veterans day 2012 closures and vet deals

Veterans Day 2012 Brings USPS Closures, Free Meals For Vets

Veterans Day 2012 is upon us, and, in addition to sites like Facebook being alight with memorials to our soldiers, the USPS (United States Post Office) is closed and has suspended mail delivery in honor of the federal holiday.

While Veterans Day 2012 is a day on which post offices and other federal agencies are generally closed, the private sector by and large is open for business — and deals about to thank servicemen and women who have fought for America abroad and at home.

Banks are a mixed bag on Veterans Day 2012, as some remain closed to mark the occasion, but others remain open for business.

On Veterans Day 2012, if you or your spouse are a veteran, it’s worth knowing that a few big chains have special deals and free meals for vets as a thank you. Local chains too often get in on the love, serving vets free food and drink to honor them for their service — but these are more a “word of mouth” or “wait and see” type thing.

On a national level, Veterans Day 2012 is being marked by some chains with wide reach. A site of which vets should be aware year-round, MilitaryWallet, has culled a list of some participating chains, with some celebrating on the 11th (yesterday) and some marking today as Veterans Day 2012.

One national chain with a Veterans Day 2012 promotion is Cheeseburger In Paradise, and the site says:

Cheeseburger in Paradise, Nov. 12, 2012. Free meal from select menu with military ID or proof of service. Beverages and gratuity not included. Find a location near you.”

Most importantly for Veterans Day 2012 though — have you thanked a vet yet? A simple “thank you for your service” is always appreciated and well-received.