50 Cent - Rick Ross feud reignited after 50 files lawsuit against his sex tape defense lawyers

50 Cent Revives Rick Ross Beef After Paying $22 Million For Bankruptcy Discharge

50 Cent can finally put that pesky bankruptcy behind him after coughing up $22 million. Now it looks like he’s on to the next challenge by reigniting the feud with fellow rapper Rick Ross. 50 Cent is suing his old lawfirm for $32 million now that his bankruptcy has been discharged. This is the same lawfirm who represented him in the leaked sex tape lawsuit brought on by Rick’s baby mama Lastonia Leviston.

After beefing pretty heavily back in 2015 with Rick Ross, 50 Cent whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was accused of leaking Leviston’s sex tape on YouTube as the ultimate diss to his rap foe. The joke was on Jackson though, because Leviston turned around and sued him for the leak and won a judgment of $5 million. It was soon after Rick Ross’ baby mama won the lawsuit against 50 Cent that he filed for bankruptcy, vowing to never pay her a penny.

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A jury of four women and two men only had to deliberate for about an hour before deciding that the “In The Club” rapper was going to pay for posting that sex tape. They awarded Lavonia Leviston $2.5 million for using her image without her permission and another $2.5 million for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

After 50 Cent lost the Lavonia Leviston sex tape lawsuit, you can only imagine how bad Rick Ross was clowning him. He even told Rolling Stone in an interview, “My relationship with Curtis is really amusing, due to the fact that I’m the biggest L he ever took.”

Naturally, Ross was talking about how 50 Cent posted that sex tape thinking he had really done something to hurt the Mayback Music mogul’s feelings only to lose a multi-million dollar lawsuit for putting Leviston on blast. 50 Cent responded to Ross’ interview diss on Instagram when he wrote, “I will have his HEAD.”

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On Thursday, 50 Cent’s bankruptcy was discharged after he paid $22 million to settle his debt. The rapper put up $9 million of his own money with another $13.65 million coming from a malpractice lawsuit that 50 won against another lawfirm, Garvey Schubert Barer. Note to any lawyers that 50 Cent may want to hire in the future: proceed with caution because he sues lawyers and wins.

Here’s how 50 Cent’s bankruptcy, the Rick Ross feud and the latest lawsuit are all related. In the new legal paperwork for the $32 million lawsuit against Reed Smith, 50 Cent has named Rick Ross as a possible witness that his legal team failed to interview. 50 Cent believes that if Ross had been dragged into court over his baby mama’s sex tape, that 50 Cent could have avoided bankruptcy in the first place according to Page Six. He claims that Rick Ross posted the sex tape first and that he only knew about it because Ross put it out there.

Now that 50 Cent has discharged his bankruptcy, the NYC rapper wants to go after the lawfirm that he blames for the embarrassing courtroom loss as well as for the embarrassment that he suffered when Ross rubbed in just how happy he was about the ruling on the litigation.

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A representative for Reed Smith has commented on the new 50 Cent lawsuit, calling the suit “frivolous.” They have already responded to court paperwork regarding the litigation and have maintained their stance that they did everything possible to help 50 Cent win the lawsuit. On the other hand, 50 believes that their carelessness may have given him a huge L in the Rick Ross feud and embarrassed him publicly.

Now that 50 Cent is no longer facing the bankruptcy judge, he can go back to posting real money on Instagram. While he was dealing with the bankruptcy drama and trying to avoid paying $5 million to Lavonia Leviston, 50 Cent was also criticized for “being broke” but posting picture after picture of his huge stacks of money.

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