Pamela Fischer-Knott

    Dear Michael Toler: I did not post this to "suck up"…. I posted it because it is TRUE! I would venture to say that those that were/are trying to get Trump fired fall into one of the following categories…… on some type of welfare, liberal, jealous, just plain sour, etc….. Are you one/or all of these??? 😉 I say more power to the Donald

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